Friday, November 4, 2011

Let me try to make this clear, sorry for the confusion

Both the phone and email have been going crazy since my post this morning, so i need to make something very clear..... IF you use the main site Wax Enchantments this morning’s announcement will ONLY effect you. Should you place orders at Wax Enchantments, your payments will be returned to you.. Wax Enchantments is the Retail Candle Site.

If you use the other site to order your Candles from, you are using the Wholesale/Bulk site..... and the announcement will NOT affect you.

Now many of you have also noticed we have done away with several of the other sites, pointing them all into Wax Enchantments. We did this simply to streamline our work here. 4 Websites is more than enough.

I will let Steve decide for himself if or when he decides what to do with Candle Mold Vault on this issue.

I hope this ends the confusion for my Wholesale Customers.

Happy Candlemaking!

Site Updates

I wanted to mention first that as of the close of business yesterday my retail candle website has stopped taking orders thru the Holiday Season. I have so much work and orders coming in thru the other candle wholesale website that I just can't keep on taking more orders from retail customers. This will only effect Wax Enchantments, Not the Wholesale/Bulk website.

While on this subject, it also looks like Steve may be faced with doing the same thing at CMV. So many orders are coming in at the wholesale website that he may have to either change again the shipping dates or simply stop taking retail orders. This will only effect Candle Mold Vault. Not the wholesale/Bulk website.

We continue to welcome hearing from you on what you feel about the plastic for the future molds at CMV. we have enjoyed what you all have had to say and what you feel. Keep those ideas and thoughts coming!

So, Until next time....

Happy Candlemaking!