Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Largest Plastic Mold Selection on the Internet / Art Deco Molds Back in Stock

The candle molds in this secton are unique, ultra modern and very artsy! Each of these molds are manufactured from SpiritCrafts originals and will surely catch your customers eye! We expect to release a line of approxmately 20 of these molds in 2009."

(Above Posted directly from website with spelling errors as they appear on site)

I just had to post this little clip from the website of a competitor who we have talked about here before. Here he is talking about the Art Deco Molds. Which if you go today, you will see still, only 9. Now either 2009 hasn't arrived yet. Or His whole pitch of producing and owning the entire line of Pourette molds is a HUGE lie. Because where are they? He claims to have bought them back in 2008. still not listed, still not available...... We have confirmed reports of Mr. Porter talking to people asking them if they had the Pourette "mandrels" which by implication means he does not.

Why if he claims to have them, would he not have them stocked as Pourette did? Why are they not all available? Why? Why so many revisions in feedback and a year away from Ebay? Yes, a year’s suspension.

The Truth is out. Candle Mold Vault Has the Largest Selection of Candle Molds on the internet.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Changes At the Candle Mold Vault

Well, I haven't posted in a very long time, so it is time to talk about all the changes going on....... Behind the scenes we have successfully moved all the Favorite customers to the Wholesale Websites, We will continue to keep the Retail websites updated and running, but only there for drive by buyers. Those customers will not be able to purchase all the items available at the wholesale websites. Examples of that would be the Art Deco molds will soon have prices and availability back, however, should a customer order them at the Vault website their money will be returned.

We have decided some molds are only to be sold to our "Special Long term Customers". Another change you will see is that we now have a min order policy, this is due to the cost of charges and fees with both Paypal and our Credit card processor. Should you not buy the min. you will be charged 10.00. We are sorry to have to do this, but yet again the bankers take their pound of flesh from all of us.

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing about 700 more 2 piece plastic mold designs shortly. along with that the Art Deco molds will be back and available as well. Not to be out done, Many more of the Silicone Molds are also on the way. Just in time for the New Year........

Great news for the NEW YEAR!!! Thank you for making this such a wonderful year for us, and we wish you all the best for the Holidays and the New Year!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let me try to make this clear, sorry for the confusion

Both the phone and email have been going crazy since my post this morning, so i need to make something very clear..... IF you use the main site Wax Enchantments this morning’s announcement will ONLY effect you. Should you place orders at Wax Enchantments, your payments will be returned to you.. Wax Enchantments is the Retail Candle Site.

If you use the other site to order your Candles from, you are using the Wholesale/Bulk site..... and the announcement will NOT affect you.

Now many of you have also noticed we have done away with several of the other sites, pointing them all into Wax Enchantments. We did this simply to streamline our work here. 4 Websites is more than enough.

I will let Steve decide for himself if or when he decides what to do with Candle Mold Vault on this issue.

I hope this ends the confusion for my Wholesale Customers.

Happy Candlemaking!

Site Updates

I wanted to mention first that as of the close of business yesterday www.waxenchantments.com my retail candle website has stopped taking orders thru the Holiday Season. I have so much work and orders coming in thru the other candle wholesale website that I just can't keep on taking more orders from retail customers. This will only effect Wax Enchantments, Not the Wholesale/Bulk website.

While on this subject, it also looks like Steve may be faced with doing the same thing at CMV. So many orders are coming in at the wholesale website that he may have to either change again the shipping dates or simply stop taking retail orders. This will only effect Candle Mold Vault. Not the wholesale/Bulk website.

We continue to welcome hearing from you on what you feel about the plastic for the future molds at CMV. we have enjoyed what you all have had to say and what you feel. Keep those ideas and thoughts coming!

So, Until next time....

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Discuss these things!

Steve has asked that I write today about several things concerning things around the CMV site. So, I am going to open a discussion on these topics that I hope will help him decide the future of these issues.

Discussion #1: We have been talking internally about the plastic used for the plastic molds. When we first selected this plastic we did so because it handled higher heat without damage better than what had been used in the past by other companies. The one drawback we noted right away was that for those that wish to have a visual of the wax in the mold for whatever purpose, this was not an option without looking into the mold thru the pouring hole.

So, the question is....... Are Our Customers wanting that Visual over the higher heat resistance? If so, this is an easy change over....... and are happy to do this. Please let us know what you want!

Discussion #2: Would you like to see and use the CMV Forum back on the site? We have been asked by several people to put it back up, several others said they never went there........ We only took it down during the redesign of the site. and somehow never got it put back up. So, now if you think it is something you would use and like to have back. Please, let us know.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, October 21, 2011

News and Updates around the Site

I wanted to mention now that we are at the height of the busy season for both suppliers and Candle makers that we have no other option but to slide our normal shipping dates on molds from one week to two. This is due to the super high number of orders we are experiencing far more than we ever planned for. I would ask that you please take this into consideration before you order molds now as it will continue most likely thru the holiday season.

It will not affect shipping of the used silicone molds that remain in stock.

On another note, We are about to take ownership of a complete stock of Pourette Product. I do mean complete. From the Pourette scent line, to Original Reddig-Glo color Chips, to Wicking, Metal mold inventory, Books, Molds and everything you saw in the Pourette catalogs.

These will be making their way to you in several ways, We will be listing them on the website and they will also be parted out thru a network of other suppliers to resell as well. But remember, this is a onetime chance to get items we all thought were gone forever.......when these are gone, we have no idea when or if they will ever be found like this again.

It will also allow us to add many new items to our growing Mold line that have been missing from availability since Pourette closed its doors plus some going back to other companies into the 60's and 70's. Time moves on, We continue to expand and grow to serve your needs...... Thank you for being a part of it all!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quantity Pricing on Plastic Molds on the way!!!!!

Great news for all you 2 piece mold junkies like myself.... The program I mentioned in my last post is turning out to be a HUGE success... and for that I want to THANK EVERYONE that is involved and say keep them coming! Even if you are still thinking about digging into those storage spaces, please have at it...... Many have told me they are just having fun going thru all the things they find and remembering.

The Other thing I wanted to mention today is that Steve is busy adding something many of you have requested of him on the website...... yes, that’s right, Quantity Pricing on 2 piece Plastic Molds! With more items to show this shortly. Now I am not sure how long the entire change over will take, but it is starting, and should you need something changed for an order, simply email Steve and he can help you with that.

We are excited to continue to update and change things on the site to make life better for you. We hope you continue to share with us the ideas that you have so that we may implement them.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Candle Mold Program Getting Started

With the start of our New program, Steve has taken a little break from posting molds to the website (only for a short time) to get things running smoothly.....Let me tell you about the new program we are offering.

It is a fact of life that molds have a limited use life. So, we have started offering to replace with a new copy of any mold sent to us that we do not have in our inventory. No matter how old the mold is. Now I stress the mold must still be able to be copied, all there, not warped in the area's that matter, and not in our inventory either online or here in boxes waiting to be listed.

If someone sends us a mold that meets these above requirements, and doesn’t want that same mold, we can arrange to let them select another mold as well. We hope that this will encourage many of you that have molds stored away no longer in use to dig them out and see what can be shared and maybe swapped for something else you might like better.

We have always had the largest selection of candle molds in one place. But over the next several months you are going to be seeing some really BIG changes...... that number is going to INCREASE big time! We will continue to add historical data on each mold where we have it… simply because that is what we started this website to do. Please stay tuned for that news very soon!

We know that all the work we are doing to put this all together for you is being appreciated, by your reactions and the way you continue to support the Business. Thank you so very Much!

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Changes, More Selection.....We Keep Growing!

Those of you that have visited Candle Mold Vault in the past few days already know, Those that haven't might want to check it out. Steve has made his way thru about 1/4 of the boxes of molds we have sitting here that have been waiting to be posted on the website.

The site is filling up quickly. I would like to remind folks, Steve takes photos of the molds we have first, before they are remastered and go into production. so that they can be posted on the website. So the photo of the used (sometimes) mold you see will not be the mold you receive. You will receive the same style mold, however it will be in new hot off the press condition.

He also will then, as time allows update photo's to the new product. We simply decided it was more fun for you to have more selection, quickly, knowing that you would be receiving New molds, not the used ones in the photos.

It seems that so many of these molds have not been seen for such a long time they are new again.......... we can tell by the number of orders for them we are receiving every day. This has had the effect of Steve wanting to get more and more of them online in the store for you.

Every once in awhile we get a request for a piece we do not have...... So, if you think you might have such a piece, and want to share it with others, while earning a new copy for yourself, contact us and we can let you know about the process. I should mention, this process does not harm the original mold, but many of the molds not listed are already older and probably ready for replacement, if not simply a back up copy.

Steve also mentioned that he plans to start adding Pourette's Soap mold line to the website shortly... He came across several boxes of those molds while working on the others and mentioned that it one of his projects for the near future.

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

questions about good suppliers for candle making supplies

We get a lot of questions about where to locate candle making supplies, wax, wick, scent, color etc. Well let me tell you my personal feelings here. and what We have been telling the people that ask us.

The Suppliers out there are a real Crap Shoot.......... and I stress the word CRAP. I buy from many, only because I am forced to, and only items I must. But never anymore than I must. There is ONLY one Supplier that I trust, and buy from willingly, and enjoy dealing with and have for years. I tell everyone that asks, and will continue to do so.

www.candlechem.com Arnie is the BEST! I have enjoyed dealing with him for many many years... I have found him to be honest, helpful and just a good guy in every way that matters when it comes to business dealings.

He has a store on Ebay that makes it very easy to find him.. also a fully stocked website...... He ships quickly and really cares about his customers needs and wants. I highly recommend CandleChem and Arnie to those of you looking for supplies.

To those of you that have not visited our site recently, we are adding many new plastic molds. we are trying to get that caught up (a little anyway) and it seems like those that are visiting like what they are seeing...... orders are up again. You are keeping the mold making dept on their toes!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Website News & Move Planning

It has turned out to be a super busy week already around here. After beginning the search for real estate in Vancouver, which was great fun. getting a chance to look around and start to see our new home... Returning to find several new Private contract customers for molds as well on the candle line side.

It seems that almost weekly now we are contacted by one or more former customer of Pourette that had private work done for them. With the Pourette Bankruptcy (I might add that none of their customers were told in advance) These customers have been searching for someone to do the mold work for them.... and it appears Candle Mold Vault is being selected to fill that need.

I also have had a little time to look around the website.... I want to mention a few things about what I saw... First off, when we started the website it was as a museum of sorts, to help people identify molds.... we used photo's of our own private collection and some that were sent to us for that purpose.

Then we began producing molds.... forgetting at times to replace the used, old photo's with photo's of the new product. Well, we are now attempting to address that as we can. So let me make this clear.... When you order from Candle Mold Vault, unless the description says USED MOLD.. the mold you will receive will be a new, unused mold. No matter what the photo looks like. One day, all photo's will be changed over. I hope soon!

My next point is that I see or didn’t see so very many items on the site... There are boxes of molds here that are not even listed on the site yet.... and more coming in almost daily (anyone that knows me, knows I am a mold junkie) So, If you have need of something, and don't see it on the site.. please call or email. chances are we have it and simply have not had the chance to get it listed on the site yet.

I hope you all are moving along well on your Holiday production, and those of you already doing shows and fairs are doing well. Let us know if we can be of any help.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Candle Mold Vault will open in Vancouver

With everything going so well now here in the states at Candle Mold Vault, we have been looking to the future and thinking of what will come next.... Well, Today I have some exciting news on that.

We are expanding to Canada..... Vancouver will be our home base in Canada. What that means is this..... All our production of molds for Canada and the rest of the world will be done from the new Vancouver base once completed, and the US operation will continue from here in Iowa.

We are Very excited about this! All the planning has begun, legal paperwork begun, Plans to set up the shop, set up a second home for living as well..... everything that goes with this.

So, By this time next year........ The Vancouver operation will be open and running. With all the same products we carry here, and the items we are adding.

We again Thank all of you for growing with us...... We are here because of you!

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Warning about Mold Suppliers

We don't have to look any further than our order list to see that Candle Maker's big selling season has already started. The huge number of order's arriving daily both by phone and from the website make that perfectly clear.

The good news is that we remain on the one week ship date for orders (not counting weekends) and that in itself is a really important thing for us. Knowing that when you order, you are needing the product ASAP.

Any of you that have purchased plastic molds off ebay, from another seller ( He seems to have been closed down by ebay for poor service) know the wait that can be involved. While claiming to be "the new Pourette" Spiritcrafts lived up to that claim........... and in not the best way. The Pourette he has become is the one that closed its doors without notice to its customers, with orders unprocessed, customer's money in hand......... and only a closed sign in the door.

Spiritcrafts had so many internet complaints being filed, set up shop under another company name to hide from the "bad press". Now they say they stock no molds and all work is made on order..... with waits of weeks... not 1 week, but several weeks.

If history has taught us anything, claims of being the new pourette, and then doing business as pourette did before it just disappeared, it is to simply Avoid Sellers like this and those that do business like this..... they do not play well with others.

As always, if we can be of any help please give us a call, or email. we are happy to help in any way we can!

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, September 12, 2011

7 New Silicone Mold Styles Available

Yes, another 7 Silicone Mold styles were posted yesterday on the website......that is 11 new ones in one week! Great Work Team! The one's listed yesterday are looking ahead to Easter and Valentines Day...... With more to come I am sure, as time permits.

I am so happy that even with all the private custom work being done here "the team" is still able to produce so many that we can list on the website for everyone.

My job today is to make my way thru the many tubs holding the masters and start selecting the next round of what will be coming next...... So, now is a good time to let us know if you have any requests,  I will try to get them pulled and on the list.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 new Silicone Mold Styles Released this week

For us here at Candle Mold Vault Silly Season has started off with a real bang! I might say totally unexpected, on a Holiday weekend no less...... So when I sat down at my computer this morning with my cup of coffee to catch up on things. I was blown away at what happened overnight.

I have said it before, and I will say it again...... I just LOVE our customers! In a matter of a few short hours while I was in dreamland YOU, Our Wonderful, Loyal customers outdid what was already a huge, weekend for us in orders. I simply do not have words to express how I feel about each and every one of you! So, I will simply say again, Thank you!

It looks like there will be about 5 new Silicone Mold styles added to the site this week yet. With Holiday production time so short now, we will begin to look ahead to the next holidays to give everyone time to plan and order ...... as well we will add some general pieces in here and there....as time permits.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Phone Orders work great!

A Big Thank YOU to all our customers Today! So far you have taken what is normally a slow Holiday weekend, not spent in front of computers.... and turned it into A SUPER SALES WEEKEND at Candle Mold Vault... and those "in the know" are simply picking up the phone and doing their orders the fast and easy way. It continues to be the way most of you choose to order.

New Molds will be posted this week....as of now it appears that in the silicone only one or two in each will be available for sale after the pre sale orders, so you will need to act quickly.

We also have a number of 2 piece Plastic molds to be added as well. I hope to have those online this week.

I hope your Labor Day is Enjoyable........

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Biggest Sales Day Pre Orders for Silicone Molds

I just wanted to Thank everyone for reaction to my post yesterday.....We had so many calls and new orders, pre orders for the upcoming Silicone molds that it was our biggest sales day in record! I mean HUGE!

Now, the down side of this will be, some silicone molds will not be listed at all on the site for sale.. as they are already sold up to the number we have set for sales. The ones we will be listing are all going to be very close to the "cut off" number. Meaning, if you want them, you will need to order them while you see them........ once they are gone, I have no idea when or if they will ever be back. I am told it is best to just consider them retired for the sake of mold sales.

We hope that while you enjoy the Holiday weekend, you are also thinking about what your needs and wants will be for the Big sales season ahead. The time is now to start planning and get all those supplies ordered and get everything started..... It will be here before you know it!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Silicone Mold Line Goes into Limited Sales Number Status

We have heard and are responding to the requests.... Those of you that are concerned about flooding the market with countless numbers of the New Silicone molds have helped us decide that we are going to limit the number of each mold we will produce and sell to the public.

Please understand, that we already have a number of those pre-sold to our commercial customers and long standing customers before they are even listed and that number will reduce the number we are now able to offer at the website. The concern is and always has been that just do not want our customers to be in open competition with each other should they be down the street, or simply that these become over exposed.

We do not want to turn people away, so we encourage everyone interested to decide on which mold or molds you may want early... but we feel this is the best way to protect your sales and investment in the end as well.

In other news we are continuing to be contacted by more and more former commercial customers of Pourette by the day, we are taking on more of this type work as well ( behind the scenes) so it may show on the site with listings of molds. Sorry about that!

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to email or call us and we are happy to help!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candlemakers "Silly Season" has begun!

It sure looks like "Silly Season" has started from the number of orders for molds coming in both on the phone and at the website. Thank you for taking my words to heart. The number of orders are growing by the day and we are processing them as normal for us, which means about a week for shipping.

Should this need to change due to a larger increase of orders we are planning now for a second shift to work on production to keep to that shipping schedule.

I continue to request that more of the new silicone molds be made and placed on the website, we should be seeing several more pieces within the next few days.

Let me remind you again, please do not wait until last minute to order your molds for the Holiday production season........ Now is the perfect time to get them ordered and get those candles made.

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2500 NEW Silicone Mold Styles Added to our Catalog

It is now confirmed. The Masters and Molds I told you about the other day are now a part of the Candle Mold Vault collection. Signed, paid and sealed. Our next step is to arrange the move, Which will be no small job. With this purchase Candle Mold Vault Has the largest selection of both Silicone mold styles as well as 2 piece plastic molds.

Once again we will be forced to think about how we will be offering these to candle makers... for this I am talking a lot with Elizabeth, who after doing this for the past few years knows the in's and outs very well.

I wanted to remind you all again, as you know this is starting into the busy season for candle makers and suppliers..... add to that, we have been taking on many of Pourette's private contracts for molds, So, please, don't wait for the last moment to order your molds for the Holiday season.... We are working now on about a week’s time to ship all orders.... and we do not want to have to turn anyone away. So please just order early!

That is part of the delay in adding new items in both Plastic and Silicone, but we do as we can.

You may also use this link now to get to the site www.candlemoldvault.com

If we can be of any help, or you wish to place your order by phone give us a call!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The BEST just keeps getting BETTER!!!!

To those of customers that came to us when we purchased the molds and masters from Glows Candle Molds, and have seen the entire Great Smoky Mountain Candle Co. catalogue, know that some pieces never made the trip from their original home in TN. to AZ.

So when we got the masters, they simply were not here to offer to anyone. UNTIL NOW!!!! With a little searching, digging, we have located the ENTIRE collection of Master's and molds and purchased them. As you might guess this is going to be a huge undertaking for us....... The Inventory count on Masters alone is 2500 pieces. I have been told by the seller it will add many pages to the catalog we already know of items yet unseen by us.

We are in the stage of making plans for this big move of all these items to Iowa. Honestly, I have no idea when they will start appearing on the site, as we have hardly scratched the surface of what is here already..

We hope you find this news as exciting as we do!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A VERY Busy week with More SUPER News @ the CANDLE MOLD VAULT

It's Been a very busy week at the Candle Mold Vault. We are happy the Silicone molds are being so well received and calls are pouring in with requests of what should come next. Thank you folks for the support and patients as we work our way thru the huge number of masters we have here.

We also have a little good news for you..... and what turned out to be a surprise for us. We got a call, and out of the blue we got an offer to buy more master's.......... it sounds like many of the "missing" pieces many of you have been searching for and asking about.

I will keep you updated on this as we know and learn more.... We have already agreed to the purchase and will be working out the details in the next few days/weeks and arranging for them to make their way to Iowa for us to start production.

I hope you find this news as SUPER as I did when I got the call........ If you have more question, please feel free to give us a call, or even to just place an order.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Plastic Candle Molds Arrive

In the end, I suppose you get what you pay for. If you have all the facts and info presented to you, knowing one will basically withstand commercial production, and one will hardly withstand several uses as a hobbyist, before it needs to be replaced. one has some thinking to do on the subject and must decide for themselves what is best.

Great News today for all you 2 piece plastic mold lover's and users. We just received a shipment of about 30 new/vintage shapes/styles that we will be adding to the site very soon. We would like to thank the member that helped us get these to be able to share them with others! Some of these are true Americana.... while others are real vintage pieces that have not been seen or available for years.

Please check out the website for them to appear very soon! www.candlemold-vault.com

I had a couple responses to my post yesterday (again) about the very poorly made silicone molds available on Ebay and other websites. So, I wanted to share that one can't tell normally simply by the fact that a mold is one piece. Although, this is the first clue. The "OOMOO" type products I was taking about are all in the family of 1 to 1 mixing ratio's. Poor tear resistance, Poor strength when compared to the grades that must be degassed, and are what we have decided to use.

One must also be aware that Imports such as those from China, etc may not be safe. Those made with silicone products imported may not be safe. There are several reports of product being tested and findings of mixed "poisons" as we know them, found in the products. All I can add to this is, A word to the wise is sufficient.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Silicone Mold News

I just wanted to explain a few things today about our new silicone molds and how we plan to move ahead and deal with some of the questions we are getting now from customers.

First off, the majority of the silicone molds you will find elsewhere are of the "OOMOO" type. Now this is a brand name for a type of silicone product, what is means simply is that is requires no degassing,and is fairly simple to use. The BIG down side of this type product is that it has a very short life span in our useage. How many of you have purchased silicone molds off Ebay or a website, used them several times and they start tearing and ripping apart and soon are totally useless?  Well, chances are if its a one piece mold, with our without "cuts to help demolding" its a "OOMOO" type product.

We tested many differant products, from differant suppliers of Silicone before we selected the one we use for our molds. Yes, this is reflected in the prices, however, Keeping with the way these molds were originally to be used ( professional candle production, rather than hobbiest) we decided to stay with the tradition they bring even if that meant a higher cost. In the end, These molds are built to last a lifetime being used for real production.

We toyed with the idea of limiting the number of of each mold we would allow to be sold. As we didnt want these to flood the market and have our customers see these at each website and show being sold by everyone else..... maybe in some way, we now do not need to worry about that, as prices will do that on their own. We are happy to see from the number of sales and pre-sales it isnt holding too many back.  But we might re-visit this idea should numbers on things get out of hand, or on some pieces.

I wanted to remind those of you that recieved catalogs from Elizabeth....... there are some pieces that we can't supply you with.. Some of those items are in Elizabeth's product line and we simply are unable to supply those molds. Some of the pieces are not available as they will be in our candle product line as well. But if you have questions, you can call and and ask... we are happy to talk to you and help you.

The Great news is, the people that have bought and had the chance to use the new silicone molds tell us they love them. and it shows because they are coming back for more......I have been pulling out some of my vintage silicone molds and working on them. I hope to have a few of them up soon.

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Candle Making Tips & Tricks

Our customer, Gene, gave us this little tip about the use of Plastic candle molds:
"In addition I use 1 ½”  masking tape up the sides folded over then the mold clamps. This will prevent leaking.  I also use a mold clamp on the top to hold the wick. I use a Bull Dog clamp to hold that. It works great. I then bury the top half in wet sand in case it leaks at the bottom To remove the seam line if any, I use a cheese cutter without the roller. Or a ceramic cleaning tool. I  have been making candles for 30 years and have found a lot of ways to clamp molds and seal them. Over the years I have saved all the books I bought in starting  the 70’s  along with the Candle Cauldron a fact sheet put out by Pourette. And put them in note books, for reference in case I needed it, since I make candles for a hobby."
Our Plastic Candle Mold Instruction Sheet is available here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Retired? New Homes for Silicone Molds

Over the past weeks we have been contacted by several former customers of Glow's Candle Molds telling us that as much as they love their molds and making candles, they are now either retired, or planning on it. They have asked us if we would buy back the many molds they have purchased in the past.

I am "open" to this idea. However, I want people to understand that molds bought in the past were not bought from us..... we are a seperate business and run things a little differantly. We are willing to work with anyone on this type project.

It might be best if you can send us a list of what you have, photo's if possible and cost for discussion..... and we can try to find homes for them if we can not take them ourselves.

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NEW Gorilla Candle Mold is for sale

You have waited for quite a while... but here is the FIRST of our BRAND-NEW silicone candle molds. This Gorilla has never been available as a new candle mold outside the Original Nelson and Great Smokey Mountains Candle Company and only a few have been sold as used copies.
This Gorilla is 5" x 3.25" and highly detailed and you can expect the SAME quality from our mold that had been used when Nelson and GSM produced these molds for the PROFESSIONAL candle production and will be useful for you for years to come.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silicone Mold and Site News

I know many of you are waiting for the "new" silicone molds to start appearing on the site, so I wanted to say a few words about that today. We are working our way thru that process now........ we are producing molds by special request when people ask for them. As I have said before, some were able to get copies of the cataloge's before we took ownership. So we are working from those.....Also, we are right now looking ahead to the next Holiday seasons to have molds ready and online, so that you all have plenty of time to get your Holiday lines set.

So, if you wish to order from the cataloge's just email us or call and we will work with you on those items.  We are getting more and more requests daily to rework, and remaster many of the plastic molds into silicone. This is a very exciting idea, and we are doing this on a case by case basis now..... it would be a huge undertaking.. but in the end, it would add so much more detail and "life" to so many of the old classics.... why don't you tell us what you think?   and what would be the choices you would like to see done first?

We are in process now of hiring one Artist to assist in the Mastering area, with plans on adding a second soon... we hope that this can help us move a little faster along the way.

Please keep those emails and requests coming...... they make this time very exciting ( and busy) ;) for us here!

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Customers Prefer to Order by Phone

We were told from the start, and time has already proven that Our silicone mold customers would rather call and place orders on the phone rather than at the website. Well, the numbers don't lie...... 94% at this point of all customers are picking up the phone and placing orders directly with us. We think this is great! It gives us the chance to meet you, learn about your needs and wants. It also allows us to let you know what we have "in the works".

We have been in talks with several "Suppliers" that are wanting to carry our new molds regionally, should we decide to go this way..... we would no longer be selling directly to the public. Only wholesale.. All of our Retail customers would be directed to a list of Suppilers that carry our products from which you could choose to deal with. This would allow us more time to focus on production, and could end up as a win/win for everyone. More on that as we see what happens. we have three Suppiers ready to go  now.

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mold Work & Requests are up to our ears! Thank You!

I really want to Thank all of you that have taken the time to contact us with your needs and requests... It is a real JOY to get to know each one of you and the needs you have and work with you to make them reality. The only down side to all this is that we are forced to push back the time that the GSM & Nelson "masters" will be appearing on the website. Sadly, there are only so many hours in the day, and we are working at this as best as we can.

If you are one of the ones that Elizabeth shared the catalogs with ... you are always welcome to contact us about items from those catalog's. and we can work with you that way. Or you are Welcome to wait for us to get to the point we can add them to the website. It will happen in time.

We have noticed that orders for molds to Europe and outside of the US are up greatly at this point. We are not sure what that means right now...... but we have been contacted to open a base of operation in "Centeral Europe" to produce, sell and ship our molds for that region, we are considering the option. This would save shipping costs for many of our customers there. I suppose, time will tell.

The good news is...... Business is booming for us, and that with luck is also translating to customers sales of candles........

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ok, Ok,  I am going to post this here out in the open for all to see....... after about the 10th phone call this morning about the last post. I want to thank all of you that felt it helpful and and educational. Now I want to mention to others what I shared with each of you that called......... for those of you that have purchased a favorite mold from one of the other sellers and had it fall apart on you......... if you have either the mold in some sort of last leg, one last pour useable shape, or a candle poured from the mold... we will try to make a mold for you............ now it wont be like the old mold, it will be upgraded style..... and you will only be charged if we are able to create the new mold.

If the old mold is too far gone or damaged that we can not we will not charge you anything for the work or the attempt. I know that this has worked a number of times on molds I thought I had lost........ and totally ended up surprised........

Happy CandleMaking!

More on Professional Flexible Silicone Molds

I have been hearing from many of you about a post I made a little while back. So I have decided I will visit the subject again. It seems it touched a hot button with many of you....... to be honest, I am happy it did, until I started reading the reactions from you all, I thought maybe there were only a small few of us feeling the same way. Now, I know that is NOT the case.

Let's talk about silicone molds........ or if you wish flexible molds. Let me start by saying that even before the  recent purchase of the Nelson & GSM Masters from Glowlite Candles, Elizabeth, formerly Glows Candle Molds, we were always collecting research and info in this area........ watching to see what others were doing, to see what was working or not working. trying to learn what really made a good working, sturdy mold.

Then one day we stumbled on Glow's Candle Molds........ started talking to Elizabeth, felling in love with the quaility of the molds themselves. Not just the shapes, the way they are built, they way they are meant to last, that these are in fact professional, production quality molds. that were never intended to be sold to the public. These are candle factory production pieces and built to last.

Now, let's compare that to ANY that you can purchase on the internet at this time........ be it Ebay, or websites..... yes, there are some "knock off's" already starting to appear....... made from low grade silicone, or imports from china, that from warnings that have been issued. you must beware.... unsafe chemicals in the silicone.  You have some very nice designs made of lower shore grade silicone that start ripping apart the very first or second time you use them.

This is the rule, rather than the exception everywhere you try to buy. I have bought more than my share of these. each time ending up disheartend. I suppose the old saying here is true, you get what you pay for, except for the fact that you can get the better quality silicone and shore and a properly made mold for about the same cost....... and have it last rather than rip apart in several pourings. Or not be full of poison or chemicals you can only guess what they are, and made heren in the states.

From doing this research, an important thing to learn and keep in mind if you have ever bought from Glow's in the past..... do not connect color of mold with being made of the same silicone and being made with the same workmanship. Silicone's can be the same color and not the same shore... you will be unhappy.

Finally, take very little comfort when a supplier lists anything in the Flexible mold family  as Professional..... Professional Production Quaility is the benchmark....... Professional Kitchen Candle Maker? What is that supposed to mean?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Masters are Here and Unpacked The Future is HERE!

Great News......... The Truck is completely unloaded, the molds and masters have all been sorted and inventoried..... what a holiday weekend this has been! Even after the list's Elizabeth sent, I really had no idea what to expect until we began to unwrap the masters. All I can say is WOW. WOW, WOW! First off, I can not believe how many pieces Nelson created that they never produced commerically. To think so very few eyes have ever seen these wonderful pieces just amazes me.

Then move to the Masters that it is easy to see have never been used. never had a mold made from them...... piece after wonderful piece. I must admit, I am a mold junkie......... and this brought tears to my eyes several times as we went thru the unpacking and inventory process. Even with help, I HAD to see with my eyes each and every piece. Ok, so I have died and gone to Candle maker's Heaven  lol.

To know that I have a part in keeping alive the legacy of Nelson and Great Smoky Mountain Candles is an awesome responceability I feel deeply humbled in this task, but look forward to making these pieces available to all candle makers.

If you have a favorite that you missed out on in the recent past. please contact us about having that made for you. We would be happy to talk to you about that. Our plan for now, is to focus mainly on new pieces and offer maybe 3 or 4 at a time, or as time allows...... We will of course be open to special orders and suggestions on these pieces.

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nelson's & GSM Molds and Master's Arrive At Candle Mold Vault Friday!!!

The day has finally arrived, we are told first thing tomorrow morning the contianer will be delivered with all the molds and masters. Most of the used inventory is already listed on the site now for sale...... it will be updated as quickly as we get an inventory during the unloading process and anything else we may need to add, will be added.

Also you can expect to start seeing the new items within a very short time as well. we should be able to add photo's of some of the new items fairly soon as well.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Molds & Master's are now on the way to their new Home at the Candle Mold Vault

I would like to thank Elizabeth , her Husband, family and friends that helped for all the help in making the loading and move so smooth. The 28 ft container was picked up around 5 pm and sent on the way....... we are told to expect it here in Iowa either Friday or Monday.

Please watch the site for updates on new items as they are released.  You are welcome to email us requests for items as well.

As you can expect it will take us some time to sort thru and inventory over 200 tubs, but I am assured by Elizabeth that the used molds are easy to spot and will be available from day one. Check the website often!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mold Selection Update

I mentioned recently that we would be adding new mold items to the website selection. that process is in full swing, with many more to come. We will also be able to soon add some of the new Silicone Molds from the Nelson & GSM line as well.

This is a very busy and exciting time for us here... and we welcone the chance to work with you on your projects and needs. Just give a call or drop us an email and let us know how we can assist you.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Move Monday !!! Elizabeth says why not today! ;)

Well, moving day is almost here!  Today we make final arrangements with the trucking company that will haul all the Molds and Masters. Everything is completed on Elizabeth's end as far as this transfer is concerned. She has it all packed up, and ready to go. She is working over some of it in fact just to get her own things done.

Add to that trying to the work in her back yard, new shed, and run her business. Remember, All her customer records from the molds are to be deleted tomorrow. So there will be no record after that and they will NOT be part of the business transfer.

I wanted to remind folks when they are browsing our site, we carry now both Silicone and Plastic molds. Please read the discription of the mold before ordering, so you are not upset with your purchase. We will try shortly to add to each a clear marker stating "this is a silicone mold" or this is a plastic mold" to help you shop with some added ease.

We are told that shipping on the molds from AZ to Iowa will be approx 4 days. They are to be loaded on Monday. Please Note that when they arrive here you will begin to see some price changes as we move towards the addition of the new silicone mold line as well. We decided to keep the used molds at least until the first of june for the former Glows Customers..... at which point we will think again about the option of taking up one of the offers of bulk sale.

If you need help. or have a question or problem with the site, just call or email!

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Please Pardon The Dust

Please pardon the dust and mess as we continue to update and redesign the websites.... Steve is trying to get everything ready and in working order before the trip to get the remaining molds and masters.

Some of you have written telling us that you are having issues with the forum sign up and the shopping cart check out. please know that Steve is working on that as I write this. If you wish, you can email him, and he will be happy to invoice you for payment via Paypal.

If you are having any other issues with the site, please, please email Steve and he will attempt to assist you with them.

He also hopes to have most if not all the new 2 piece plastic molds promised added before the end of the month. That should be a little over 100 new designs. Clearing the way for him to start right in with the New Silicone Molds from the masters from The Nelson & GSM line @ Glows.

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silicone Mold Update

I wanted to to mention today some info for all the former customers of Glows Candle Molds that are waiting for the used molds to be moved to Iowa to place orders for differant pieces of the remaining inventory. I have had several customers contact us now, requesting quotes to purchase all of the remaining used molds. While this would make things very easy and fast to simply move them out all at once. I feel I have a duty to Glow's customers first, to allow them to get any remaining molds they want or need before we would do this.

If any of you would like any of the remaining used molds would you take the time to email us, let us know what item or items you want us to hold for you.... upon their arrival here, so that we can see about what can be done on this. It would be of great help to us.

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Countdown Until Move of Molds and Masters

We are now in final countdown mode now.... final days before the trip to AZ to load up the Molds and Masters and have them trucked back here to Iowa. Most, but not all the work on this end is completed, we have been making space for everything.... to make it easy to do our first sorting and inventory and begin to get Photos for the website of what we will have to offer.

Because of the size of all this, we have also begun looking for a larger workspace where we can move everything to produce both the molds and our candle lines. We are also in process right now of giving the Candle website a face lift as well. Ready to take on all the new items that will be coming out shortly.

This is a very exciting time for us, and we hope that you all are as excited to see all the new goodies coming out of the vault very soon!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Differances in Silicone Molds

As those of you that have used the molds purchased from Glows ( now Candle Mold Vault) know, these are very differant than those you find listed on Ebay or many of the websites selling candle/soap molds made of silicone.

First off, you will notice size of end product. Most if not all all that you find elsewhere are very small in size. I wouldnt cinsider them to really be candle molds, they are in my mind soap molds.

You then notice the type of silicone used to make the mold...... most is very soft, very poor detail, and starts breaking down fairly fast... now for most candle makers that isnt so huge a problem.. few make hundreds of candles, same style a month. or expect a mold they paid very little for to last too long.

The Molds we are offering both Used and the New ones are and will be made with the Professional Candle Maker in mind. For Real production candle making work. The used molds were in fact used in a factory, and even though used, are still in very good shape and have much life left in them. that is how they are made.

Now the reality of this also means it comes at a cost.Selling the remainder of the used molds is one thing, but, as we begin offering the new, we will be forced to take the new costs of Silicone into mind when pricing the new molds. We are NOT going to cut corners and cost and build molds of a lessor than Professional grade.

I also want to mention, we have been being contacted more and more by former customers of  Pourette Mfg. Co. that had custom mold work done by them...... we are now opening up this as an option to anyone. If you have some work you would like done contact us via the website and see what we can do for you.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Prep for the Move Continues.......

I just wanted to mention how nice it is getting to know those of you that have called and emailed with questions, requests about the change over and new additions to the mold line. It really helps that so many of you already have items in mind so that we can place them on the list for getting made up quickly once everything arrives here.

I really had no idea when I walked into this that it was going to end up being about about 9 1/2 tons of molds, masters and equiptment to move from AZ to Iowa. lol That still gives me pause every time I think about it. Plus just the easy things like knowing what is placed where once here.

Right now we are working behind the scenes to get that all set up so we can work this as smoothly as possible. We are very excited and ready to get to work on all this and show you all just what is available.

If you have questions, requests, or simply need help. please feel free to email or call, We will do what we can to help.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Instructions on how to make Silhouette Candles.

What is a silhouette candle?
Well...it's not really a candle per say, It's actually a wax "decoration" They do have wicks but they are intended to be back-lit and not burned. It takes very little wax to make one, allowing you to have a larger profit margin.

How do you make one? It's easy!
1. Pour your cores (Most of these have two molds to them, the basic design and then a base that the design will sit on..)
2. Using a melted Micro b-845, Glue the base to the core design.
3. Depending on how you want your finished "candle" to look there are several ways you can add detail. Typically you would pour your cores with no dye, then over dip then in whatever color you want, adding paint or oiled metallics(rub &buff) and finishing off with a dip into some gloss. Check out the video below to see how a snowman silhouette was made.
Originally Posted by Glowlite Candles

Buy the Silicone candle mold here. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

I received a few emails about the flamingo candle, and since the majority of the questions were in regards to the 2 tone color, I want to show how it’s done.
I want to start by mentioning that novelty candle making can be a bit different than making pillars or jar candles. There may seem like there are a lot steps to it, but the learning curve is pretty short.

I trust that you have completed your own research and are using the typical safety techniques associated with candle making. So much of it is trial and error. That's part of the beauty of making your own candles. If you don't like it, you can always re-melt it.

This little tutorial explains how “I” made the candle, just because it works for me and the materials I use, doesn't mean you will get the same results. You will need to do your own testing and practice practice practice.

Materials: You need your core candle. Two pots of wax with concentrated dye: one pot green, one pot pink (make sure your pots are deep enough to dip the candle into. You’ll also need some black paint (cheapy acrylic paint is perfect, I get mine at Micheals Craft store for .69 cents) a paintbrush. Last but not least you want to finish it off with some spray gloss (this is what I used for the candle) or a bucket of dipping glaze. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use this stuff, but it really makes those colors pop!

When making your core candles, don't forget to leave the wick long. You'll be holding the wick while you make your dips into the colored wax or into the dipping glaze. If you pour your cores and add your wick later, make sure you secure the wick well enough that it doesn't pull out of the candle. (Its sucks to lose a candle in a tub of dipping glaze.)

Heat both pots of your concentrated dye mix to about 180. It doesn't really matter which color you start with, I started with pink; holding the bottom of the candle I dipped the top part into the wax, after two dips, I set it aside for a moment while I checked my temps for the green dye, I then took the bird and dipped the grassy part into the green dye mix. The more you dip, the thicker the layers will be, So don’t do to many.

Now get out your black paint and paintbrush and paint the legs, eyes and the face part..or you can elimate that altogether, it’s really up to you. I did search online to see what a real flamingo looked like. I didn't find any with black faces but I think it looked better than without.

Finish your flamingo off with a coat of dipping glaze or spray gloss, and trim the wick. Viola you’re done.
Posted by Glowlite Candles

Some tips on wicking the candle molds

Many of the molds I sell don't have any wick holes to shove a wick through. So I want to show you a few different ways you can wick the molds. Depending on how the mold is designed there are a few different ways you can do it..you can either drill a hole in the silicone and use a sewing rod to thread the wick through the hole, or you can cut a slit in the mold and squish the wick into the slit.

1. The knife method
Get a knife. Find the center point of the piece and use that knife to make a slit, doesn't have to be very deep only as deep as you would need to fit the wick in the slit and close the mold.

2. The loop turner method
For molds that you would thread a wick through you'll need a few tools, first and foremost you need the mold. So get one of those. Now you need to go search for a tool called a loop turner 9 1/2" long. A sewing, craft store either online or big box should have one. Its good to have a cordless drill handy to make your first hole, that way you can push the loop turner through it. 1/8" drill bit works good.
Step one: Find the spot. Make sure your hole is centered properly.
Step Two: Drill it.
Step Three: Push the loop turner through the hole, put wick into eye, and pull the turner through the mold.

The molds I sell are made of silicone and each mold may be a different type, some are super soft while others may be a bit harder. Either way both of these methods work great for those who don't want to drill the finished piece. However, if you are doing large volume production then drilling the candles would be much faster.

Originally Posted by Glowlite Candles

IGCA Convention

It is time to get registered for the 2011 Convention. We need to make some big decisions about the direction IGCA needs to go in these tough times.

I have enjoyed the Guild for many years...... in recent years membership numbers are going down, and we are really looking for new leadership and direction. Maybe consider joining us, and attending Convention.

For more info on Membership and Convention www.igca.net

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Candle Molds: Glowscandlemolds.com/catalog is no more.........

Candle Molds: Glowscandlemolds.com/catalog is no more.........: "The website is shut down. I moved the info from the main page here. This blog will stay open for a bit longer. I haven't decided yet when it'll get deleted. Most of the important info can be found on the new owners blog. The link for thier blog is located on the candlemold-vault.com site.

We have some great news!! The folks at the Candle Mold Vault are going to be taking over all of our inventory. That includes the masters. What this means is that they will be making molds! So be on the look out for molds you missed or pieces you've never seen before. I think you're going to love all the new molds they'll have available. Check out their site at http://candlemold-vault.com/ That site will be the new home for the molds, don't forget to save that to your favorites. This transition is going to take about a month to do. We have a lot of packing to do to get them to Des Moines, Iowa. In the mean time please direct any mold questions to Steph at the candle mold vault. He'll take good care of you. You can reach him at 1-515-282-3578 or email at candlemagician@mchsi.com

Customers of Glows Candle Molds: Our customer list and information will NOT be passed on to the Candle Mold Vault. We will be contacting all of our customers through email regarding this change over.

Posted originally by Glowlite Candles

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lets talk basics.... Wax

Since wax is a basic for those of us that make candles, and it has a big effect on the way the molding process works and ends up looking in the final product. I wanted to mention how very important it is to be using the correct wax and correct wax formulation. This can be differant between mold types. Silicone, 2 piece Plastic, rubber, etc. As well as the type candle you are making.

But ALL Candle Makers should have basic formula's they have developed and use time and again. It shouldnt be left up to chance. this can cause problems with the finished product.

Remember. Test, find the formula that works for you and the mold type and write it down........ and keep it handy to be used again and again!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spray Gloss vs Dipping Glaze

Adding a finishing gloss to your candles will make them look more professional and they make the colors of your candles seem more vivid.
If you're wondering which one to pick. I’ve said it before and I'll say it again. You as the candle maker need to test them out to see which ones are best for you and the type of candles you make. I recommend buying both and give them both an equal try.

Spray Gloss
There are several types (brands) of spray glosses out there. Candle Luster and Candle Kote are two that I use. The Kote does seem to leave a bit more shine to the finish but both of those and a few other brands are pretty darn equal when it comes down to it.. Spray glosses are really simple to use, you shake the can and spay the candle. Letting it dry for 8-12 hours is a good idea.
What I dislike about spray glosses is that you have to use them outside. (not the place for my candles in the AZ summer) Your fingers get sore after a while..and here is the biggie..Whatever this stuff is made from, it does react to certain plastics. When you’re packaging your candles for shipment, I do not recommend packing them in foam sheets..It will ruin your finish.

Dipping Glaze.
By far this is the most economical way to add a gloss to your candle. A little goes along way so don't be too intimidated when seeing what the cost of 5 gallons of this goo is.
It leaves an almost glass like coating which makes for some amazing looking candles. It's a liquid acrylic and thick as all hell so you may want to warm it or dilute it.

The issues that I've had with the glaze are "user inexperience" as I've only been using this stuff on and off for less than a year.

I've had some difficulty with getting the candle completely coated in the glaze. On occasion there will be bare spots where the glaze doesn’t seem to want to stick to the candle. I’m guessing this is because at some point in time before dipping it, I have touched the candle and the oils from my hands have marked the candle and the glaze won’t stick because of it. (no biggie, I can fix this by making sure I only pick up the candle by the wick)

I've also had some bubble issues. grrr!! perfectly good candle gone to waste.

Regardless of the problems that I've had this is still the best type of gloss finish for me.

Here are links to online candle making suppliers that sell either the glaze or the spray.

Originaly postet by glows candle molds

Metallic over-dipping

In the past when I wanted my candles to have a gold, silver or copper finish, I would buy metallic spray paint. The end results were beautiful but the process of spray painting candles isn't very fun. It's time consuming and messy. Taking about 1/2 hour to spray 20 sm. candles, 20 mins getting all the paint out from underneath my nails, then a few hours before I would have feeling back in my index finger.

Hoping that metallic over-dips would free me from having to ever use spray paint again, I purchased a few pounds of each color and set to work testing them.

They don't mix well at all with wax. You have to stir like crazy, dip your core, then stir again before you can dip again. The metallic stuff hangs out at the bottom of your vat and no matter how much I stired the dye would not incorporate fully in to the wax.

The finish was duller than I would have thought it would be, but a coat of gloss does help.

It's been about 4 months now since I started playing around with the metallic over-dips. Yes, they can be a pain in the ass but I've decided that I like em anyway and I'll continue using them.

originally posted by glows candle molds

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Site is up and we're adding

What a weekend that was... The new site looks so much better and is easier to navigate. But, most importantly, I started adding the used silicone molds for sale. We also have some mega-great news from Elizabeth. A first look of what's in store for the silicone molds that will be BRAND NEW.

A gorilla candle mold is just one for those who remember it from the early days.

But, on the other hand, you also need to take a look at the used molds since some of those are the last molds in existence and we won't be able to remake those.

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. Click here to sign up.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome To The Blog

We want to welcome you to our new blog....  first of all we want to Thank Elizabeth @ Glows Candle Molds for all her help and great customer service. With her help we are trying to make the change over as seamless as possible for her former customers.....we will be moving her key posts from her own blog here. her tips and tricks on such things as wicking the silicone molds etc. why reinvent the wheel. right? when she did it so well?

Please be sure and sign up for our mailing list on the site.. to be kept up to date on the molds as they become available.. and any other news or announcements as they happen.  If you have questions, suggestions, please send us an email from the site or give us a call. we want to make the change over as smooth as possible and hope you will be both pleased and excited about the many new items that will be added in the coming days... many of which were not a part of the "Glows" collection as well.

Happy Candlemaking!