Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HUGE sale!! Don't Miss out! The largest Selection of Candle Molds in the WORLD!

All I can say is WOW! Judging from the response to our announcement yesterday I have something’s to remind you of. ALL used Silicone molds are on a first come, first served basis. We have had a number of people call or email asking us to "set aside" molds for them. As much as we would love to help you and do this, it would be unfair to everyone.

So, Please not only get the items you want into your shopping cart, but do that checkout as close to 12:00 Central time as possible to be sure you get the molds you want. I have been telling everyone that some of them are down to 1 or 2 of that style, so please don't miss out!

Steve has decided to add a surprise or two as well........ In order to find out what that may be, you will simply need to log in and see what pops up.

I am also to mention again, orders that consist of Plastic molds are now on the 2 week schedule. This means that because they are made to order it can take up to 2 weeks before shipment from www.candlemold-vault.com The Used Silicone molds can normally ship within several days, all we need do is locate them, and get them packed and shipped.

Our hope is that you all get the molds you want, at a great sales price.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Warning! Warning! Do NOT buy any Molds Feb 1 -3rd!

I was asked to post the news, that Wednesday Feb 1 thru Friday Feb. 3rd there will be a sale on EVERY MOLD in our stock. 10% off regular price. Yes, this not only covers the Plastic, but, Steve has decided to include ALL the Silicone Molds as well.

Do NOT shop and buy during this sale, unless you like a bargain! You may (once signed up) place the items in your shopping cart now. And wait to check out during the Sale. ALL prices will change to the sale price automatically once the sale Starts.

This is a Thank you to all our Loyal Customers for their Support!

Happy Candlemaking!

Another record Sales Weekend! Thank you!

What a weekend this has been! I wanted to mention that www.candlemold-vault.com is now on facebook with a live shipping link.  You may now shop and browse Our products right from Facebook! As luck would have it, as soon as it went live the orders started pouring in. For that we Thank you!

This has been another record breaking weekend for us, the number of orders from ALL sites, but especially www.candlemold-vault.com are to the point of overwhelming. Again, I should mention the used Silicone Molds. They have been moving out at a very fast pace, it is getting harder to keep exact numbers of what is and what is out of stock. I hope that all of you that want them get the chance to get what you want/need before they are gone.

Look for some more New Silicone Molds/styles to start appearing shortly, Steve has been getting a number of requests, so has pushed up adding more styles as possible.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Used Silicone Molds is VERY short supply! get them NOW before they are gone!

It appears that some are still having problems connecting to www.candlemold-vault.com We are very sorry about this, but, Steve has very little he can do about it, He does add photos and products, and keeps that side of things updated as he has time. But the real inside work is something we have others doing. When he asks questions and for info from you concerning the problem, it is only in order to pass that along and find what the problem could be.

I mentioned yesterday that we did an inventory of the Used Silicone Molds.......well, I mention it here, and suddenly we have another rush on them. We are very low on some of them........ so be aware, that once these are out of stock.... we have no idea when they will return. It is first come, first served.

Every day this week we have had boxes of new molds arrive. this is very exciting, We will be adding them to the sites as quickly as time permits. Keep an eye open for them.

Finally, due to the many commerical accounts and orders from them it may seem as though we forget about this site and its customers. We attempt to deal with each customer, large and small the same. I can only assume that is the reason we are growing at such a huge rate.

Once again, We would like to Thank all our customers for their continued support!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Silicone Candle Molds disappearing quickly!

Due to an extremely busy couple of days with sales of the used Silicone molds, we have attempted to do an actual inventory of what remains. I can only say that we are down to one or two molds left for sale of many of these great molds.

I have tried to make it clear that once the used versions of these molds are gone, at this time we do not know when they will return as NEW Molds, also at the "new" mold prices. So with that said, I encourage you to not wait, order what you need/want now. We don't want to have you disappointed about them being gone.

Another several boxes of molds arrived to be sorted, pix taken, and listed on www.candlemold-vault.com So, be expecting to see more of those shortly.

Thank you again, for the continued and growing support! We are building for you an even BIGGER selection ...... World’s Largest Selection of Candle Molds!!!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We keep adding more! The WORLDS largest selection of Candle Molds!

What an odd winter this is, cold and snow one day, the next warmer and all the snow is gone. Today I wanted to mention that several more of the used Silicone Mold Styles are gone. When they are returned to www.candlemold-vault.com it will be as NEW, and the price will reflect that.
We attempt to explain this to those interested in these molds, one day we have several, the next they are gone... this is a real case of get it while you can. Once they are gone, they are gone. We have so many "new" pieces to work thru it is very hard to tell when we can get back to that style again for the CMV customers.

We are happy to welcome so many new customers from overseas, we never thought that the World market for candle molds would be this big, we sure welcome all the interest... and want to Welcome you to the www.candlemold-vault.com

Several more boxes of molds have arrived and we are processing them, trying to get them all listed on the sites. So, again, check back often you never know what you might find!

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More New Molds, Silicone and Plastic. On the way!

Great news to share today! We have located and purchased yet another large group of Candle Molds that have not been available for many years! This will mean the majority of molds "from the past" will shortly be available once again.. ALL IN ONE PLACE! www.candlemold-vault.com The best, just keeps getting better. We are very pleased to be able to offer these to our customers, and to be the ONLY place one needs to look when it comes to Candle Molds.

We are also adding MANY molds, never seen before as well...... ALL New styles.

So, Check back often.... !!!!! We have the Largest Selection of Candle molds IN THE WORLD, All in one place.

I was told that work has begun on the addition of the molds we have in-house, that are not listed on the Candlemold-vault now. So again, check back often to search for those molds you up until now only wished you could find. As well, keep an eye on the New Silicone Molds, New Pieces are in the works and soon to be added for sale.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Largest Selection of Candle Molds in the World and still growing!

Every day is a wonderful day, especially when we receive another shipment of new molds!!! (or new to us, for the website.) I enjoy seeing orders heading out, and new items arrive. I noticed a few of the new items I have mentioned were added and are now available. We have cleared more space yet again for all these new items.

From the look of it, YOU love new items as well. It's great to see orders for items just listed on the website arrive so quickly. I think now that everything with the connection issues has been cleared up... I can only go by the number of orders. Which seems to grow daily.

I have had some questions about when we will be posting more of the New Silicone molds. Well, the best i can tell you is that we only list those on www.candlemold-vault.com  when they are not already sold out on the Members Only websites. But we hope to have at least a few to add shortly.

Also I have been working hard on some special customer requests ( we get a number of them daily) "Do you have or can you get me a certain mold" We welcome the requests.....So there is no harm in asking. I will do all I can to try and locate those for you.

So for today, from cold and snowy Iowa

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, January 23, 2012

the LARGEST selection of candle molds IN THE WORLD! and still growing!

Great News today, First after testing the website, I am told that rather than waiting, the NEW customer approval to shop feature works and has been now put into place. This means you must sign up and be approved in order to shop/buy at www.candlemold-vault.com This approval status will probably be only a short wait time. depending on how busy we are here.

I do believe that new sign up's even waiting for approval may place items in the shopping cart to purchase after approval. As with any business, we reserve the right to deny access to those we do not wish to do business with, as well as limit quantities of items, and limit ability to purchase some items.

Right now it appears that at least one of the mold packages will be headed to New Zealand. We do plan on offering more of these when and if we find them. Bids on these packages will end today at 12:00 noon cst.

We once again had a record sales day on Sunday. What an amazing group of customers we have..... I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

We have not had time yet to add any of the nearly 700 new plastic mold styles we have added to the inventory here... But, I do believe that they will be started shortly. Again, I want to thank you for your patience.

This is why the Candle Mold Vault IS the premier candle mold store. With the LARGEST selection of candle molds IN THE WORLD! and still growing! Where the Professionals Shop

Happy Candlemaking!.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More changes Coming!

After much consideration and discussion we have decided to make a few changes concerning www.candlemold-vault.com In moves to make this site best serve our long term customers. We will no longer be able to accept orders from total strangers. When someone signs up they will not be able to simply buy. They will be held in a group waiting for approval. They may browse, I believe they may also place items in their shopping cart, however they will not be able to check out. This is to be implemented before the end of Jan.

From now on anyone wishing to be allowed access to the "members only sites" will need to be voted in by the membership of those sites. We will put names in for consideration and give our opinions on them, but the decision will be final as they decide. Again, before requesting membership one must understand that there are buying requirements involved. These are for Candlemakers that are professional, NOT for the hobbyist or as they were called in the old days "Kitchen Candle Makers".

Also these sites are offered products and specials that at times never are listed on CMV or are sold out before they can be listed. In the end, we are doing all this to make the sites run themselves as well as the Members only sites. Thank you for your understanding in this, even if it means you have not met our standards and are unable to purchase from us. Or limited as to what you may buy.

We have the largest selection of molds in the world, and wish we could serve everyone, but that is not the case, and we are being forced to become selective as to whom we can serve.

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mold package Update.. get them before they are gone.

I had a chance to look over the inventory lists of the 2 Mold packages I have talked about the last couple of days. The "New" original maker (such as Pourette and Barker) totals about 500 or so new/unused molds. As I mentioned these are all in original bags, header, and priced..... The marked prices range from $12 to $18. This package contains MANY of the molds not seen since Pourette left the scene. Including some of the Art Deco molds, All Major Holidays, and just too many to name.

The "Used" mold package totals about 400 molds or so. When I say used in this context I mean probably use 1 or two times. (To make display candles used to sell the Molds). This package too is packed full of molds not seen for a very long time. They appear to be in excellent condition.

Offers are being accepted until Monday Don't miss your chance to own this piece of candle making history and add to your collection. There are already several serious offers on both, but wanted to give it the weekend and everyone a chance at these.

Here again is just another example of why we are exclusive and above the rest. We offer our customers a chance at these "specials" where another vendor wouldn't. It really is a chance to in turn offer your customers the best and largest selection. We are happy to be able to be able to offer these to you at what will be a great price, and not be forced to spend days, weeks, and months trying to locate them elsewhere, only to be outbid on them.

Because I come from the old school, and always talk about the old days of Pourette and Barker..... I take the attitude that if that other guys made a serious offer wanting these..... Yes, we would even sell to him. We welcome competition in the marketplace...... in the end, It’s the Customers that win.

We continue to be super busy here........It is our joy to be able to serve you!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on Molds

It looks like one if not both of the bulk mold packages I mentioned here yesterday may be spoken for. (That was fast) I believe that the "New" package will contain about close to complete molds. The "used" molds look to total about 400. Either one or both would be quite an addition to anyone's mold collection or ability to sell them at one of the auction sites, or online stores. Should anyone have interest, Contact Steve at the Candle Mold Vault. But don't wait, it looks like they could be gone very quickly. Remember, these are ALL original molds, from makers such as Pourette, Barker, Natcol and more. This could be your last chance to find this type collection of original molds all at one time and in one place.

Please forgive us if requests take a little longer to respond to, Business has been very hectic at all sites and things are being moved as quickly as can be done right now. I am also to mention that Mold Orders are still on the Holiday Time Schedule..... meaning up to 2 weeks before shipping on all mold orders.

More new mold additions should be added this weekend to the Sites. dependant on time..... so be sure to check them out. Whenever possible we will continue to offer these mold and supplies bulk deals on CMV, but only after they have been offered to our "Member's Only" websites.

We are grateful to all our customers and want to share with all of you the great finds we come across.

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Original Pourette and Barker Molds Available!

We are happy to announce that we have located a huge stockpile of Original Pourette and Barker Molds, ready for retail sales..... Perfect for those of you wanting to build your collections, or sales if you should have a storefront, Ebay store, or elsewhere. Along with this is another huge collection of used molds from many of the now long gone suppliers. Natcol, Beta Craft, Barker, and of course Pourette.

What we have in mind is either selling them as a bulk lot, or in two lots, one new and one just the used. The new molds are still in packaging, with header tags and marked at retail price. ( which could be changed to suit your purposes.

The used mold portion of these are well cared for, look to have been only used once or twice. They do have some wax on them..Knowing that these are scarce, if you can find some of them at all, It would be perfect for a candle makers shop, or again, sales on Ebay or elsewhere.

So once the members websites are completed with selecting everything they want from these two groups, we will be making them available to our customers at www.candlemold-vault.com If you know the value of these molds, and have need of them, contact Steve at the website and discuss the options of purchasing one or both of these groups. (Serious inquiries only please) Make him an offer, and he will be happy to discuss it with you.

On the same line, we also have a large selection of Pourette Candle Supplies...... wicking, Original Reddig-glo color chips, Pourette Scents (all pre-bottled, in sizes ready for retail sales) and more. These too will be made available once the members only websites have completed their selections for purchase.

We are happy to be able to make these items available to you (while supplies last). This is your chance to not only get original Pourette molds, which will never be available again, but also the supplies that made them known around the candlemaking World. Again, once they are gone, we have no idea when or If this chance will ever come again. So, Act fast.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questions about our "members only" websites

We wanted to Thank you yet again, Another record day for CMV sales!

We are getting more questions about the "sister sites", so I will try to explain. When you visit/shop at CMV you are shopping at the Retail store. We offer discounts on buying multiple molds of the same item from this site.

On the candle mold side of the business, for us this is where we get to know you, what your needs are. The next level (for some) is being asked to be moved to one of the wholesale sites, which are member only sites. They have buying requirements, etc. This is where we must do little work, The members know their business, know the products and know what they want...... Pro's if you like.

But as I said, they are Member Only. One must be accepted and meet some requirements to be considered for membership. Members get extra benefits, and discounts, they see new items first.

Please feel free to request info on these memberships, but be aware there is a process and requirements and you must be an active customer of CMV ...... to even be considered.

I hope this answers the questions.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Molds, Molds, Molds......... whats the differance?

I need to make this perfectly clear today, We have nothing to do with that "other place". We have NO inside information about the day to day operations there. But, word travels fast inside this business, among the group of suppliers. Add to that, dealing daily with so many of you..... we get bits and pieces as well.

Now, the facts are clear and factual. Making claims of being the "New Pourette" then going down the same road they did, isn't very assuring. Claiming to have the "entire line of Pourette molds" and then several years later, they are still not to be found or seen on that website. I can point to the claim on the website of the entire line of "Art Deco" molds.... they were to be on the site by 2009. Is it 2009 yet?

Pourette had some other issues, like lawsuits, from the Owner (now former owner) of the Silicone Molds we now own. I suppose that won’t be happening to us, since we own them now. I suppose it would be fair to say that "the other guy" simply bought what was available at the bankruptcy sale of Pourette. Not some business deal as he likes to portray.

The other thing that is clear, His Business was suspended from Ebay for a year. Store closed, recently I am told another of his E-Stores closed as well, on Ebid. I can only point out that history is repeating itself again. Old Pourette, the claim of being the New Pourette and the same downward spiral that happened at Pourette.

Now let’s talk about the molds, I hear daily about the difference between us...... The lack of detail that comes in generation after generation of molds. Making a copy of a copy and detail is lost, and the quiality is lessened. We on the other hand rework each master, adding that detail back.... not slap it in and sell it.

Finally, Our Molds are made by candle makers, for candle makers.......with an eye on the detail, it’s a fact, your customers will notice. Will you offer them a VW or a BMW?

It is easy to see, just from our daily business...... who offers the BMW.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A word to the wise is sufficient....... History repeating itself?

I have gotten a number of questions about what is going on at that "other place". Well, I can only speak from what I know to be true and factual.

All we need do is look at history and wonder....... Before Pourette went into bankruptcy, they were dumping supplies and molds at discount prices, sales all the time. Then one day, they were gone. Orders never shipped and no refunds.

Now I use that history to question the same of them........ Always dumping, and sales. Phone calls unanswered..... well, this sounds like the same pattern as what happened at Pourette.

Beware, Learn from history,......... it appears to be happening yet again!

A word to the wise is sufficient. As is a warning.

Happy Candlemaking!

Of Candle Molds & Goats!

What a weekend this has been! Over 100 new customer sign ups, 99% of them were accompanied by orders. And not to be outdone, Our wonderful returning customers let us know clearly where and why they buy their candle molds from us!

To ALL of you, New and Returning Customers, we want to thank you! Most of you all commented on the VW or K-mart comments. Noting that your own customers demand and want the best... and that for the BEST in candle molds, we are the only place to get them. Anyone else is simply a VW or K-mart.

I use to use a saying..... made me laugh, while I pointed at a very silly bunch of clowns, but it is even more true today.... Goats Ahoy!

Now I expect that all behind the scenes web work will be completed this week, and some of the new items to be listed. Keep your eyes open for them.

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

VW or BMW? The choice is clear

Was it something I said? It seems many of you are taking my posts to heart, and paying attention. Yesterday we once again set record high sales numbers on CMV. What I enjoy the most is seeing people agree and support the idea that our Molds are the Stars. The status symbol and mark of quality and excellence. With promises to tell all their candle making friends not to be left behind with the k-mart of candle molds.

www.candlemold-vault.com is the only place to shop for candle molds, both plastic and silicone professional molds. ALL others are just k-mart.

Please let us know if you are looking for something and have been unable to find it...... we have many items yet to be listed and it could very well be sitting here waiting for you.

Will you be left in that old VW when the rest are all in the BMW? Its nice to know we are thought of as that BMW.

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moving Into the Future........ will you be left behind........... at k-mart?

Today even more news to share....... add that to what has already been mentioned the past few days here. Late yesterday we signed 2 contracts with very large companies for commercial work into the next five years. With at least one more still in the negation phase.

What this means is, we will have more than enough work for the next 5 years in both the Candle production side and the Mold production side that we would not need to do retail sales from the websites. (Candle Mold Vault or Wax Enchantments). The other sites basically run themselves.... these 2 take more work, as you might expect. We want to be able to be here to answer questions and help candle makers with their candle making problems.

This has been our BEST week ever! All the news, continued growing of sales, and more contact than every with our wonderful customers. YOU!

During our discussions with the commercial contracts, we were told more than once that when they decided to chose us to do their work it was due to one major point. Reputation in the Industry and Status.

We were told that our molds have a become a status symbol. they went on to say and I quote "why buy molds from k-mart, or in common expression, "Kame-apart". When you can own Saks Fifth Ave.

We are very humbled by all this. We simply do what we do. It is a great joy of mine to mine to be able to serve other professionals in this business, to help and pass on the experience I have been able to gain over the years.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great News at the Candle Mold Vault

Today I wanted to share some great news for us....... We have been certified by the State of Iowa as a TSB. Targeted Small Business. This opens many new doors for us here. We are excited about what this means for the growth and future of the www.candlemold-vault.com and www.waxenchantments.com

The sites continue to be worked on......... I am told they think they have the issues with people being blocked from the sites corrected totally, or very nearly. Work on that will continue until they are sure it is totally resolved.

At the same time it appears the work on the prices is moving along. 4 of the sites are now completed, and the other's should be done very soon.

While moving things around in storage, I located another large stack of boxes filled with molds not yet on the sites. Add that to what I already knew was to be added, It is true, We have the Largest Selection of Plastic molds anywhere in the world! These should start appearing on the sites as soon as the other work I mentioned above is completed. I know you will be excited as I am about them.

I hope the updates and news excite you about the Great things to come.... stay tuned and check the sites often to see what is new and going on next!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Professional Silicone Molds- How did they get to Iowa?

Today we are going to talk about our "used" Silicone molds. Many of you are just joining us, and have little background on just where and how these came to be. Several very large and well known candle producers decided several years ago to retire and close their doors.

The one main company was very well known, well established, and well thought of in the industry. Their product line was available at every Wick's N Sticks store nationwide, as well an many other fine shops. They were also seen in the Best Hotels of the world in guest gift baskets. As well as many of the major theme parks we all know by name.

So, now you ask (and I have been asked this question many times) Exactly how did they end up in Des Moines, Iowa.. at the www.candlemold-vault.com .

I am going to leave some parts out as they are not important at this time..... But needless to say, While this company was in business, they on more than one occasion were forced to pursue legal action against many to protect their legal ownership rights. One being a very well known name in candle making. Pourette. for theft of intellectual property. In other words, Pourette was stealing designs and selling them as molds as their own.

Glows Candle Molds was the original buyer of both masters and molds. All property rights transferred with the molds and masters to Glows.

For those of you that do not understand some of these terms, masters is what is called the piece used to produce all the other molds from. They chose the designs they wanted to keep for their own sales line and sold other used molds from a website, eBay and other venues.

Not long ago, Glows sold all the masters and used molds to Candle Mold Vault that they were not going to keep for their line. Upon arrival in Iowa, We sorted and inventoried everything. Decided what pieces we would keep for our own line and not sell.

We then began selling the used molds and slowly have been adding New from the very large inventory of masters we got from Glows.

Now on to what that all means, First off, when the used molds are gone they are gone, as are those prices. At some point the styles will come back again, however as a new mold at whatever the current price is at the time.

We are asked all the time are there many left, well best I can tell you is, some styles are only one remaining, others very many. With what has been happening recently, best bet is to grab them while you see them, if you wait, they could be gone. That inventory is moving out again very quickly. As is the line of New Silicone molds.

Now finally, I want to make something else clear about these molds/masters. We have a very clear agreement with Glows to this day and on into the future.......... we ourselves may make and sell "as candles" any item in our inventory. However, we will NOT sell to anyone molds that are in their Candle Line. EVER without express permission.

I am going to say this again, If you see something and want it, now is the time to act....... these molds are wonderful to work with.....but when they are gone, they are gone.

We do plan on finding a way to display (not for sale yet) the entire collection on the site.... that is already being worked on now and we hope to have at least part of it ready shortly. We think you will be excited once you see everything that will be available.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Updates and News

Well, I mentioned I had not posted for awhile, now I get to make up for it all in one day.  Here are a few bits I forgot to mention, and/or updates on things I have already talked about.

Due to increased raw material costs, ALL mold prices are in process of being changed now. Site by site. This will continue until completed on all sites. We really hate to be forced to do this.

We also have been forced to add a min. order on the retail sites....... CMV & Wax Enchantments. At check out should your total not reach 50.00 before shipping, you will be charged a 10.00 min. order fee. We are very sorry to have to do this.

Finally, (I hope)  there is still some issues with people not being able to access  the Wax Enchantments website...........That is being worked on, with hopes to have it resolved ASAP.

Happy Candlemaking!

Update and addition to last post

I was just told to pass along further information to add to the last post.

The reason we were so unaware of the problems is that we now operate 4 different Candle Mold Websites....... these all serve different purposes and different users. They are also on different servers and hosting companies. Candle Mold Vault is only 1 of 4 of the Candle Mold Websites. So just maybe we didn’t notice any drop in sales due to sales from the other 3.

The same goes for Wax Enchantments....... and it's 3 sister candle sites..... hosted on different servers, different hosting companies, and with different customers. for example, retail/wholesale etc.

I hope this makes my last post more clear. Sorry about that!

Happy Candlemaking

Great way to start the New Year! HA!

We would like to apologize for the lack of posts to update everyone of the recent status and issues at the Candle Mold Vault and Wax Enchantments. Here is what has been happening, in case you have not been able to get to the websites, seen forbidden screens, or not been able to log into accounts. A short time ago the new version of the shopping cart and software was installed. We were told that this new version would cause customers to change their passwords every so often for security purposes...... the old passwords would simply expire. Ok, we are all for added security for our customers.

As well, the new version would allow customers to place items in their shopping carts for future purchases and save them. Great, we thought. I personally shop this way all the time, and love this type feature.

Well, here is what I am told happened next. On update, some how many people found themselves "locked out" of the website..... meaning they couldn't even get in. Still others found their accounts totally gone..... We found this all out in pieces, so set about first trying to allow everyone back into the site. As sales were continuing to come in all along, we were not even aware some couldn't visit the website at all until some of you notified us of the problem.

We had that looked at and hopefully resolved and then were told some were not able to access accounts they had. So, if you are reading this, and find that you can't access the account you had. Please, just create a new account.

Also notice that many of the new items are beginning to be posted on the site.......with many many more to come......as time allows. We have decided to try to set up a photo Gallery of as much of the silicone mold line as possible shortly as well. That in itself is a huge job as there are several Hundreds of those yet unseen. Those will be New, not used molds.

We want to thank you for the great year we had last year, thank those of you that let us know about the site problems....... and Wish you ALL a Very Happy and Successful New Year!

Happy Candlemaking!