Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting back into the swing Thank YOU!

Several bits of good news to share today...... I am not running at full steam yet, but, the great news is that my little surgery was nowhere what even I expected, and I am back to work albiet with some reduced hours. Thats actually good news because suddenly when I take one full day off, orders for Candle Molds and Supplies decides to hit an all time both of these cases, they come as very Welcome and nice Suprises.

Most if not all of the Silicone Candle Molds now contain the text about sales restrictions at .....  Remember they go into FULL effect June 1, 2012  (Tomorrow) I will be trying to help scan all the listings to make sure this is in place..... However, should it be missed in ANY of the listings, it will still be enforced after today. NO Exceptions!

I have been super busy with Candle Orders and making samples to photograph of all the NEW Candle Items that will be for sale at  as quickly as we can list them...... You may have already started seeing or feeling some of the many changes on the way to both sites..... Site work is increasing site security, we are purposely denying access to some..... it is so far on a case by case basis while so much other work is being done. If you feel you are being denied wrongly you are welcome to contact Steve and see what can be arranged about changing my decisions on whom goes into these blocks. I MAY consider removing them, again on a case by case basis.

A BIG Thank you to those of you that sent Get Well Soon e-cards to me.... I have said it often, We are so lucky to have such wonderful Friends (customers) at These e-cards cheered me right up, and made me want to get back to work full time as soon as possible. So, again  Thank YOU!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy with MORE on the WAY

Busy, Busy, Busy that is the only way to describe and As the Commercial contract work explodes, we are finding ourselves wondering just how long we can continue this way. The fact that all this is happening on both sides of our business candle mold sales AND candles as well is making us think hard about what our next moves should be.

Adding to that is we are committing ourselves to several of the very large Gift Shows/Markets  in the near future... These are well known for increasing business in sometimes alarming ways... and we are already looking at ways to take this on.

I am sure the handwriting is already on the wall for all this...... many of you have noticed and sent me comments about our move away from the hobbyist and focusing more and more time and effort on the real Professional candle makers. I believe this will only continue.....

As I mentioned yesterday, the work on changing Silicone Candle Molds descriptions will continue, and should be completed before the actual policy goes into effect on June 1. I also understand from some comments I received that a few of you are unhappy with the decision to no longer sell the Silicone Candle Molds to just anyone. AS much as I understand the disappointment, It has been decided and will not change.

In all honesty, I wouldn't sell any of them to anyone if i could produce candles from them all. and still have time for a life, my gardening, and other interests.....And that thought crosses my mind EVERDAY. So, when I set limitations on the sales, it is to make sure they are never in the hands of everyone that wants to make them.

Happy CandleMaking!

I forgot to mention that tomorrow I will be having  some "minor" surgery.... Not knowing how I will be feeling and recovering, I am stepping back for a few days and will do only what I feel I can..... So, That means we will be shorthanded and phone orders may be slow..... I mention this because I really don't want anyone to miss out on the Silicone Candle Molds by waiting too late, or us being understaffed.   Thanks

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Silicone Candle Mold Policy goes into Effect totally June 1, 2012

As I have been telling you.. Today the text will begin showing up in each of the Silicone Candle mold Listings..... Here is what that text will say:

This Product and ALL of our Silicone Candle Molds are available to ONLY those Customers with a Current Business License on file with us……. Anyone NOT in this category please understand your order of ANY of these Silicone Candle Molds is subject to cancellation and refund.

These are Professional Silicone Candle molds and ONLY available to Professionals. These Molds are NOT for the hobbyist !!!!!
Once this text is in place. It will in effect!

I want to Thank all of you Business Customers that feel this is the only way we should have been doing the sale of Silicone Candle molds.. and for the what appears to be the overwhelming support and encouragement on this Decision.

I FULLY understand and agree, those of us that make a Business of Selling candles, do NOT want just everyone to have these same silicone candle molds, and that this will be one more step in making them as exclusive by only allowing them into the hands of professionals.

I want to let everyone know now, that this WILL be in FULL effect no later than June 1, 2012... and that we will not allow exceptions. Thanks and.......

Happy CandleMaking!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The ups and downs of Business...... Back to my Garden!

Well I thought I would just write a few things today....  just items I have thinking about and considering....  Working in My Garden is so good for me. Yesterday and continuing today I am harvesting and starting the process of drying my first batch of Chamomile.  Both for tea and uses in spell work.

As time goes on, and we get more and more customers. it is inevitable that we would get some that "think" they have all the answers, know everything and proceed to tell us about a Business I have been involved in for longer than they are on the earth.

Personally I find this scary and a little bit funny. I love being able to help, teach and guide people in candle making....However, this type customer normally is a hobbyist, and in fact shouldn’t be allowed to own anything to do with candle making, let alone let with fire or anything melted or hot.

We feel it the responsible thing to do is NOT allow these types anywhere near heat, wax, flames, or candle molds. they are simply accidents looking for a place to happen. (Arron for example) Our only other option would seem to be requiring all customers a test on the basics of candle making before they are allowed to buy from us. And I have considered just that..... After all there are other places to shop, where they don't care how uneducated you are, they simply want the money.

We are at a point where we must chose to direct our efforts to Professionals, those in the trade, and possibly eliminate all sales to those using this as a hobby....... Anyway, much of this may be added to the changes coming shortly...... till then......

Happy CandleMaking!

 I am told that the changes to Silicone Candle Molds is now planned to start.  Here is a sample of the addition that will be made to ALL Silicone Candle Mold Discriptions in an attempt to be very clear who can and who may not Buy Silicone Candle Molds from  NO exceptions to this please. (see below).

This Product and ALL of our Silicone Candle Molds are available to ONLY those Customers with a Current Business License on file with us……. Anyone NOT in this category please understand your order of ANY of these Silicone Candle Molds is subject to cancellation and refund.

These are Professional Silicone Candle molds and ONLY available to Professionals. These Molds are NOT for the hobbyist !!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Important differences between Silicone and Plastic Candle Molds

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It looks like we are in for some Great weather here.... I hope you all have the same...... Get outside and Enjoy! I will enjoy the time working with my plants and garden. I even noticed that my tomato's are well on the way to producing. YAY!

Work continues on the websites getting ready for the many changes we have planned, Our Server Host is also making some changes for us to assist us in making things work better for you.

Several complaints have been received about our change on sale of the Silicone Molds...... I am sorry that some of you feel this way, however, we will not change our plans.... ONLY Business' with permits on file with us. Or Professionals and People in the trade will have these available to buy.(That is Both used and New)

Which brings me to another point, we have noticed that several people are opting for the Plastic Candle molds that have matches to the Silicone Molds..... now this is a low cost option.. and for many, an option that can work...  However, once again you should all be reminded, that they will NEVER produce the Quality product that the Silicone Molds do..... at best what you will have is a much lower quality "knock off" product.... And YOUR customers WILL notice.

You simply can't get the same sharp detail with Plastic molds as you would with the Silicone Molds. Also know that most of the Plastic Molds are "changed" in some ways from the Silicone Molds.   They are NEVER exact duplicates. The Choice is always yours………. But please know these important differences before you buy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

clarification and update on Todays Post

In order to reach our goal of making the changes to That we are on track to make. I wanted to post this as a clarification ..... will continue to sell 2 Piece Plastic molds to everyone.  However, in order to purchase ANY/ALL of the Silicone Candle Molds we now have or will be releasing, customers will be required to be a professional Business...... and provide us with their Business License. There will be NO exceptions once this is put into effect.

The starting date for this is now set for the 1st June. I am told Steve will try to work on this and will try to process orders for the Silicone Candle Molds to anyone until that date.....But, It may not always be possible.....Thank you for your understanding and assisting us while we make these changes.....

Happy CandleMaking!

BIG BIG Changes are on the way!

What a wonderful time of life this is! Business is booming and in process of so many great changes. Then I look around at so many stuck in the same destructive patterns that have forced them to live as they do and will continue to do until they seek the core changes to make their own lives better....   It makes me sad to see, yet, it isnt my job nor my desire to "fix" anyone...... the real victims of their actions in the end is themselves.

So now we begin the big changes mentioned here awhile back........When and where we can hopes to be of service to you.....but some will not have access to that. We will be moving towards sales ONLY to the trade.... Meaning, we will eventually be able to ONLY sell to registered business'  In order to purchase from we must have a copy of your Business Licenses.

We are sorry if this causes any hardships for you.... But this is the direction we are going... Whether it be Sales to those that make and sell Candles retail, or those of you that sell candle molds retail....Our Focus will be Professional Candle makers, and those that sell to the trade.

Thank you all for being a part of our growth and success......

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, May 21, 2012

On the way Shortly... requested List of molds

I was asked to post one last time the list of Used Silicone Candle Molds that will be available once we return from this pick up and Vacation.......  Please understand that what is posted below is the original list..... Many of these are already sold out....... The updated list has already been moved to my laptop and packed....

You May puirchase and pay for any of these molds you wish, but understand that should that be already gone, you will recieve a refund for that/those items..........

We are on the way now, out the door.......  So there will be no phone calls answered and limited if any email from us.

Happy CandleMaking!

2 cavity frog
Alligator 0337
Angel 0115
Angelx3 thin 500107
Angel with harp 747
Bears & Cub 5073
Bow tie frog 1085
Bunny 940
Bunny 1801?
Bunny I hate 2011
Candle stick 500338
Castle in Clouds 949
Cat 1180
Chicken Egg 0360
Coyote on a mountain 5170
Crescent  Sm. Man in moon 5111
Deer & Doe 500459
Dog Doxie 0442
Puppy 802
Dog (Sniffer Dog) 1061
Dolphin (Large) 1132
Dolphin 0537
Dolphin 1131
Double Cavity Angel (pr) 0104
Sm. Playful Dolphins 5181
Double Headed Dragon 5023
Dragon (Med. Standing) 792
Dragon (Dralph) 5021
Dragon (Diff) 1110
Dragon Egg 811
Elephant/raised trunk 1070
Elephant 0540 qty: 4
Elephant (Funky) 1072
Elephant &Baby 991?
Elephant and baby 957?
Fairy Flower 985
Fairy on flower 982
Fish Floater Ncfish
Flamingoes 647
Football 0242
Frog 1080/1088/0646
Frog 0644
Frog 0645
Frog 0622
Frog on lily pad/Froggy Back 1092
Gazing Ball Fairies 987
Hen 5080b
Indian Ball 401008
iris flower- Fairy taper 1
Large Wizard NC2029
laying down fairy 0500
Lions 0564
Madonna Standing 672
Madonna and child 9021
Mary pillar 0555
Mice No Model #
Mystical Dragon 943
Owl 501515
Penguin 1122
Pig 321
Pyramid 5112
Raccoon 1826
Roadrunner No Model #
Rooster 1866
Rooster 5080a
Serpent Dragon 501
Sheep 1915
Singing Angels 9051
Snow man 9063a
Snow woman 9063b
Sorcerer 5024
Spiral Dolphin 813
Standing /Happy Cat 938
Toad 0509
Totem Pole 502011
Tree Frog 0643
Root Man 501912
Root Man  501842
Root Man 501847
Turkey 2002
Turtle 2004
Two Cavity Bunnies 1818
Fairy Friends 988
Chef Ziti        5093
9" Rose Pillars
assortment rose pillars 3x3 3x6
Unknown Roosters
feet molds G.E.

We will remain open while away, BUT...... Words of caution.

Two more orders and get them packed and shipped and we are out the door. I am so ready for a few days away, time to visit friends from my childhood. and finally the chance to talk face to face with someone that has become a part of my life and a good friend.

It looks like the new website upgrades are working and without a hitch..There are all the changes taking place and more to come once we return.....

I have decided that we will no longer be "sharing or selling" many of the Silicone Mold designs...... the the huge growth in Candle sales the best thing for me to do is keep them only for customers as Candles.

To those of you that have already purchased some of these, you are and will be in a very small and select group....

Steve has decided to leave "open" while we are away, you may place orders, but please understand 2 things..... #1 nothing will be processed as molds until we return... yes you will be able to order and pay for your orders.  #2 There is a chance your payments will be returned, and orders cancelled, For one of several reasons....The mold type you ordered is no longer available for sale ( see comments above) or we may have decided that we chose not to do business with you for whatever reason. (BTW, that list has grown, and will be getting much larger once we return).

I hope you all have an enjoyable few days and get a chance to get outside, garden, or whatever you like to do.....

Happy CandleMaking!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Upgrades to Site You might experiance difficulties

Before we leave Steve has decided to do a few upgrades to  During this time you might experiance some connection problems.. or not be able to view products.... have no fear, I am assured this will only be for a short time......

Thanks for your understanding!

Happy CandleMaking!

Personal Bog just for Humor

Well, since my POV is so entertaining  to so many. I will be setting up a personal blog when we return from this Business trip/Vacation.... Allowing this to remain for  business.

The New Blog will fill you in on more fun stories about the Patients of the Cyber Mental Hospital.. aka #scripture channel on internet relay chat.

Look for more on:

Shiftless Mouser aka Minicooper Changes wives with Gods Permission, more than most people change underwear.
Crazy Katerina World renown Prophetess
Doxa baby talking and lisping (Yes in Text) Pastor to the flock of imbeciles
PeaceRoses  escaped from the Old Folk Farm and right into this Mental Ward

and many many more..... This could become the New Seinfeld Show!  We will also visit many other twisted topics perfect for humor!

Coming Soon to a Blog near you!  You will laugh so hard you will wet yourself!

Well here it is..... Soon to be updated!

Last day for ordering Silicone Candle Molds with human assitance

What a nice surprise to awake to so many more last min orders for the used Silicone Candle Molds we are about to move here in the next couple of days...It is also very nice to know they will already have homes before they are even unloaded. We are also getting a very large number of orders for the Candles made from these molds.....That means more wonderful work as quickly as we return.

I know how excited many of you are as well........ from the things you are saying when you call or in emails about these molds, and what you are going to be doing with them. It makes this job one of the BEST jobs around.

Today is the LAST day you may order any of these Candle Molds ...... at least with human assistance. Steve will be avaible to help with that process, as well as assist you with the payment options if that is what you want.

After today and until these are changed over (probably when we return) you may order online. Since there will be no updates to the site, you will be taking your chances on molds being available, But at least it is still an option, the worst part being getting a refund sent back to you for Molds totally sold out. So, You decide if you want to take that chance or not.

This portion of todays post was edited and will be moved to the above address

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy, Busy Day. something to laugh at too!

What a busy day!!! Between Packing, taking our 2 Great Pyranees for check ups,and finally getting my porch swing painted..  I cheated on that part, I went and bought a paint sprayer  lol

Between all of this we were amazed at the number of orders being placed. As well as how many more of the used Silicone candle molds are now sold out.

I hope all of your days were as enjoyable and profitiable as ours has been.......I am sure it was, besides it could always be worse.  You could be content wasting your life away pretending to be some good chirstan on some silly irc channel... clownypants!  actually I dare say each and everyone is a total loser, and no real christian there!

New Blog  It will make you laugh!

It is however great to have this as a place for the true "cases"  #scripture is ONLY a place one should be confined in... as in a Cyber Mental Hospital  It keeps them safely away from the rest of the world! Not even ONE sane person as a "jailer"  :)

So next time you feel down. think of these poor pityful folks. then laugh your butt off at them :)

Happy CandleMaking!

Even more changes and exciting news to come shortly!

Excitement is building..I can't wait to get on the road...... I still have packing to do, and a million other things that need to be done before leaving...... And we haven't even discussed what is coming when we return... there are going to be even more really big changes.

In the end it is going to make us even larger, more candle mold selection for you. Behind the scenes we have been working on the purchase of several other very Large candle mold business' and when we return we will be working towards the buy outs and adding those to what is already the World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Collection.

Big and getting bigger... the BEST just can't be stopped.

I may have time today to begin the change over on the silicone candle molds we have been now I believe everyone that has wanted them, has had sufficiant time to either buy them or make payment arrangements for them..  I have mentioned now several times this will be happening, so it should come as no surprise when the change over is made.

Thank all of you for all the encouragement, loyality and support. we wll continue to grow to offer you the best in Candle Molds...

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Decision on This Batch of Silicone Molds!

We have not finalized how we plan to deal with the remaining Silicone Candle Molds, once we make the changeover.....First of all you WILL be able to buy these molds when they return as New Candle Molds. Now, that might take awhile, but eventually they will return.

You will NOT be able to buy any of the remaining Used Silicone Molds alone...... You will need to purchase one of the Business Packages as they stand, when you come here for the training....... you will be able to select other molds, and buy them separately current prices.

I believe this may not totally change over until after our return... However, I may become bored during the drive and start making these changes.  Any orders placed and paid before the changes become final will be honored.

Thank you again, One and All formaking this such a huge seccess and making my Dream come true over and over Daily!

Happy CandleMaking!

Short reprieve before Silicone Molds leave ......... Please act quickly to get those you want.

Due to so many "strong-arming" me...  Joking!  We will leave the Silicone Molds as is thru my Vacation or maybe until my return. Allowing those of you that need a little extra time to purchase these molds you want before they are all converted to the new way they will be sold. (Business Package Lots)

Please, please get those orders in and processed right away. I still don't like turning anyone away, but this change MUST happen and I can't hold it off.  We will still be here thru Sat or Sunday, before we leave so Steve can work with you to get them marked as your.

Happy CandleMaking!

Used Silicone Candle mold Sale a TOTAL Success. Thank YOU!

From the pre-order/sale this offering has been a total success! We Thank you ALL! At this point we still have some of the used Silicone Candles molds for sale......We are still undecided as to leaving them available past office closing time today.

As I have already explained ALL of these used Silicone Candle Molds will be leaving.... meaning no longer available to purchase one at a time..... The ONLY way they will be for sale is by purchasing a Business Package. Those prices will also be changing to reflect the additional molds......

We will leave things as they are for the rest of the day.... But once the change over begins, we can not allow exceptions.......

We hope that everyone that had interest or has interest will make their purchases before the end of Business Today........

Thank You all for making this such a wonderful success!

Happy CandleMaking!

More BIG Changes, More Masters and More New Candle Molds.......... On the Way!

I want to Thank the Customer (You know who you are :)  ) That pointed out that on the shopping cart page there was still text about the min. order charge....... As many of you know, and read here we did away with that charge awhile back (good riddance). well, somehow the actual text was never removed, and while the shopping cart didn't add any such charges.. It was still confusing to have it still around. It has now been removed.  Again, Thank you for pointing this out to us!

It appears that there are only a few orders for the Silicone Candle Molds we have been offering, left unpaid or without payment arrangements made for them......... Just a reminder, they must be resolved by the end of business today.... We have others that are waiting in line for many of these molds, and would like to get them adopted.

As I told you here last evening........ ALL USED Silicone Candle Molds will be removed from the site. We will ONLY be offering NEW Silicone Candle Molds at  in the future......That does mean a Price Increase that you have seen on many items now......... The only way we will be selling used Silicone Candle Molds will be in the Business Packages....We will not be able to sell them one at a time.

So, as I have said often, Now is the time to get any of these used Silicone candle molds before the changes....

My Final bit of news today is something I have not mentioned so far....... As we pick up and move the used molds here to Iowa. there are many NEW Masters for Items NEVER seen or offered for sale before. So, watch for those exciting additions as well........

While the trip to Phoenix is Business, I fully intend to make a vacation of as much of it as possible. I have looked forward to being able to "hang out" with Elizabeth now for several years.....we are already on the phone it seem at the very least weekly.

We intend to leave the sites open, and you all may order if you wish, but NO orders will be processed during next week, until our return......

Happy Vacation and Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Final Update on this batch of Silicone Candle Molds

Ok This is short and sweet.... Due to the demand for these molds this WILL be the last update we post........ They will all be removed from the site as used tomorrow at the end of the business day. Any orders not either paid or payment arrangements made will be subject to offer to other interested parties...... In the end, any not sold will no longer be available for sale.

So it's clear, our intention is to no longer offer ANY used Silicone Candle Molds...... they will only be available as NEW, once the entire change over is made. That of course means at the higher prices. So, I would add here that any interest in ANY of the used silicone molds rapidly end in your purchase or you will NOT be able to get them any longer, only as New Silicone candle Molds.

Please contact Steve with any questions!

Happy CandleMaking!

2 cavity frog 1 sold out
Alligator 0337 1 sold out
Angel 0115 1 sold out
Angelx3 thin 500107 1 sold out
Angel with harp 747 1
Bears & Cub 5073 1 sold out
Bow tie frog 1085 1 sold out
Bunny 940 2
Bunny 1801 1
Bunny  2011 1
Candle stick 500338 1 sold out
Castle in Clouds 949 1 sold out
Cat 1180 1 sold out
Chick in Egg 0360 1 sold out
Coyote on a mountain 5170 1 sold out
Crescent Sm. Man in moon 5111 1 sold out
Deer & Doe 500459 1 sold out
Dog Doxie 0442 1 sold out
Puppy 802 1 sold out
Dog (Sniffer Dog) 1061 1
Dolphin (Large) 1132 2 sold out
Dolphin 0537  1
Dolphin 1131 2
Double Cavity Angel (pr) 0104 2 sold out
Sm. Playful Dolphins 5181 2
Double Headed Dragon 5023 1 sold out
Dragon (Med. Standing) 792 2 sold out
Dragon (Dralph) 5021 2 sold out
Dragon (Diff) 1110 2
Dragon Egg 811 3
Elephant/raised trunk 1070 1 sold out
Elephant 0540  2
Elephant (Funky) 1072 1 sold out
Elephant &Baby 991? 1 sold out
Elephant and baby 957? 2 sold out
Fairy Flower 985 5
Fairy on flower 982 5
Fish Floater Ncfish 10
Flamingoes 647 2
Football 0242 1 sold out
Frog 1080/1088/0646 2
Frog 0644 1
Frog 0645 2
Frog 0622 2
Frog on lily pad/Froggy Back 1092 2
Gazing Ball Fairies 987 2
Hen 5080b 2 sold out
Indian Ball 401008 1 sold out
iris flower- Fairy taper  2
Large Wizard NC2029 1 sold out
laying down fairy 0500 1
Lions 0564  1
Madonna Standing 672 2
Madonna and child 9021 1 sold out
Mary pillar 0555  1 sold out
Mice No Model # 1
Mystical Dragon 943 3 sold out
Owl 501515 1 sold out
Penguin 1122 1
Pig 321 1 sold out
Pyramid 5112 2
Raccoon 1826 1 sold out
Roadrunner No Model # 2
Rooster 1866 2
Rooster 5080a 1 sold out
Serpent Dragon 501  3
Sheep 1915 1 sold out
Singing Angels 9051 3
Snow man 9063a 2 sold out
Snow woman 9063b 2 sold out
Sorcerer 5024  1
Spiral Dolphin 813 1
Standing /Happy Cat 938 1
Toad 0509  2
Totem Pole 502011 1 sold out
Tree Frog 0643 2
Root Man 501912 1 sold out
Root Man 501842 1 sold out
Root Man 501847 1 sold out
Turkey 2002 1 sold out
Turtle 2004 1 sold out
Two Cavity Bunnies 1818 1 sold out
Fairy Friends 988  2
Chef Ziti 5093 1 sold out
9" Rose Pillars 1
assortment rose pillars 3x3  1
assortment rose pillars 3x6 1
Unknown Roosters 2 sold out
feet molds G.E. 6