Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Package Prices on ALL our used Professional, Production Quality Silicone Molds

Wonderful news today......As I mentioned yesterday We are putting together "Package Prices" for buys on our Used Silicone Molds. The reaction has been overwhelming! In fact 2 packages are already spoken for. We have contacted several customers of to offer them these packages first. Once they respond either yes or no we will make them available to the general public.

We encourage those of you that have interest to make arrangements to come visit us, and pick up your Molds, and save on shipping costs! We will enjoy meeting you in person!

Now I can give a few more details about these "packages"..... they will contain 1 of every used silicone mold we have in stock at the time of order. From to smallest to the largest molds you see on the websites. Starting out that will be 50+ used silicone molds.

For our established customers, we are giving them the option of 3 monthly payments. With added option of paying for shipping separately. So we can work with you to find the least costly way to ship. Or as I mentioned, save on shipping and come pick up these packages from us directly.

You can see the used silicone molds on that will be in these packages.... with the understanding as they sell, the number and selection included get smaller..... on some we only have 1 or 2 left....... all the more reason to get that order in fast.

Please contact Steve thru the website for questions and prices and a listing of what is included in these packages...... We hope you will be able to enjoy these molds as much as we do!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Savings On "Special Package" Silicone Molds!!!!

We have decided that for a limited time ONLY on To offer our wonderful customers package prices on our USED Silicone Molds.  What that means is that when you select this option, you will receieve 1 of each of the remaining USED silicone molds for the price offered.

This is going to be a wonderful savings overall on the listed mold prices...... and the only added cost will be shipping to you.

Please contact Steve about this "package" pricing and shipping cost, or if you need any further info about this Great Deal!

Happy Candlemaking!

Another Record breaking day!!! Thanks!

Another record breaking day behind us...... and a BIG Welcome to all the NEW customers joining us. Word sure seems to be traveling quickly.... continues to grow and expand the selection just for YOU!

If you haven’t had the time to look over all the NEW Silicone Molds, now might be the time to do so........ be the first in your area to offer the wonderful pieces to your customers. Remember for most of them they have NEVER been available to the general candle making public as molds. I am sure your customers will love them as much as we do.

I am told we are now a little over 1/3 of the way thru these molds. So, Many more will be listed as we have time.(Daily it seems) Check out the World’s Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site in the World!

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best is yet to come!!! More new Molds!!!!

I really need to take a moment to express just how exciting and overwhelming YOUR support and patronage is and has been. To sit and watch my little dream of simply having an "Online Museum" about Candle Molds to now being called the World’s Largest and most Exclusive Site for purchasing the Best Molds of all former makers IN THE WORLD.

I never expected this, Sure, I had been told this could happen....... but being told it, and watching it actually happen still has me in awe. Each and every day now business is better than the day before...... More and More of you are finding us, more and more of you are finding those special molds you have been looking for. That only pushes us harder and faster to make them available to you at

I am always reminded that it was and is you that have made this is a reality. When things are meant to be...... they ARE! It has taught me that trusting the Universe is the first step in making every dream come true. I thank all of you for helping me learn this important lesson.

We continue to add More New Silicone Molds daily at I am told we are now about at the 1/3 of the way mark of what will be added from the Nelson/GMC lines. Once that is completed the totally new and in house designs will begin being added. We also have Boxes and boxes of Plastic molds yet to list on the websites.

It is a pleasure to know that in some small way we help each of you build your dreams/business' as well. is here to stay, and we are here when you have questions, or need some help even after the "sale" is completed.

Keep checking in at to see what’s been added......

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How much Better can it get?

It always amazes me when I sit down at the computer each morning and see what’s been happening during the night on the websites .But nothing could have prepared me for this morning. Within hours of my post here yesterday sales out did anything we had ever recorded. Orders appear to come in steady after that first record being broken.

We already have tables lined up everywhere, with Silicone Molds being made on them....... and as quickly as on is cleared, its right back filled with molds/masters being made. I absolutely love seeing that so many of you are enjoying these New Silicone Molds!

Now I want to say once again, as you read the descriptions of these molds, pay close attention to the wording... "These molds may not be for you". Professional Quality Silicone Molds are NOT for everyone. Simply because of price, or ability to use them correctly. One can learn the proper way to use these molds, but it is a learning process. As far as price, there is nothing we can do to change that....Plus, there is nowhere else to get these Molds.

Nelson, made every effort to copyright his work, and pursue anyone (including Pourette) successfully in court that attempted to "duplicate" his Molds/Designs. Some say this is the largest part of what led Pourette into Bankruptcy. So, these molds are not available everywhere. And woe to those that would ever attempted to copy/duplicate them for sale.

I have been thinking about doing some "people that made the candle making business what it is" blogging here....... a history lesson, so to speak. so I will be adding that type of post here very soon......

Watch for more New Silicone Molds to be added shortly............. and as always

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

More New Candle Molds on the way every day!

Great News! From all reports Everyone is now able to connect to That was very evident by the huge number of new orders overnight. Orders more than doubled! SO, now the switch is on, Great news for all of you, overworked news for us!

We are so very happy that so many of you are taking the chance to grab the New Silicone molds......... there is already work on adding even more today. With hopes to add some of the new Plastic Molds we have as well.......Just to let you know, we are not even 1/4 of the way thru the Silicone Molds to be added.

We again Thank all of you that took the time to let us know about the site issues and worked with us to get them corrected.  Please let us know if we can be of help to you..... and.....Happy Shopping!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, February 24, 2012

More Candle Molds, and soon Supplies. We are expanding to serve you!

Great News this morning, It appears that many of you that couldn't connect to are now able to do so. Please be assured that we continue to work at the issues blocking those that cannot connect.... At least those of you we know about. Thank you to those of you that have let us know of problems by email. The last thing I want is to have customers not able to share these wonderful molds.

On a brighter note, we are now up the roof with orders for the New Silicone Molds that will continue to be listed as quickly as possible. It makes me so happy to share these with as many of you as want them........ and from the looks of it, Many do!

Many of you have asked for additional supplies to be listed for sale...... On that side we should be able to open up for orders of Mold Clamps and Stands shortly. As well as some Powdered Dyes.... with Original Reddig-Glo Color Chips as well. So, the plans are to expand in some areas to make it easier for you to shop in one place.

We have also been asked to sell mold bands for the Silicone Molds...... We are working on that right now. We hope to have that online shortly. is here to serve you! let us know if you have need of items not listed and if enough interest is shown we would be happy to have them available on the site.

I went to bed last night and it was cool, but who doesn't expect that from Winter in Iowa. I woke up to snow everywhere. What a very strange winter this is......But wait 10 mins. and it will change, this is IOWA!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Good and Bad of Websales - Master possible sales talk continue

It would appear that some are having issues conntecting to the website. For this we are deeply sorry. Please remember, we are Mold and Candle makers...... and when told about these issues will do everything we can to correct them.....  but, we are not experts in that field, and it may take some time. So, If you will contact the webmaster, it should help in correcting those issues.  We hate the idea of turning away customers and will do all we can to try and fix these problems.

There was a time many years ago I could only dream of owning one, let alone several of the Nelson and Great Smokey Mountian molds. To simply sell those candles from my shop...........I know many of you have felt the same.......But to now own and be able to share these wonderful pieces with others is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

Frankly, I hate the selling and the website stuff...... I wish there was a way to get these into the hands of you that love them, without them. But knowing that more and more of you find us everyday makes it worth all the hastles of this business.  I am a candle maker.... thats all I ever wanted, We will continue to make these available to all of you as long as we can.

On that note, I mentioned the other day that we had been contacted about selling the entire collection of masters...Those conversations are continuing.....and a couple other offers have come in as well.....It is VERY possible that the new home for these could be in China. But again, we will continue to discuss this, be open to new offers, and produce the molds until something becomes final........ You will read it here should that happen.

While we have had some that can not reach the website, we have been continuing to break our sales records daily........ The good part of this problem is that we are allowed some breathing room with orders....... not quite as overworked. The bad part is, we hate turning away our wonderful customers....

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Record Breaking Sales.....ALL Thanks to YOU!

What a day yesterday was! We broke yet another sales record....... This is becoming a habit now.. one we are grateful for. So many of you are telling us how great to see the new Silicone Molds being listed, and that you are making a list of things to order..... even those of you that can only order 1 or 2 at a time.

They will continue to appear as often as there is time to list them........ We also have many more New Plastic Molds to list as well......With YOU behind us, we can only get better.....

Check in often to see what’s new........

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More New Candle Molds.... New Additions Daily!

Today’s update has some important information for ALL our customers, as well as for those of you that might be interested in what goes on behind the scenes here at "The Worlds Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site in the WORLD."

We have been contacted by several companies to "discuss" the possible sale of the entire business... or parts thereof. I must say the offers have been interesting to say the least. I am amazed that so many others place the same value on our selection and want to own the Masters from Nelson and GSM as well as the plastic mold line. The offers so far have all come from outside the US. What I would call the Asian markets.

I will say upfront that we will continue to talk about these options and price. I really hate the idea of these wonderful pieces disappearing from public sale and into a private collection where only candles will be for sale. Now that everyone is starting to see what is here, I do not blame them for wanting them for their own. So, If someone comes up with the right offer....... we are open to hearing it, and seeing what can be arranged.

Because this could happen quickly once an agreement is reached I would suggest that anyone wanting any of these molds move quickly to make them yours. As we have no idea once sold if they will ever be made available again as molds.

This will not affect the custom made molds part of the business.... we will continue to "be here".

We have had several people upset because we have declined to do business with them.....Normally, my feelings are I will sell to anyone.... that is why we are in business. However, at this point we are deciding to be more selective and choosy about who is our customer. thank you for understanding this IS our policy going forward.

Finally, The number of phone orders and online orders are going thru the roof....... the more New Silicone Molds we list the higher the number of orders come in. I am very happy at the reaction, and the show of support we are seeing for releasing these to you....... I hope you continue to find items you "must have".

Thanks again to ALL our Loyal Customers!

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You are GREAT! Orders pouring in as fast and new Silicone Molds are listed!

The Phone and Email have been overwhelming! It is very clear that YOU LOVE the New Silicone molds we are listing daily. And to make the purchase's easier, many are now using or requesting to use the Layaway/Payment Plan. We offer that to our customers with pride, something NO OTHER supplier does. For more details on this service contact Steve at the contact us link.

It amazed me that within mins of the New Silicone Buffalo mold being posted the phone and emails started pouring in here. I LOVE that one, and thought I would keep it only for myself.... I may still change my mind and remove it from the site, or limit how many will be sold......I will be keeping some for my use only...... I can't share them all.

I am a little frustrated with the way these are coming, but that is simply the way they were packed, so now all we can do is list them as they come. really random. We have so many pieces that I want listed right away for you all to see..... but it is what it is. So, please be patient as you wait for something you want, we will get to it as quickly as we can...... we are moving thru the listing of these tubs on schedule.

I also wanted to mention that many of you are ordering "mixed" orders...... used silicone molds, new silicone molds and plastic molds as well....... If you want, you may request that the used molds are shipped right away...... but because we make for order all New Silicone and Plastic molds that will remain on the two week min time wait for those. This does mean that you will incur 2 shipping amounts.. but, you will have the used silicone molds faster for your use.

Thank you again for trusting us with all your mold needs! YOU have made us The Largest and Most Exclusive Mold Site in the WORLD!!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Customers are the BEST in the WORLD!!!

Here I sit yet again totally in unbelief at the number of new orders that greeted me this morning. From that I can see that many of you are LOVING the New Silicone Molds we have been listing. has MANY, MANY more of this collection to list, as well as Many of our own design.

We would like to Thank you all for the support and encouragement... and showing it by Making US the ONLY place to buy your molds. That pushes us to continue to add to our collection and work even harder for YOU.

Thank you For Making The largest and MOST Exclusive Mold Collection and Site in the World!

We offer the BEST in Professional Silicone Molds as well as Plastic Molds....... ALL For YOU! Be Sure and check out the new items listed yesterday..... more coming Today as well.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tips & Tricks......New Silicone Mold News

More NEW Silicone molds were added yesterday, However, not as many as we planned, We took the day off, more or less. We took our Employees out to lunch, as a Thank you for all their hard work, then back to work, but by then we ALL were relaxed and just moved at our paces. It's great to have a day like that every now and then.. We all enjoyed it!

I can tell by the number of calls and emails that many of you are sitting on the edge of the chair waiting to see what new molds will be added next. Because of the way these are packed and stored right now it is a surprise to us, the Tubs are being unpacked and listed as they come up.... I must admit, that even though I have seen each one already when we did inventory. I get excited seeing them again, and knowing that you all will get the chance to see them too.

Those of you that know what will be coming are already getting your names on order for them..... That helps us very much, it still amazes me how that "waiting" list grows by the day.

On another note, I have been getting a ton of questions about Silicone Mold use, and the best or recommended wax formulation for them...... I am happy to share that info with you when asked. Those of you that don't know or remember the company that originally made and used these molds don't know that they mostly poured their base candle in white wax and then over dipped them in Pigment colors. We do that ourselves on some pieces, others are poured in color. is so very happy that so many of you are enjoying these molds and asking when we can get more, more, more up on the site for sale. We are working at a steady pace and hope to have them all listed by the middle of next month... so, check in often!

I also wanted to answer a question I get EVERY day now. Who do I recommend as suppliers of other candle making items. wax, wick, color, etc. Right off, Not meaning to offend, But AVOID Bittercreek! NASTY comes to mind when I even hear their name. You also already know how we feel both professionally and personally but the junk silicone mold makers out there.

So, I will mention 2 names that we use and recommend..... and Good companies, good owners, good products and selections, and they BOTH have a long history in the business. They also both have stores on eBay. Look for them! My suggestion is do NOT waste time or money with the rest, or if you must, as little as possible (It is what we do)

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

YOU Love them as much as I do! More New Silicone Molds being added daily!

Our Customers are amazing!!!! Maybe I should come to expect this, but AGAIN I open the business email to find so many orders for the NEW Silicone Molds we are now releasing and making Public that I simply do not know what to think anymore.

I suppose I always knew that these molds were special..... So very unlike the cheap, crap one piece silicone molds you find on eBay and from the other suppliers. I knew I loved them from the first one I purchased....... and as the old commercial said, I liked them so much I bought the company.

Well, I am so excited that so many are feeling the same way, and forming lines to order so many already. Knowing that we are trying to get as many online daily as possible. When you say Professional/Commercial Quality Silicone Molds We are the ONLY place to find them.

Personally, I am so very happy to share these with fellow candle makers..... to allow these fantastic molds to see the light of day again, and once again reach Candle Buyers everywhere, They are simply to special to sit unused.

Thanks again for showing how right I was in buying this company and loving the molds as much as I do!

Expect More to be added again today and the coming days........

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here they come!!! 100's of NEVER before sold to the public Silicone Mold Styles!

Another WOW morning! It appears that you all are as excited about the New Silicone molds, as we are sharing them with you. I expected some reaction from the number of phone calls and emails about the few we have already listed on But, to wake up this morning to so many new orders for these, I just wasn't expecting it.

As I mentioned yesterday, this was only 4 of the 100+ tubs of Masters we have......... We are going to try to list that many at least each day until completed. It will take close to a month at that rate to have them all on the site. I might also mention that along with these masters, (GSM & Nelson) we have a totally different group of NEW items that will be added also. Those will be coming from My personal collection.

We wanted to make clear again on the pricing, so no one misunderstands...... The used molds will show the "New " list price. That means, once the used molds of that style are gone, and we begin making them as NEW... that will be the price for those molds. So you can see the price difference once those molds are made as new. It IS a significant difference...... You must decide for yourself what best suits your need and pocketbook.

Check back often at to see all these make their debut... We know by now what your reaction is going to be..... "I want them all!!!".

This is why you have named us The Largest and most Exclusive Candle Mold Selection IN THE WORLD. Now for the first time, you too can own molds that have NEVER been available to the public.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Largest and Most Exclusive Silicone Mold Selection IN THE WORLD!!!

We just wanted to mention that Today, We added New Silicone Molds to Of the over 100 tubs of Masters, we added today 4 of those. I wanted to let you all know just how many NEW items are on the way, and how many of those were added today. So you will have an idea just what is about to be placed for sale.

You will notice as you browse that you will see the prices of Molds when NEW, and the used marked clearly so you can see the difference in prices on those now as used, and what they will be when made New and the used are gone.

We hope that in the coming days, at this rate it could take nearly a month to Post all the molds....... but, we hope that you will find things that you will love as much as we do.

Keep checking in, Many, Many more to come shortly! Proof that We ARE the largest and most Exclusive Spot to shop for Candle Molds, IN THE WORLD!

Happy Candlemaking!

Why our molds may not be for everyone.

I can't tell you what a fun surprise it was to login this morning! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at our loyal customers response when we are able to post new molds for sale. The Phone began ringing as quickly as the post was made. But, this morning to find payments and orders, as well as more requests for the payment plan....ALL in order to buy the latest Silicone mold. I NEVER expected to start selling this fast, and not from the retail website

There are so many pieces here, never seen or available to the public, And I planned on keeping some of them for my own product line because I felt the sale price for them wouldn't work for many. That being said, I have decided to allow many of them to be placed up for sale. Watch for these and so many more to begin appearing at VERY soon.

Our descriptions have always stated clearly, That these molds may not be for you, or everyone..... that is due to the skill level it takes to work with them. Also, because they are costly. Our commercial customers have never had issues with this, but I know (having been one myself) small candle makers are not always able to budget for such things. Cost places them out of reach.

With so many low quality molds offered on places such as Ebay, places with NO standards, the important thing to them is making the sale........ bottom line. I wouldn't take one of their molds if it was given to me. I have become spoiled by High Quality, Professional Silicone Molds.

Today I want to make it clear as possible, Our Silicone molds may NOT be for everyone! However, for those that are not able, we still will continue to supply the plastic candle molds. We will continue to offer our established customers payment options. And continue be The Largest Silicone and Plastic Mold collection IN THE WORLD!

As always, if you should need assistance, or have questions, Please email or give us a call.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quality of silicone molds

Value lies in the quality of the pieces. We can't stress enough that OUR pieces are for the professional. These pieces keep working for you for many, many years. Some of the molds we are using our-selfs are  10+ years old and still produce like they did on day one.
We have customers that actually use our molds to make CONCRETE  YARD pieces.
One of our customers did THIS with our large Hippo Silicone "Candle Mold".
 Here is our Large Hippo Silicone Mold and the hippo from this mold made in concrete.

Did you ever tried that with your budget - or eBay - silicone mold???

We would love to know what YOU do with our molds. Send us pix and - with your permission - we post them on Facebook or here or even use them as additional product images...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yet another Super Busy Week!!!

We really want to Thank ALL of customers for making this Another Record Breaking Sales Week for us......I simply can not believe the volume of orders and special orders we have been receiving, With no end in sight.

I had planned on taking a few days off... with a little get away time. Well, that wasn't possible, not only that but its so busy here I didn't have time to post to this blog. Knowing the ebbs and flows of this business, I have noticed a change..... this time of year is not the norm for buying, yet, our sales are changing a many year trend for candle makers.

Most "real" candle makers, work seasonally, 6 to 8 months in advance. Meaning that candles being made today are for the season/holidays coming in 6 to 8 months. In other words, next fall, late summer. Maybe the fluke has to do with the economy, or maybe many newbie candle makers just haven't learned this yet.

At any rate, they are finding us. We welcome all the new customers.. our hope is that as you learn the trends and art of candle making we may help you along the way.

We did get a few new Mold styles added, but that has been slowed down by processing orders received. But we are trying to add a few at every chance.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Customers, YOU are truly amazing!

All I can say is WOW! I keep learning to expect the unexpected. Our sale ends, and sales go even higher after the sale. Our Customers, YOU are truly amazing! Another BIG Thank YOU for the support! It was so busy here yesterday I didn't even have time to post here.

Steve hopes to be back to adding more of the new items as soon as things get caught up with all the new and existing orders. So, Check in and see what is happening and new at often. We have some very fun, new items headed your way shortly.

The inventory of used Silicone candle molds is getting very small now, as we expected, so, if you are wanting any of those, now would be the best time to get them..............

Thank YOU for making the Largest and Most Exclusive Mold collection in the World!!!! With MANY more new Styles on the way!

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!

We hope that all of you that wanted to, took advantage of the Sale that ended last night at Midnight. From our end, it was a great success..... Even more so the contacts we had, and have made are Great. It was so very nice to speak to so many of you on the phone and try where we can to help with questions you might have.

Please remember, unlike the other sellers...... We are here past delivery of your order. We hope that if you have questions, or assistance with the products you buy from us, that you will email, or call. We want to assist you in any way we can. Tips and Advice on use of our Molds is another part of why we are here. In Fact, we will even try to assist you with products you buy elsewhere, if possible.

In the end, this means the BEST products YOUR Customers can get will be from YOU! is simply your backup and support to make that Possible.

Once again, We would like to express how grateful we feel to have you as customers, And Thank you for the support and trust you place in us with each and every order. We Promise that each order we ship reminds of  that. Thank YOU!

This is what has made us "The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Website in the WORLD!"

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our THANK YOU Sale ends at Midnight Tonight!

Let me start today with a BIG Thank You to all our wonderful customers! Once again, you have proven to us why YOU call us the "Largest Candle Mold Selection in the WORLD!!! ".... You also continue to tell us that you will not shop anywhere else for candle molds. It feels great to us not to be the old VW or bargain basement, but as YOU put it, Exclusive, with the BEST customer Service around. So, Thank You!

Tonight at Midnight ends our Customer Appreciation Sale, So don't miss out on the savings, get those items you want in your cart and on their way to you!

We have added a couple of new items just yesterday... of course with all the action here it was only a few of the many new items yet to come. Check them out now and take advantage of the sale to get them.

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sale ends Sunday!! Thank You Sale!!!!

It is always great to be able to report good news to you. So, after some questions, I will let the cat out of the bag now Officially. As of yesterday, (After being reminded by a customer) Our Canada site is now registered and Live. Since at this time no sales are being made from that site, it will simply direct you to .... That url is Once fully in operation there, it will serve Canada and Most of the rest of the World.

Our Sale is going very well, We are so happy that so many of you are taking advantage of this sale and stocking up on all those molds you have been wanting. Now Please remember, the sale has been extended thru Sunday.

We have been getting many requests for information on suppliers of other Candle making supplies, we are happy to pass along that info and our own feelings when asked.... so if you have questions, please email and we will pass that info along. We will also tell you whom to Avoid like the plague. ;)

I know I have mentioned it before....... But back when we had 2 suppliers it was great for ALL of us........ Those were the days!

Thank you ALL again for the support and being our customer! The Largest and Most exclusive selection of Candle molds in the WORLD!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Customer Appreciation Days Sale Extended Thru Sunday!!!

We would like to let you know, Many asked, and we are extending our Customer Appreciation Days Sale thru Sunday! is your ONLY place to buy, and we are proud that YOU have decided that Is the World’s Largest Selection of Candle Molds.

I wanted to mention again today, that we are now offer to "place molds on hold for yourself" by making the new payment plan. Contact Steve if you have any questions, or need assistance with this. . Another First by Any Supplier!

That New Plan is already becoming VERY popular.... after only 1 day in operation. So, it might be something of interest and we don't want any of you to overlook this option.

Last but not least, We here at want to Thank You again for making us the ONLY place to shop for Candle Molds!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 New Ways we are saying Thank You to our Customers!

The surprises are out of the bag. We Now will accept Silicone Mold buyers to pay in two steps.
1 being the actual molds.
2. For shipping. Allowing us to get the very best price on shipping, and YOU only paying for the actual Shipping cost.

Now for the Best part of the news....... We now have working the Special payments Module. Which will allow YOU to select molds at sale prices, when sales are going on.... and pay in 3 monthly payments for them.

This is just another way of saying Thank you to ALL our Customers, and allowing YOU to get the best deal and price on ALL molds.

Happy Candlemaking!

First Annual Customer Appreciation Days Sale.......... Day 1 a HUGE HIT!!!!!

What a GREAT first day of our very First Annual Customer Appreciation Days Sale. Making it better was so many of our Customers calling or sending email Thank You's! It always great to hear from you, we know how hard it can be to stay in touch while growing your Business. So there is no need to be sorry about not visiting as often as you might like.

We have said since our beginning that we have the Best Customers in the WORLD.... and we Thank you all again for your Support and Business! Our Customers have made The Largest Selection of Candle Molds IN THE WORLD!

I will mention now (again) that many of the Used Silicone molds are now very near gone. So, NOW is the time to get them......... Yesterday sales made that even more true.

We are holding off adding New Plastic & Silicone molds until after the sale, the site is simply too busy for us to be working in the background on this. So, Start looking for the New additions to start appearing next week.

Also You can now follow us on Facebook, as well as shop from the Facebook store.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Huge Candle Mold Sale Starts off with a BANG!

What a great surprise to log on this morning and find so many of you have already started to enjoy the HUGE Candle Mold Sale at We know that several of you were waiting for the start, as the Phone began ringing, and orders started arriving here at 12:00 on the dot.

I am to remind everyone that the normal Minimum order is still in place. A Sale price has been added to the pegged rose molds. Buy 10 and get a reduced price per mold. Please also understand, that at this point we cannot pick and choose through these molds, If you order you will receive a mix of colors.... we will try not to send any color duplications.

We want to Thank you all again for the support, and hope you make use of this Customer Appreciation sale.

Happy Candlemaking!