Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Customers Prefer to Order by Phone

We were told from the start, and time has already proven that Our silicone mold customers would rather call and place orders on the phone rather than at the website. Well, the numbers don't lie...... 94% at this point of all customers are picking up the phone and placing orders directly with us. We think this is great! It gives us the chance to meet you, learn about your needs and wants. It also allows us to let you know what we have "in the works".

We have been in talks with several "Suppliers" that are wanting to carry our new molds regionally, should we decide to go this way..... we would no longer be selling directly to the public. Only wholesale.. All of our Retail customers would be directed to a list of Suppilers that carry our products from which you could choose to deal with. This would allow us more time to focus on production, and could end up as a win/win for everyone. More on that as we see what happens. we have three Suppiers ready to go  now.

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mold Work & Requests are up to our ears! Thank You!

I really want to Thank all of you that have taken the time to contact us with your needs and requests... It is a real JOY to get to know each one of you and the needs you have and work with you to make them reality. The only down side to all this is that we are forced to push back the time that the GSM & Nelson "masters" will be appearing on the website. Sadly, there are only so many hours in the day, and we are working at this as best as we can.

If you are one of the ones that Elizabeth shared the catalogs with ... you are always welcome to contact us about items from those catalog's. and we can work with you that way. Or you are Welcome to wait for us to get to the point we can add them to the website. It will happen in time.

We have noticed that orders for molds to Europe and outside of the US are up greatly at this point. We are not sure what that means right now...... but we have been contacted to open a base of operation in "Centeral Europe" to produce, sell and ship our molds for that region, we are considering the option. This would save shipping costs for many of our customers there. I suppose, time will tell.

The good news is...... Business is booming for us, and that with luck is also translating to customers sales of candles........

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ok, Ok,  I am going to post this here out in the open for all to see....... after about the 10th phone call this morning about the last post. I want to thank all of you that felt it helpful and and educational. Now I want to mention to others what I shared with each of you that called......... for those of you that have purchased a favorite mold from one of the other sellers and had it fall apart on you......... if you have either the mold in some sort of last leg, one last pour useable shape, or a candle poured from the mold... we will try to make a mold for you............ now it wont be like the old mold, it will be upgraded style..... and you will only be charged if we are able to create the new mold.

If the old mold is too far gone or damaged that we can not we will not charge you anything for the work or the attempt. I know that this has worked a number of times on molds I thought I had lost........ and totally ended up surprised........

Happy CandleMaking!

More on Professional Flexible Silicone Molds

I have been hearing from many of you about a post I made a little while back. So I have decided I will visit the subject again. It seems it touched a hot button with many of you....... to be honest, I am happy it did, until I started reading the reactions from you all, I thought maybe there were only a small few of us feeling the same way. Now, I know that is NOT the case.

Let's talk about silicone molds........ or if you wish flexible molds. Let me start by saying that even before the  recent purchase of the Nelson & GSM Masters from Glowlite Candles, Elizabeth, formerly Glows Candle Molds, we were always collecting research and info in this area........ watching to see what others were doing, to see what was working or not working. trying to learn what really made a good working, sturdy mold.

Then one day we stumbled on Glow's Candle Molds........ started talking to Elizabeth, felling in love with the quaility of the molds themselves. Not just the shapes, the way they are built, they way they are meant to last, that these are in fact professional, production quality molds. that were never intended to be sold to the public. These are candle factory production pieces and built to last.

Now, let's compare that to ANY that you can purchase on the internet at this time........ be it Ebay, or websites..... yes, there are some "knock off's" already starting to appear....... made from low grade silicone, or imports from china, that from warnings that have been issued. you must beware.... unsafe chemicals in the silicone.  You have some very nice designs made of lower shore grade silicone that start ripping apart the very first or second time you use them.

This is the rule, rather than the exception everywhere you try to buy. I have bought more than my share of these. each time ending up disheartend. I suppose the old saying here is true, you get what you pay for, except for the fact that you can get the better quality silicone and shore and a properly made mold for about the same cost....... and have it last rather than rip apart in several pourings. Or not be full of poison or chemicals you can only guess what they are, and made heren in the states.

From doing this research, an important thing to learn and keep in mind if you have ever bought from Glow's in the past..... do not connect color of mold with being made of the same silicone and being made with the same workmanship. Silicone's can be the same color and not the same shore... you will be unhappy.

Finally, take very little comfort when a supplier lists anything in the Flexible mold family  as Professional..... Professional Production Quaility is the benchmark....... Professional Kitchen Candle Maker? What is that supposed to mean?