Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make your own Dreams come true..... Make a candle!

Another wonderful week behind us, I am even forcing myself to take some time off for myself. That means some time for catching up on my reading and some other interests. Both and have so much work/orders its wonderful. But can get all consuming at times.

If you have visited you will see just what I am talking about. Many New Professional Silicone Candle Molds listed, the start of the many Supplies we will be offering....We are and will continue to expand and grow to suit your EVERY Candle Making Need!

More Fun news to share...... The Des Moines Register called and is asking we do an interview about Our Business and its out of nowhere success and growth. We look forward to doing this.

Finally I want to remind you all, there are 2 remaining Business packages remaining. We also have The #1 Business Package available....... Make your own Dreams come true..... Make a candle!

We wish for each of you that everything you do can be as Blessed!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, March 30, 2012

We are here to Serve, Help Educate and Assist you..... ALWAYS!

I wanted to share with this answer to a common email that we recieve when one is questioning why Silicone Mold Pricing is what it is. I also wanted to say that we welcome such email and calls because it gives us the chance to assist and educate.

First off, our PROFESSIONAL silicone molds can't be bought at other places
or they are copyright violations or used. But, that being put aside:

Our molds are for the PROFESSIONAL candle maker and made from lasting
silicone and not cheap stuff that falls apart after a few uses. The adds
also say "the molds may not be for you" due to the professional grade and
the price that comes with superior materials. Our molds are also bigger than
what you can buy at some other places. Feel free to shop at other places but
also consider the ingredients when you buy made in china products or
products made from inferior materials. You will be happy with our molds for
years to come w/o having to replace them. We only use the best silicone
available while others choose cheap, inferior products. Check our Facebook
page here: and this post on
our Blog
We also follow up with our customers and give advice PAST the purchase. We
are candle makers ourselves and know what are the needs. We rather sell
something good to make you happy than ripping you off with a cheap product
that falls apart after a few uses.

But, if you want a REALLY good deal you may want to check out our business
opportunities #1 and #2 here
oducts_id=1508 and here

Those give you free training at our place, I help loading. You get a ton of
molds for a fantastic price (WAY UNDER replacement cost)

Feel free to browse, shop, get back to me if you have ANY more questions.


"The World’s Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!!!"

We had yet another WOW day yesterday......It is so great to be "Meeting" so many new customers...getting to chat a little about your needs and wants and Welcome you to

You will notice that we have added more New Silicone Mold styles, with many more yet to come... It seems like the more we add to the site, the more we find unlisted. So check back often to check them out and see your "Must Haves".

Thank each of YOU for being our Customer, and for naming us "The World’s Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!!!"

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hobbyist or Professional We are here to serve your Needs!

I was chatting yesterday with a new customer who had called to place a very large order of our New Silicone Molds (The First to buy one of my personal favorites from my personal collection) The Cigar Store Indian among many other molds. At one point She made the comment that in Candle Making you either Go Big, or Go Home. I had never thought of it in those terms But that IS what makes the difference between Professional and Hobbyist.

The REAL income in Candle Making is not in the hobbyists’ grasp.. They can make some nice money, and survive, but that is nothing like what can be made when you GO BIG. I learned this myself over many years. The flip side of this is, that MOST of the real passion for candle making is with the hobbyist or smaller business'

As we continue to grow daily, I remind those around me that our goal at is to bridge the gap between Professional and Hobbyist.. To assist both groups of our customers. By offering Molds both Silicone and Plastic that have never been available before to the hobbyist or small business. We are here to help you EVERY step along that path. Give us a try and see for yourself....

Be sure and check out what’s new and just been added at

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site in the WORLD!"

Spring is REALLY here! The weather is wonderful.......and work at is growing daily. We are getting Huge Candle Mold Orders from places around the globe I have never even heard of. Add to the orders of Candles, and the contracts we get daily We have more work than I ever dreamed possible. As I have said before, When things are meant to "be", they WILL be.... No matter what/who tries to change it.

I was sent another link to a complaint about my competition yesterday... I would like to take issue with. For ALL the problems and issues they do have, I really do not see why anyone would be upset about Candle Mold Makers/Suppliers not keeping pre-made stock on hand. He like ourselves, makes ALL Molds as they are ordered. Which is standard business practice for Candle Mold Makers/Suppliers these days.

Due to the economy, and changes in our customers wants/needs, and the HUGE number of different molds we make, no one can store stock and still have workroom. And we "both" have that clearly posted on our respective websites.. The Standard now is Molds are Made as they are sold, per Order... It is the reality of this business.

So, Once again, without getting into the other many faults and flaws my competitor has.. This complaint isn't warranted or fair. I suppose this is why so many of YOU have given us the title "The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site in the WORLD!"

More Silicone Candle Molds are set to listed, with MORE coming in daily...... It is clear why YOU our wonderful customers LOVE so much. everything you need in one place. We LOVE being at your service!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wicks, Wax, and More New Candle Molds.......Life Is Great!

It was so nice to sit down, and read a book last night after the Super Busy day we had here........I have not taken the time to do this for awhile now since we have been so very busy, I tend to just fall into bed and go right off to sleep.

The good part of that is I sleep like a baby, and wake knowing everything is right with the world... it is because I create it to be.

Things around here are pretty normal...... Pouring and Work tables everywhere....filled with Molds being made, and others with rows of candle molds being poured or ready to be poured for our wholesale candle orders.... there is no shortage of work and everyday more arrives, and more is shipped off. Life and Business is GREAT!

My only regret is that we cannot get everything available for you to view and order Quickly enough. it is a process that takes and has taken some time...... I sometimes think we may never have everything listed and available....... I am always collecting more. But, It is what it is.

We will continue to add more New Silicone Candle Molds...... and Plastic Candle Molds as time allows. I want to mention again that once the remaining Business Packages are gone, there will be NO more USED Silicone Molds available at the reduced prices...... Those Listing will all change and increase to the NEW Candle Mold Prices. is here to answer your questions and assist you with your problems and concerns....
Happy CandleMaking

Monday, March 26, 2012

Remember what Life Choices Mean...........

I have posted this before..... But Today I know this will reach someone that REALLY needs it.....  SO I am posting this for you! As just a little reminder........ May it touch your soul as much as it does mine, each time I read it.... A Copy hangs directly above my desk to always remind me....


 Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

 If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

 Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let not this blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

 Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

 Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.
 Strive to be happy.

 --- Max Ehrmann, 1927

More Candle Molds and More to Come.... Powder Candle Dyes Available Now

Yesterday turned out to another Super Busy day for us, The Start of the powder candle dyes were listed.... this is just a start, if you have need of any colors not yet listed please drop us a request and we will attempt to get it listed for you.

Our Numbers on some of the Used Silicone Molds is getting very low now...When the Business Opportunities either #1 and the 2 remaining #2's are sold There will be few if any Used Silicone Molds left listed on What that means is that if you want any of the USED Silicone Candle molds they need to be purchased before the packages are sold...... Only New Silicone Candle molds will remain.

Between all of our Wholesale candle Orders I have been trying to get "sample candles" poured to photograph for the listings..... that in itself is a big job. It will take time, but eventually we will have that done as well.

We also hope to complete the first round of listing the Large Number of New Silicone Molds this week.....we are at about 18 tubs left to list... with the newer group to be listed shortly after that..... and then More 2 piece Plastic candle molds as well... So stay tuned, drop by and see what’s new..... and as always, if you have questions or need some help with something drop us a email or give us a call.. Even if you didn't purchase the items from us, we are here to try and help.

Happy CandleMaking!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inside news, updates and New Powdered Dyes for you!

Normally weekends are slow, and this time of year (Tax Time) has never been known to be HUGE selling season.....But, This weekend so far has been totally different than anything I have ever seen before. At this point we may have to be removing ALL the Used Silicone Candle Molds from the site... They are disappearing very quickly, They will be replaced with New at the New Prices.

On the flip side of all this is the HUGE number of Wholesale Candle orders both coming in, and those already being processed. If this is the new Spring way things work, We here at need to prepare better for this.

As I posted yesterday, There are only two remaining #2 Business Opportunity packages remaining, and the #1 Package is getting a lot of attention. When these are gone, These 2 options will be removed from the site..... you will also notice that ALL USED Silicone Candle Molds will change to New Items and price. We hope that those of you that have interest in either of these will act quickly....... once These are gone, they are gone... Never to return.

We have a start to be listed for the New Powdered Dyes we will be offering as well...... Look for those to appear shortly too....... Right now we do not know when that list will be complete, but will have "some" colors listed. Check them out!

We Hope your Wonderful Spring Weekend is enjoyable....

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2nd one gone today....... 2 remaining... Act fast before they are gone.

Ok, I misspoke....... there are now only 2 left. I just confirmed sale of the 2nd one today.

BUSINESS OPTION 2: This deal sets your full candle making business up with ONE of everything of the remaining original used molds including one of every remaining color of the pegged roses. This gives you around 90 professional grade Silicone Candle Molds for $5000.00 at an avg price of ONLY $60.00. The purchase as new molds would run over $40,000.00. As with deal one payment plan and pick-up is welcome. Read more about it in our blog at http://? A list for this deal and Package Deal 2 can be found here Additionally, you'll receive a FREE 1 day workshop on the use of these silicone molds and 1 month advice by phone.

I will say it one more time, Act Fast before they are gone.

Going Fast....Speak now or forever hold your peace

To those of you that expressed interest in the BUSINESS OPTION 2: This deal sets your full candle making business up with ONE of everything of the remaining original used molds including one of every remaining color of the pegged roses. This gives you around 90 professional grade Silicone Candle Molds for $5000.00 at an avg price of ONLY $60.00. The purchase as new molds would run over $40,000.00. As with deal one payment plan and pick-up is welcome. Read more about it in our blog at http://? A list for this deal and Package Deal 2 can be found here Additionally, you'll receive a FREE 1 day workshop on the use of these silicone molds and 1 month advice by phone.

I wanted to let you know that we are now down to 1 or 2 of these left..... We just marked another one Sold. So, I hate to say this but you need to decide quickly as these will be gone. Now we have had interest and have been talking to several people about BUSINESS OPTION 1 We are not sure how long that will be around either......... If this is something that might interest you, you need to grab it soon, before it too is gone.

I have been sorting thru my own personal molds today, seeing what I might let go...... and getting others ready for Photos for Many things many of you have NEVER seen before, and things you will find NOWHERE ELSE! I Can't wait to show them to you!

I thought it was the weekend, which has normally been slow.. but lately they are anything but. We are happy to be bringing you so many new fun candle molds.

Happy CandleMaking!

Welcome Spring and New Candle Molds!

With all the continued excitement for the rollout of all the new Silicone Candle Molds, and me telling you about that, sometimes I forget to tell you the other fun stuff that goes on behind the scenes here at

While most of you are here simply for the Candle Molds...... you may not even know that we are also a fast growing producer of Candles, many made from the same molds we offer at Of course not everything that We make as Candles for sale are available as molds, We have kept some items for ourselves.

We just yesterday signed two more contracts for products..... One is as expected, a very sizeable order for many of the Silicone Molds. On the other side one was for our Candle products. We are always excited to see these come our way.

We hope those of you that run candle business' will seek out this type of business yourself... it can be very lucrative if you have the time to make Items in large numbers and can stick to a schedule of timed deliveries.

We hope you all have a Wonderful Spring Weekend!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Forgot to mention........... Rose Pillar Wedding Candle Molds are BACK!

I forgot to mention that we have located and will be listing shortly the entire range of Rose Pillar Silicone Candle Molds..... That means both Flat Top and Cone Top Rose Pillars will be back. In all sizes 3x9, 3x3, 3x6... and matching Taper Molds as well....... we hope to be listing the Rose Ball Mold shortly as well.

These have always been a very good seller and are used as Wedding Candle Sets....... We are Pleased to have them back and available for you!

We will have a limited number in the USED form, as well as New Silicone Molds as well... So, as always with the USED Silicone Molds get your name on the hold list for first service. before they are gone!

Happy CandleMaking!

Silhouette Silicone Candle Molds return!!! Check them out!

Many of you have let us know how excited you are to see the Silhouette Silicone Candle Molds return.... As of yesterday most of them are now listed for sale on With more to come shortly, many of which were never available as USED molds. We are happy to be able to share that entire collection with you.

There are instructions available for these...... and they are a great idea for decorating without burning. Once again, is the ONLY place to find these molds...... SO check them out..

There are about 20 more tubs of New Styles of Silicone Molds to be listed, we are closing in on the end of those...... And hope to have them all listed before we begin adding from the new acquisitions. But, you never know. It sometimes depends on requests that we get from many of you.

Please let us know if you have any requests and we can try to get them out for you right always,

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is Here! More Great Candle Molds on the way!

Great Good Morning!

YOU always amaze me...... Whenever I start to thinking that things can't get better than they already are, we get another influx of new Customers and More Orders for Candle Molds then I ever dreamed possible. What I LOVE hearing and reading is the comments....... and I LOVE that so many of you take extra time while ordering to let us know exactly how you feel about and what we are working so hard to do here.

It also makes me smile so many of you make the point that you do not want to be left behind and without all the wonderful New and Used Silicone Candle Molds we are making and making available to YOU! And finding so many that you "Must Have".

I wanted to mention today that Most of the newest lot of Used Silicone Candle Molds are now priced and listed on There will be a few more added shortly, In the meantime Steve is already back to listing more of the New Styles on the site.

I will be attempting to add links to those without photos, most likely to finished candles on our in order to make seeing the molds you are looking for, and one possible option for finishing them for sale to your customers.

I understand that several people have expressed interest in the Large package of Silicone Molds and that may be gone shortly as soon as everything is finalized.... There are not many of the 2nd package left as well......

Well, Spring is here and the rainy season has begun........I plan on getting out and enjoying some of the nice weather.. maybe work from the Laptop on the Porch Swing! Take some time and do the same for yourself!

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Even More exciting Candle Molds and Change coming very Soon!!

It is really great to see all the excitement over the new list of Used Silicone Molds we have been listing for you......Email Questions and Phone Calls have more than doubled. This encourages us to continue on the Path YOU have chosen for us. Yes, I know that we are the ONLY place to locate and purchase Most of these molds all in one place at one time.....But you are the ones writing the future....... and we Thank you for it!

I hope to be able to announce shortly another acquisition of another 200+ Mold Styles in the Silicone Mold Collection here at www.candlemoldvault So, keep checking in as we continue to expand and grow into an even Bigger "World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD" Just for YOU!!!

Steve hopes to update the downloadable list on Facebook today.... so it will contain prices for all those molds and allow you to view either the molds or finished candles in hopes it will make it easier for you to decide what you may want. He has been shipping out and making other orders and it has slowed down his ability to complete it as quickly as he planned.

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Questions about Beeswax and our Silicone Molds and updates.

I was asked to let everyone know....... It appears that we have only 2 more of the #2 Business Opportunity packages available now. This is without cutting into the molds set aside for the #1 Business Opportunity package. So once these are gone, that Special will be removed from listings.

I also wanted to address a couple of questions here for benefit of all....... The question has been Will the Silicone Molds work with Beeswax? The answer is yes, in fact they work extremely well and we have many, many customers that will only use our Silicone Molds with beeswax. Our Customers that work only in Beeswax swear by them.

Let me know if any of you would like further info on this.......

Happy CandleMaking!

The BEST keeps getting BETTER!!! More Candle Molds!

Today the new additions from the newest acquisition should be completed and added to at least those that are not already gone. Many of you already have some on "hold" for yourself........ to those of you that have not seen the list, or are on the fence about them I can only suggest to request that "hold" now...... once these are gone, they will return as NEW Silicone Molds and the NEW prices. The numbers are very limited on these as USED Silicone Molds.

We are also very happy that so many of you are taking us up on the offer to assist/help you with Both Candle Mold questions but also general Candle Making questions....As I have said here, We don't care if you are a customer of ours or not, we will help where we can, and answer any questions posed to us...If we don't have the answers we will try to find them for you.....

Look for more new Silicone Mold Styles to be added shortly, once the list is completed...... and then there are MANY more 2 piece Plastic Candle Molds for us to add. We know already that many of you are enjoying all the new Candle Molds and products you can offer your customers.

Thank you for your continued support of

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Candle Mold List are are Really BIG Hit with customers

It's great to see so many of you are excited about the List of Silicone molds we placed on the facebook page. The only way we know who has downloaded it is when you contact us about pricing or to order be placed on the "hold" list...... and from the number of requests... you want more! Contact us if you have questions or want to order before they are marked "Sold Out".

As I mentioned, Steve is progressing thru all the Silicone Candle Molds and making those price adjustments, they should be completed today. From there he will continue adding the New Silicone Mold Listings. Several of the Packages of Silicone Molds are now sold, and the comments have been with all that is changing they are an even better deal now........ Check them out and see if they might fit your needs and budget at We Do offer several "custom" payment options. and are happy to work with you on payments.

Looking ahead, we have many more Great, New Mold styles that will be appearing shortly, we are very excited about being able to offer to you all these NEVER before available Candle Molds. but, I really need to stress, they won’t last long from the way things have been moving. you MUST act quickly.

We Thank you for trusting us with your Candle Mold Business!

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Mold List available at Facebook page

I wanted to let all of our customers know that Steve has posted the list of Used Silicone Candle Molds on facebook that will shortly be available at We hope this might let you know what is going to be available so that you can make your selections and get your name on the "hold" list for those. You will be able to see prices on some of them, which is still being done...... and the number of each that will be available. Pricing should be completed in the next few days.

So check our Facebook page to download that list.

Also as those are being added to the site the prices are being adjusted on the other Used Silicone Molds... They will ALL be changing as part of this process. as I have mentioned before.....

Please remember, the New Additions are NOT part of the 2 Business Opportunities... but can be picked up when the others are picked up and you receive your training.

Happy Candlemaking!

We love Candle Making and WE Love our Customers!

There seems to be a lot of excitement about the new listings for Silicone Molds. Between Phone calls and email, we are extremely busy. Thank you! I love knowing that we are able to offer you things you have wanted for years, or just finding out about.

Please know that when we complete the listings for the Silicone Molds, we have tons of new Plastic molds waiting to be listed also. They will be appearing as quickly as we can get them out. During phone calls I continue to hear things like "the candle making world is beating a huge path to your door" or That we are "the Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold site in the World" due to our huge selection or items not available anywhere else, and our ability to Custom make molds for YOU!.

We will continue to grow to serve your needs..... If you need help or advise, we are here to help! It doesn’t matter if you purchased your molds from us, or elsewhere...... is always willing to help! We LOVE this Business, and our Customers and want to see each of you produce the best product for your customers.

Keep dropping by, and checking out the new products.. they are always changing....... Just for you!

No sale is ever complete, because I am here to support and help you anyway we can, I own the Business....
Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get your name on the hold list for New Silicone Molds fast!

Yesterday was another "Top" day for us, and a BIG Thank you goes to ALL our Wonderful customers and blog readers for making that so. It is great to see so much interest in the new Silicone Molds we are about to be adding to In fact, as I have suggested is working out as I expected. We are putting names on the "Hold List" for the limited amount of USED Silicone molds in this. So, if you want any of them, get your name on that list!

Please remember that those molds will NOT be part of the listed package deal Sales. However, Steve has agreed to make an addition to those posts. In that when you come here for the Training portion, and to pick up the molds, you will be given an additional discount on buying molds, dye, wick etc. That will include these molds.

We are also putting together a download price list of these..... so those of you that do not know them, can make your choices and request that you get a "hold" on that mold.

This is just another reason you have named us The World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!! Thank you ALL for your Support!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Update and Additons to daily Post

Ok, questions are pouring in again about Silicone Molds and how they are made, and the differences. So, Lets first off make sure you read the info Steve posted in the blog a few days ago. Once you have that info I hope what I say will be clear.

In General, anyone that has the nerve to sell you a 1 piece silicone mold of a 3D figure is taking you for a ride. 1 piece silicone molds work well for embeds and flat figures and figures that do not have much detail or shape. But only multi-piece Silicone Molds can produce realistic candles.

Yes, We know all about cuts in the mold, and that argument holds some weight, however it carries NO weight or credibility with one piece silicone molds. To then "claim" you have legal rights to such a process is totally blowing smoke up your behind. The to take it one step further and tell customers you may not resell your own property is beyond the pale.

Not just tell them this, but have the power to have listings removed from ebay..... this spells disaster for any customer that works with them...... in fact, No one can forbid you from selling your legal property. Making this all worse is the fact that almost every shape and form is not their original work, in fact its been "stolen" from someone else.

Now, I debated on mentioning the name that has been passed to me many times. but to make this perfectly clear, I will name names in this case........ On ebay the sellers name is
penguin-love. To someone that loves this industry and making candles this power/money hungry type of business practice is disgusting.

Why anyone would buy inferior molding procedures, along with the crazy restrictions they claim to be legal is beyond me. Not to mention a total waste of money.

We have been asked to put together and make available a list of all mold sellers that operate this way...... I am considering doing just that ONLY for the purpose of warning YOU.

Place penguin-love at the top of that list.......Avoid them!

Happy Candlemaking!

A Word of caution about buying Molds & More..

Good Morning all! Today I wanted to offer some inside info for you to consider and keep in mind when choosing a Mold Supplier or those whom you buy from in the Candle/Soap Business. For us here at quality and customer service and support are the REAL Reason we exist. I never consider a sale completed. Long after you have received your products, we are still here to help you in any way we can.

I need to go one step past what I have been saying here all along........ When you consider a Candle Mold purchase ALWAYS keep in mind the quality of that MOLD. Will it last for years of use. Is it made for the real Professional. or as with ANY that you can purchase off ebay, or the other sites rip and tear and fall to pieces and be unusable in no time. In Short, Cheaply made silicone products. Those people are the bane of Mold Makers and suppliers.

You might feel price is important, and it is.. until you spend money on several of those type molds only to have them unusable. In the end you have saved nothing and have nothing to show for it. I will not get into naming names......... BUT, I will say it very short and simple as a rule of thumb....... if you buy it off ebay or even etsy.... it is clearly one of those "nasty" cheap fall apart molds.

Just DON'T get taken by those "junk dealers".

Now on a different note...... is NOT some huge company, impersonal and distant. We are a small "mom and pop" company that thru many turns of good luck grew and continue to grow.... But everything we do is from a candle makers point of view, and for candle makers. We are NOT here to make as much money as we can........ our driving force is making our customers happy and offering what they want and need when it comes to the BEST Quality Silicone and Plastic molds.

We are not wanting to "be' any of the former suppliers ..... we desire to live on our own reputation and build that...... we are NOT the "new" Pourette, or Barkers...... we identify molds by those names in order to make it easier from you to locate what you might be looking for......... in fact, how smart would it be to make claims of being the New Pourette after the way they "disappeared" with peoples money........

So, we are And it is many of YOU that have given us the name of "The World’s largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold site IN THE WORLD! Only by the Best Products and customer service do we desire to share with all of you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wait until you see what is being added now!

Isn’t the weather great? It kind of makes it hard to stay inside and get any work done...... But, that is what we are working very hard to do. Processing all the new orders.... It is so wonderful to see such excitement on YOUR part for what we are doing at .

I want to be honest, If we were a really huge Candle manufacturer few if any of the Silicone Molds would be made available at any price, to anybody. They would ALL be in the product line at . I will tell you that I still consider limiting the number of each mold style sold. We want some out there.. but I have no intention of everybody and their dog owning them.

These Molds are NOT for everyone! Nor are they intended to be! These are for the True Professional that produce in volume. They work for the small business, once people learn exactly how to use them.

With that said, More USED Silicone molds will be listed for sale, and of course we will continue to roll out the Totally NEW Molds as well.

Steve is considering an added offer to the 2 types of package deals he is offering...... With the Total package he would offer 2 days, hands on training here... on the correct ways to use these molds.. While the smaller package would offer 1 day training. And since you would be here for the training, you could plan on taking your molds home with you.(saving on the shipping costs on the molds)

Thank you for the requests for info on these packages and the NEW items we will be adding, we are happy to place you on waiting lists for the items you request. Just email or call.

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take a peek at whats being added to the Silicone Mold Line!

Edited 3/22/2012   To see the Wonderful new Molds visit us at 

Today I wanted you to see a few of the New Additions in candle form that we will be adding shortly.. these are USED molds and very limited as to numbers available..... Once these are gone, they will be placed into the list of molds waiting to be created NEW to wait their turn to make their comeback.

As with ALL our Silicone Molds they are Top Quality Professional Silicone Molds, NOT meant to ever be owned by general Candle Makers. They were built for Mass Production of candles, with the least amount of work needed...... Trimming, etc. They are One of a kind as far as superior design, detail and workmanship.

We are very happy to be the ONLY place for you to purchase these wonderful molds..... Due to the limited nature of this stock, we suggest you get in the waiting list ASAP.

Our hope is that you will enjoy these and many others as much as we do!

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More news on the addition of many more Professional Silicone Molds!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up warning. The new batch of Professional USED Silicone molds will begin appearing on before the end of the week..... at the same time the announced used Silicone mold prices are going to be raised. There are some very exciting pieces that will be added as used, but these numbers are very limited. When they are gone, they will return as NEW molds at NEW Mold Prices.

I would suggest that any of you wanting the used molds get on the waiting list for them, or grab them before the used molds are gone.......As a side note, we are very close to starting to add Powdered Dyes and wick as well as banding straps for our Silicone Molds.

We hope that all of you get a chance to get the molds you want from these new additions. Because of the interest and requests about the soon to be listed Used Silicone molds, these will NOT be part of any package deal.

Happy Candlemaking!

More Great News!!! More Silicone Molds on the way!!!

As many of you know We purchased the bulk of Used Silicone molds and Masters awhile That were Nelson candles and formerly GSM (Great Smoky Mountain ) awhile back. Now, many of you may have never heard of them, and both are now retired and no longer in the business. Many of you I am surprised to learn have never even seen the GSM and Nelson catalogue to know what the entire product lines consisted of.

We have been trying to get time to have them all displayed and for sale on the websites and are moving along in that process very well. Over half of the styles are now able to be seen at . Because of some agreements we have not been able to "sell" many of those pieces, either used or now. We have had to tell many of our customers this.

We are pleased to announce today that we are going to be adding an even larger amount of these Molds for sale very soon. Now for those of you that know the lines, it is very likely that those special pieces will be made available, but in very limited quantities as used molds. They will of course be made available as New once listed as new.

We encourage those of you that know the product lines to email us, or call and get your name on the waiting list for those molds. We are going to attempt to get a photo flyer with these made so that you can see them all and decide what you would like held for you.

At the same time, we are working on another purchase that would add approx 200 more products to our line.. More on this as we see what happens. These are very exciting times for us... and we are very happy to be able to share these with you. Remember we also have several of the used Silicone Mold bulk deals left.

I wanted to remind you all again today, that the USED Silicone prices are going to be raised when Steve gets time........ So, it might be a good idea to grab those before the prices are increased.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The BEST Silicone Candle Molds and Plastic Candle Molds IN THE WORLD!

Here we are starting another busy week. I hope that all of you had a great weekend. Each week seems to be getting more busy around here, and that is after all why we are here. More and more new people are finding us by the day. I want to Thank you for joining us and trusting us as your Candle Mold Supplier.... for both the BEST Silicone Candle Molds and Plastic Candle Molds.

The Mold production area is swamped with orders.. It is very exciting to see all the work being done daily. is the ONLY place to get these Wonderful New and Used Silicone molds.

Several more New Silicone molds were added yesterday, with many more to come, we hope we can get several more added today.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to email or call!

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Websites IN THE WORLD!!!!

What a GREAT time I have been having the past few weeks! Between talking on the phone and meeting so many of you, and emailing as well. and getting to use so many of the New Silicone Molds for products to be added to our other sites..... is bursting at the seams with great Molds. Knowing that owning these molds is such a "Exclusive" group....... and knowing that when you offer your customers candles made from these molds, you will be one of very few that have them. If your customers react the same way ours do, you will notice increased sales and compliments right away.

You will not find these molds available ANYWHERE else! Mr. Nelson protected their product with copyright and successfully in court many times. Just ask Pourette.... to name one ;) This is why YOU have named the World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Websites IN THE WORLD!!!!

We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the experience with us........As we continue to add New Silicone Molds and Plastic Candle Molds as well as new supplies. Thank you for being OUR customer and friends!

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are here to serve and help you!

You have done it again. Another record breaking sales day! From the comments We can tell that you love the NEW Silicone Molds. We kindly accept all the praise for how we serve each of our customers. It inspires us to do better, and continue to add products, Just for you!

I would expect to see more additions to the NEW Silicone Molds this weekend at ... We also have many more new items that will be added as quickly as time permits. More Plastic 2 piece Molds, and even supplies. So Stay in touch.

Remember if you have questions, or simply need some advice on candle making, even if you didn't purchase the products from us, we are here to help and advise you along the way.

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, March 9, 2012

We are growing to SERVE you better!!!!

What a week! I hope that the week has gone as well for all of you, as it has been here at Very successful indeed. I am really enjoying meeting ALL the new Customers we have joining our WINNING team. We are never too busy to spend time chatting or emailing with you, over concerns, ideas, helping you and your business along and on a growth pattern.... so feel free to contact us.

We will be adding even more of the NEW Silicone candle Molds this weekend....... so check them out.... and of course check out this blog often for updates and news on what is happening at The Largest and MOST Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Avoid the eBay Silicone Molds---- Do NOT waste your money!!! We hear this daily..

I am so happy that the posts of the past few days have been so helpful, to so many! I want to thank all of you that have emailed or called to talk about them...... ask more questions, and just say Thank you for all the information.

As I have told those of you that I have spoken to, the rules for buying Good molds are fairly easy..... Avoid the Imports from Asia TOTALLY. It is simply NOT worth the risks to health. Avoid the Low grade Silicone molds offered on eBay. Ripping and falling apart after only a few uses is NOT a DEAL! It does NOT save you money..... Avoid 1 piece Silicone Molds (For the most part) no matter how they want you to believe they are well made and the design thought out.

Now, we are receiving a lot of requests to take many of those and make real, Professional Molds of them for many of our customers..... My feelings are this...... for the most part they are too small to be of much use....... We will do this in cases where we have a number of requests for them. is here to serve the needs of the candle we continue to grow and expand, we count on you to tell us what you want and need. We Thank you again for your continued support and trust.

You have made us "The World’s largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold site IN THE WORLD!"

More new Silicone styles will be added today as we continue to Present the Nelson-GSM collection. Check them out!

Happy Candlemaking!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing but the Facts.....

I want to publically Thank Steve for his post here yesterday. I know after speaking to many of you that called, and answering email requests that many of you too found the information he posted of great help. I would like to add one thing to all that, as a product safety point.

With Personal safety in mind, I would like to remind all of you..... When buying Silicone based products.... what goes in to the Silicone before you get it is GREATLY important. The Imported silicone molds are questionable at best. As with many products imported from Asia one never knows..... and we have seen or heard the reports of unsafe chemicals in many items imported from that region.

If safety is of no concern to you, and the price is the only thing you consider. then cheap, questionable imported silicone molds are right for you....... Personally, I wouldn't have that stuff near my Dogs, let alone near Children, Customers, Family and the like. Just be aware always that what looks like a bargain, and is imported like that may NOT be the best deal you ever found in the end.

Again, I am being asked about Suppliers I would recommend....... For Silicone Molds..... well, honestly, I am so sick of seeing people waste hard earned money on the Silicone Molds found on places like Ebay.......Many nice designs, cheaply made, and fall apart in nothing flat...... forget about them.....Nuff Said.

I would only Offer to you 2 names for all other general candle making suppliers..... and 2 long time supporters of the IGCA . Good products, good service, and just nice owners/people. Both have been around many years, are available on Ebay and have a wide selection of the essentials of candle making. Support them!

At this point, I will only say on the others.......... why bother? I have just given you the names of the BEST in my opinion. Don't waste time or money with the others. period.

Happy Candlemaking!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of different candle mold materials

There are - basically - 4 materials used in making candle molds:

Metal -used in the past and now more of a collectors item. Metal molds have a HUGE life span when handled properly and are still in use. Metal molds are ALWAYS 1-piece molds with no under-cuts.
The disadvantages are price and that metal molds can NOT be used with bees wax. They are VERY hard to find. 
The advantages of metal molds are that they only grow in value as collectors items and huge life-span, and they can be used with high melt point waxes.

Acrylic - for VERY simple shapes with no over hangs. The biggest advantage if acrylic molds is that this is a CLEAR material and the candle maker can see the wax which makes it easier to pour multi-colored candles like the picture. Another advantage is the life-span. The main disadvantages are the stiffness of the material and the resulting simple shapes such as pillars and a higher price.
Exagon is a world leader in these molds

Plastic - pioneered by companies like Pourette and Barker, plastic molds have changed candle making for ever. Using styrene and later ABS plastic made it possible to create fully dimensional and complex candle shapes. The advantages of these molds are the PRICE and the ease of use. Even a candle maker that is just starting can create stunning pieces.
The disadvantages of these molds are that plastic does not like to be overheated and it has a limited life-span. Also, different companies use different plastics, different thicknesses and this affects the life span dramatically. Another disadvantage comes from the stiffness of the material. Even though plastic has transformed candle making and allows 3-dimensional pieces, plastic molds STILL have the limitation when it comes to under-cuts which results in less detail and rather simple shapes. And the trimming of the seam-lines can be hard and time consuming and therefore costing YOU money to produce this candle.
We use  industrial grade ABS plastic with our molds.

Urethane Rubber - this is the next step towards truly professional candle molds. You find these a lot on ebay. The advantage CAN be the price. but as a rule of thumb, the lower the price the lower the quality. The price for the mold maker to purchase the raw material depends on what tensile strength he is using. The higher that value the higher the price.
Disadvantages are that if sticks even to some casting waxes and has to be used with mold release and you can not pour hotter than 190F (around 90 C) or you will destroy the mold.
Advantages; easy to use and economical. Disadvantages; urethane rubber is adhesive and will stick to most original models and some casting waxes. Using sealing agents and release agents in conjunction with urethane rubber is unavoidable.

Silicone Rubber - This is the MOST professional candle mold choice. The only disadvantage is the price - and for the mold maker also the equipment needed. As with the Urethane molds. the price also depends on the tensile strength. The advantage is that they are virtually indestructible. They withstand YEARS of professional production line life. You can easily pour hotter that 200F (over 93 C). The candle maker using this mold wont need any mold release.  Silicone molds are not limited to 2-piece molds like plastic which makes it possible to create about EVERYTHING with amazing detail. And you have - virtually - no seam-lines to trim - saving you money to produce this piece.
Other advantages are the detail these molds produce, they can be used with food (candy or chocolate - if the silicone is rated food safe), soap, concrete, plaster or any other material. They will last for ever which - in the long-run safes YOU money. They don't loose in value like plastic molds. they will still make candles for your next generation.
Advantages: Silicone rubber resists higher temperatures vs. urethane rubber and will last longer in production. Also, silicone rubber does not stick to many surfaces so sealing agents and release agents are often not required. Disavantages: Silicone rubbers tend to be more expensive than urethane rubbers. Also, silicone rubbers that offer high tear resistance require special processing equipment in order to successfully use the material. Specifically, an accurate gram scale for weighing components and vacuum degassing equipment to de-air the liquid rubber are required.
Our Silicone Candle Molds are being made to last with top-grade silicone If you need your mold in a food-grade silicone you may contact us in advance.

One exception to this is the "OOMOO" silicone rubber. Most cheap molds on ebay are made of this product but it has a VERY low tensile strength, it rips and tears, has a very limited life span and doesn't allow very complex shapes. The only "advantage" is for the mold maker to make the mold as cheaply as possible and have a HUGE profit margin by not telling the customer what material and tensile strength his molds are and that the mold wont last long for the candle maker and the candle maker has to replace this mold again and again. Which - in the long-run costs MUCH more that paying a bit more in the first place for a mold that lasts forever. We will NEVER sell you a mold made from this.

World’s Largest, Most Exclusive Selection of Candle Molds in the World!!

What a great day to be alive! Greets from not so cold and wintery Iowa. If you have been following things here you will now know that Steve has placed our Used Silicone Mold Packages on as shopping cart options. I think it bears repeating that if you place this in your shopping cart, what you will receive is either the entire contents of remaining USED silicone Molds, or 1 of every Used Silicone Molds that remain at time of purchase. (those numbers can change as other customers purchase used silicone molds from the website).

Steve will also add one of each color remaining Pegged Rose Silicone well, should you buy the entire lot, for resale, or your own use and want to come pick them up here. Steve has offered to assist you in the loading for their move.

I received some great feedback and responses to my post yesterday about different ways each of you operate your business'. Several of us talked about competition..... I have to laugh each time I hear about our competition selling himself and his product/website using the word "Cheap". It reminds me of the old expression "You get what you pay for"......I picture in my mind K-Mart having a bargain basement on their already "cheap" products. It reeks of desperation, and yes, Cheap Crap.

You all mention you see the same thing..... he has Paid Advertisements calling yourself Cheap.... Well, Good Luck with that. That is NOT the market we are reaching....... is and will continue to expand as the World’s Largest, Most Exclusive Selection of Candle Molds in the World!!

More New Silicone Molds were added yesterday and daily as time permits.

Happy Candlemaking!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Package Deals in the shop

You know can purchase our 2 Package Deals right off the website.
Package Deal 1 is HERE
Package Deal 2 is HERE

We DO accept payment plans and you can pick them up to save on shipping.

How is your Business Structured? Credit or Cash????

In conversation with our Customers we are asked very often What sort of Business structure we are...... Well, today we are going to talk a little about that. Basically we are two separate business's owned by one, operated by both of us.

From a financial side, we operate from a "cash only" perspective. Meaning everything these operations do is paid for with cash..... Not credit cards.... we never use the plastic unless we have the cash in bank to pay for that purchase right away. We have no loans, and no other debt to service other than monthly bills.

The idea behind this was simply to never allow banks, or the market/economy to suddenly take the floor out from under us.....This also means we are never forced to have "Sales" to meet debt payments... if we have few or no sales. we simply rely on personal funds to continue our growth and pay the normal monthly expenses.

All in all this has worked very well for us...... I am not suggesting it would work for everyone.......I sleep very well at night knowing unlike the Pourette bankruptcy or many other candle supply companies we won’t suddenly disappear or be forced to "sell' over money issues.

I am interested to hear from you...... how are your structured, and operate? What works best for you?

On another note...... Steve Announced yesterday that there is a planned increase on the prices of USED Silicone Molds. Our Business Coaches said we could no longer be doing such steep discounts when the replacement costs are so much higher. I am a candle maker, I do as I am told ;) They are the ones that have guided us to where we are now.. and I will continue to follow their directions.

If you are interested in the Package Deals on used silicone molds feel free to contact Steve about details.... and Watch for even more NEW silicone Molds to appear this week!

Have a GREAT day and..........

Happy Candlemaking!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a few more days to enjoy the steep sale price

I would just like to inform all our great customers that we will change the prices of our used molds in a few days. As you know, these steep discounts of 80% and more are a DEAL OF A LIFE TIME. With-in the next week or two I will change the price to AT LEAST the cost of the mold itself.
This will - as for now - NOT affect the package deals.
As you know, these molds are TRULY professional silicone candle molds that will serve you for a few more years as they have served in the original setting of a mass-production candle company.
You will not find such quality molds anywhere else and we strive to be YOUR premier mold maker. You can use our molds for candles, plaster even CONCRETE. If you need your Silicone mold in a FOOD-GRADE silicone, we do that, too. Just shoot us a message and we work with you on that
And, again - I would  like to reinforce that you are VERY welcome to pick your silicone candle molds up when you are in the area. I know Silicone molds are heavy and saving in shipping cost IS a big concern.

The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!!!!

Even with all the calls and email orders yesterday you will see we had time to add even more of the New Silicone Molds yesterday JUST FOR YOU!. As I continue to say.. Stay tuned, and keep checking back to see the ever growing number.

I must admit each time we add them I have a fight with myself to keep them all just for my own use......Since we will be limiting the numbers of each piece sold these are NOT going to be items every other candle maker has for sale. They WILL be removed from sight when that limited number is reached. I should also add that I might pull others simply because I want them only for myself. ..... sorry about that.

At the very least, we hope you enjoy seeing these wonderful pieces......They will NEVER be items every candle maker owns or sells. And is the ONLY place in the world to find them all as one collection as they were meant to be.

The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!!!!

That’s it for now friends..........

Happy Candlemaking!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breaking RECORDS at every turn! Thanks!

Well Folks, YOU have done it again!!! We have NEVER had SO MANY of our Customers on the website Placing Orders at one time!!! YOU are the BEST!!!!!

A Huge Thank YOU from !!!!!

Happy Candlemaking!

Great News from the Vault!!! Dont miss Out!!!

I was planning on taking the weekend off. Well, Our wonderful Customers had other ideas! I awoke to a huge pile of new orders, Not only for Candle Molds, but also on the Candle side of our business. I gladly give up my personal down time, knowing that this time goes to Help all our customers reach their dreams as well. is only one part of our growing business, and only one of its websites....Not a day goes by that we are not seeing tremendous growth at ALL of our Sites. We are ever mindful that it is all because of YOU .... our many wonderful customers.

Now from time to time we are going to be offering "Special Deals". like the Silicone Mold package deal announced a few days ago. Next time may be dye, or wax, or wick..... we never know until it happens... simply because they can happen on the spur of the moment, we may make a large buy and want to share the extras with you.

With that explanation..... Check in often, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, so you will not miss out on any of these wonderful deals. is here to SERVE YOU! Let us know what you are needing and we will try to locate it for you! Have a great weekend. and as always,

That is why we are "the Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Site IN THE WORLD!

Happy Candlemaking!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Growing AGAIN, to better serve you!!!

Here we are at the end of yet another SUPER busy week. Now that the used silicone mold blowout has been announced. We can continue moving forward with all the other work we have here. I have mentioned we are about 1/3 of the way with listing the NEW silicone candle molds styles.

We also have Many boxes of Plastic Candle Molds waiting to be listed as well. Custom Candle Mold work has increased yet again....... for those of you wanting Custom molds made "just for you". I suggest that you check out that info on and contact Steve about pricing.

You have made requests for support products along with the Candle Mold lines...... so watch for those to begin appearing very soon as well. “The Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Website in the WORLD” continues to expand and grow to serve you even better!

If you have need of items/products not listed, please contact us and we will do what we can to bring them to you!

Happy Candlemaking!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Used Mold Package Deals

The list with the molds included in either deal can be found here.
  • Package Deal 1 includes EVERY remaining original used silicone mold. 750+ mold for $30,000.00 that is an average price of ONLY $40.00 for molds that range between 100.00 to 3,000.00 when you buy them as new molds. The total value of this deal is over $390,000
  • Package Deal 2 includes 1 of every remaining original used silicone candle mold. 90+ molds for $5,000.00 at an average price of $60.00 This also includes one of every remaining COLORED mold of the Pegged Roses. This is a total value of around $40,000
We offer payment plans for BOTH deals and you are more than welcome to come and pick them up to save on shipping. I also help loading.
The numbers may change as time goes on as we sell them individually as well. Some we only have one left some we have a bunch.

And... as a little historic side note... THESE where the ORIGINAL molds used at Nelson Candle Company. Those molds - as well as ANY OTHER Silicone Candle Mold, made and sold, by is a TRUE professional grade mold for mass and long-term production.
Please contact me through the website if you are interested