Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candlemakers "Silly Season" has begun!

It sure looks like "Silly Season" has started from the number of orders for molds coming in both on the phone and at the website. Thank you for taking my words to heart. The number of orders are growing by the day and we are processing them as normal for us, which means about a week for shipping.

Should this need to change due to a larger increase of orders we are planning now for a second shift to work on production to keep to that shipping schedule.

I continue to request that more of the new silicone molds be made and placed on the website, we should be seeing several more pieces within the next few days.

Let me remind you again, please do not wait until last minute to order your molds for the Holiday production season........ Now is the perfect time to get them ordered and get those candles made.

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2500 NEW Silicone Mold Styles Added to our Catalog

It is now confirmed. The Masters and Molds I told you about the other day are now a part of the Candle Mold Vault collection. Signed, paid and sealed. Our next step is to arrange the move, Which will be no small job. With this purchase Candle Mold Vault Has the largest selection of both Silicone mold styles as well as 2 piece plastic molds.

Once again we will be forced to think about how we will be offering these to candle makers... for this I am talking a lot with Elizabeth, who after doing this for the past few years knows the in's and outs very well.

I wanted to remind you all again, as you know this is starting into the busy season for candle makers and suppliers..... add to that, we have been taking on many of Pourette's private contracts for molds, So, please, don't wait for the last moment to order your molds for the Holiday season.... We are working now on about a week’s time to ship all orders.... and we do not want to have to turn anyone away. So please just order early!

That is part of the delay in adding new items in both Plastic and Silicone, but we do as we can.

You may also use this link now to get to the site www.candlemoldvault.com

If we can be of any help, or you wish to place your order by phone give us a call!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The BEST just keeps getting BETTER!!!!

To those of customers that came to us when we purchased the molds and masters from Glows Candle Molds, and have seen the entire Great Smoky Mountain Candle Co. catalogue, know that some pieces never made the trip from their original home in TN. to AZ.

So when we got the masters, they simply were not here to offer to anyone. UNTIL NOW!!!! With a little searching, digging, we have located the ENTIRE collection of Master's and molds and purchased them. As you might guess this is going to be a huge undertaking for us....... The Inventory count on Masters alone is 2500 pieces. I have been told by the seller it will add many pages to the catalog we already know of items yet unseen by us.

We are in the stage of making plans for this big move of all these items to Iowa. Honestly, I have no idea when they will start appearing on the site, as we have hardly scratched the surface of what is here already..

We hope you find this news as exciting as we do!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A VERY Busy week with More SUPER News @ the CANDLE MOLD VAULT

It's Been a very busy week at the Candle Mold Vault. We are happy the Silicone molds are being so well received and calls are pouring in with requests of what should come next. Thank you folks for the support and patients as we work our way thru the huge number of masters we have here.

We also have a little good news for you..... and what turned out to be a surprise for us. We got a call, and out of the blue we got an offer to buy more master's.......... it sounds like many of the "missing" pieces many of you have been searching for and asking about.

I will keep you updated on this as we know and learn more.... We have already agreed to the purchase and will be working out the details in the next few days/weeks and arranging for them to make their way to Iowa for us to start production.

I hope you find this news as SUPER as I did when I got the call........ If you have more question, please feel free to give us a call, or even to just place an order.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Plastic Candle Molds Arrive

In the end, I suppose you get what you pay for. If you have all the facts and info presented to you, knowing one will basically withstand commercial production, and one will hardly withstand several uses as a hobbyist, before it needs to be replaced. one has some thinking to do on the subject and must decide for themselves what is best.

Great News today for all you 2 piece plastic mold lover's and users. We just received a shipment of about 30 new/vintage shapes/styles that we will be adding to the site very soon. We would like to thank the member that helped us get these to be able to share them with others! Some of these are true Americana.... while others are real vintage pieces that have not been seen or available for years.

Please check out the website for them to appear very soon! www.candlemold-vault.com

I had a couple responses to my post yesterday (again) about the very poorly made silicone molds available on Ebay and other websites. So, I wanted to share that one can't tell normally simply by the fact that a mold is one piece. Although, this is the first clue. The "OOMOO" type products I was taking about are all in the family of 1 to 1 mixing ratio's. Poor tear resistance, Poor strength when compared to the grades that must be degassed, and are what we have decided to use.

One must also be aware that Imports such as those from China, etc may not be safe. Those made with silicone products imported may not be safe. There are several reports of product being tested and findings of mixed "poisons" as we know them, found in the products. All I can add to this is, A word to the wise is sufficient.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Silicone Mold News

I just wanted to explain a few things today about our new silicone molds and how we plan to move ahead and deal with some of the questions we are getting now from customers.

First off, the majority of the silicone molds you will find elsewhere are of the "OOMOO" type. Now this is a brand name for a type of silicone product, what is means simply is that is requires no degassing,and is fairly simple to use. The BIG down side of this type product is that it has a very short life span in our useage. How many of you have purchased silicone molds off Ebay or a website, used them several times and they start tearing and ripping apart and soon are totally useless?  Well, chances are if its a one piece mold, with our without "cuts to help demolding" its a "OOMOO" type product.

We tested many differant products, from differant suppliers of Silicone before we selected the one we use for our molds. Yes, this is reflected in the prices, however, Keeping with the way these molds were originally to be used ( professional candle production, rather than hobbiest) we decided to stay with the tradition they bring even if that meant a higher cost. In the end, These molds are built to last a lifetime being used for real production.

We toyed with the idea of limiting the number of of each mold we would allow to be sold. As we didnt want these to flood the market and have our customers see these at each website and show being sold by everyone else..... maybe in some way, we now do not need to worry about that, as prices will do that on their own. We are happy to see from the number of sales and pre-sales it isnt holding too many back.  But we might re-visit this idea should numbers on things get out of hand, or on some pieces.

I wanted to remind those of you that recieved catalogs from Elizabeth....... there are some pieces that we can't supply you with.. Some of those items are in Elizabeth's product line and we simply are unable to supply those molds. Some of the pieces are not available as they will be in our candle product line as well. But if you have questions, you can call and and ask... we are happy to talk to you and help you.

The Great news is, the people that have bought and had the chance to use the new silicone molds tell us they love them. and it shows because they are coming back for more......I have been pulling out some of my vintage silicone molds and working on them. I hope to have a few of them up soon.

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Candle Making Tips & Tricks

Our customer, Gene, gave us this little tip about the use of Plastic candle molds:
"In addition I use 1 ½”  masking tape up the sides folded over then the mold clamps. This will prevent leaking.  I also use a mold clamp on the top to hold the wick. I use a Bull Dog clamp to hold that. It works great. I then bury the top half in wet sand in case it leaks at the bottom To remove the seam line if any, I use a cheese cutter without the roller. Or a ceramic cleaning tool. I  have been making candles for 30 years and have found a lot of ways to clamp molds and seal them. Over the years I have saved all the books I bought in starting  the 70’s  along with the Candle Cauldron a fact sheet put out by Pourette. And put them in note books, for reference in case I needed it, since I make candles for a hobby."
Our Plastic Candle Mold Instruction Sheet is available here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Retired? New Homes for Silicone Molds

Over the past weeks we have been contacted by several former customers of Glow's Candle Molds telling us that as much as they love their molds and making candles, they are now either retired, or planning on it. They have asked us if we would buy back the many molds they have purchased in the past.

I am "open" to this idea. However, I want people to understand that molds bought in the past were not bought from us..... we are a seperate business and run things a little differantly. We are willing to work with anyone on this type project.

It might be best if you can send us a list of what you have, photo's if possible and cost for discussion..... and we can try to find homes for them if we can not take them ourselves.

Happy Candlemaking!