Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Discuss these things!

Steve has asked that I write today about several things concerning things around the CMV site. So, I am going to open a discussion on these topics that I hope will help him decide the future of these issues.

Discussion #1: We have been talking internally about the plastic used for the plastic molds. When we first selected this plastic we did so because it handled higher heat without damage better than what had been used in the past by other companies. The one drawback we noted right away was that for those that wish to have a visual of the wax in the mold for whatever purpose, this was not an option without looking into the mold thru the pouring hole.

So, the question is....... Are Our Customers wanting that Visual over the higher heat resistance? If so, this is an easy change over....... and are happy to do this. Please let us know what you want!

Discussion #2: Would you like to see and use the CMV Forum back on the site? We have been asked by several people to put it back up, several others said they never went there........ We only took it down during the redesign of the site. and somehow never got it put back up. So, now if you think it is something you would use and like to have back. Please, let us know.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, October 21, 2011

News and Updates around the Site

I wanted to mention now that we are at the height of the busy season for both suppliers and Candle makers that we have no other option but to slide our normal shipping dates on molds from one week to two. This is due to the super high number of orders we are experiencing far more than we ever planned for. I would ask that you please take this into consideration before you order molds now as it will continue most likely thru the holiday season.

It will not affect shipping of the used silicone molds that remain in stock.

On another note, We are about to take ownership of a complete stock of Pourette Product. I do mean complete. From the Pourette scent line, to Original Reddig-Glo color Chips, to Wicking, Metal mold inventory, Books, Molds and everything you saw in the Pourette catalogs.

These will be making their way to you in several ways, We will be listing them on the website and they will also be parted out thru a network of other suppliers to resell as well. But remember, this is a onetime chance to get items we all thought were gone forever.......when these are gone, we have no idea when or if they will ever be found like this again.

It will also allow us to add many new items to our growing Mold line that have been missing from availability since Pourette closed its doors plus some going back to other companies into the 60's and 70's. Time moves on, We continue to expand and grow to serve your needs...... Thank you for being a part of it all!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quantity Pricing on Plastic Molds on the way!!!!!

Great news for all you 2 piece mold junkies like myself.... The program I mentioned in my last post is turning out to be a HUGE success... and for that I want to THANK EVERYONE that is involved and say keep them coming! Even if you are still thinking about digging into those storage spaces, please have at it...... Many have told me they are just having fun going thru all the things they find and remembering.

The Other thing I wanted to mention today is that Steve is busy adding something many of you have requested of him on the website...... yes, that’s right, Quantity Pricing on 2 piece Plastic Molds! With more items to show this shortly. Now I am not sure how long the entire change over will take, but it is starting, and should you need something changed for an order, simply email Steve and he can help you with that.

We are excited to continue to update and change things on the site to make life better for you. We hope you continue to share with us the ideas that you have so that we may implement them.

Happy Candlemaking!