Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spray Gloss vs Dipping Glaze

Adding a finishing gloss to your candles will make them look more professional and they make the colors of your candles seem more vivid.
If you're wondering which one to pick. I’ve said it before and I'll say it again. You as the candle maker need to test them out to see which ones are best for you and the type of candles you make. I recommend buying both and give them both an equal try.

Spray Gloss
There are several types (brands) of spray glosses out there. Candle Luster and Candle Kote are two that I use. The Kote does seem to leave a bit more shine to the finish but both of those and a few other brands are pretty darn equal when it comes down to it.. Spray glosses are really simple to use, you shake the can and spay the candle. Letting it dry for 8-12 hours is a good idea.
What I dislike about spray glosses is that you have to use them outside. (not the place for my candles in the AZ summer) Your fingers get sore after a while..and here is the biggie..Whatever this stuff is made from, it does react to certain plastics. When you’re packaging your candles for shipment, I do not recommend packing them in foam sheets..It will ruin your finish.

Dipping Glaze.
By far this is the most economical way to add a gloss to your candle. A little goes along way so don't be too intimidated when seeing what the cost of 5 gallons of this goo is.
It leaves an almost glass like coating which makes for some amazing looking candles. It's a liquid acrylic and thick as all hell so you may want to warm it or dilute it.

The issues that I've had with the glaze are "user inexperience" as I've only been using this stuff on and off for less than a year.

I've had some difficulty with getting the candle completely coated in the glaze. On occasion there will be bare spots where the glaze doesn’t seem to want to stick to the candle. I’m guessing this is because at some point in time before dipping it, I have touched the candle and the oils from my hands have marked the candle and the glaze won’t stick because of it. (no biggie, I can fix this by making sure I only pick up the candle by the wick)

I've also had some bubble issues. grrr!! perfectly good candle gone to waste.

Regardless of the problems that I've had this is still the best type of gloss finish for me.

Here are links to online candle making suppliers that sell either the glaze or the spray.

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