Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Instructions on how to make Silhouette Candles.

What is a silhouette candle?
Well...it's not really a candle per say, It's actually a wax "decoration" They do have wicks but they are intended to be back-lit and not burned. It takes very little wax to make one, allowing you to have a larger profit margin.

How do you make one? It's easy!
1. Pour your cores (Most of these have two molds to them, the basic design and then a base that the design will sit on..)
2. Using a melted Micro b-845, Glue the base to the core design.
3. Depending on how you want your finished "candle" to look there are several ways you can add detail. Typically you would pour your cores with no dye, then over dip then in whatever color you want, adding paint or oiled metallics(rub &buff) and finishing off with a dip into some gloss. Check out the video below to see how a snowman silhouette was made.
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