Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mental, Financial & Spiritual freedom. ALL of these are within every one's reach

Freedom is a wonderful gift. I am not talking freedom as in what they say the USA Promises to it's citizens. I am talking about Mental, Financial & Spiritual freedom. ALL of these are within every one's reach. The more I study and put Key steps into practice the more I see the so called "Norms" as fake. Learning and putting into practice the old saying "To thine own Self be true" is the best first step on this path.

This was never found by me in any of the mainline Churches or their teachings.  Life is Magical, Mystical, and we have the power to create our desires daily......I want to thank Ms. Cat once again for opening this road of discovery and truth to me.

Steve just told me the numbers from www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com for the last month. It is really amazing how many new people are finding us for the first time, and how many returning customers we are seeing. We welcome the new customers and welcome back all those that return.

Steve and I Thank you for being a part of this Dream and path we walk..... ALL your Dreams are within your reach, Make them happen everyday!

Happy CandleMaking!


Monday, July 30, 2012

More Additions, New Items, and Changes..... Check it out!

The week has already started off with a bang. Best of all it looks like the weather has decided to play nice at least for a few more days. We even had enough rain to revive my garden and plants.

My hope is that it will stay this way long enough for me to get my graveyard homework completed and sent in. I then will have only 2 more complete for the online course. Great learning experience!

You may have noticed that Steve is busy adding things to www.candlemoldvault.com www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.waxenchantments.com  He has decided to add contests to all the sites, I am not sure of the details or how this will be working, but stay tuned as the info will be posted here so you too can enter the contests.

It feels so good to have some space clearing up, and see so many of the Used Silicone Candle Molds finding good homes. I know it will be quickly filled back up with New Silicone Molds, but change is always good. So, again, check them out!

Stay Cool and Happy CandleMaking!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the economy hurting you? Let us help! Build your own Success and Dream!

How Exciting!  We now have a blog for www.waxenchantments.com !!! www.waxenchantments.com also now has a storefront on Facebook as well. Steve has been adding some of the New Products there already. It is very exciting to see all these changes taking place, Many of them have been in the "talking" stage for awhile now. And Here they come!

www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com both continue to move forward as well. Changes being made and New Products being added almost daily. We hope you continue to stop by and look around. You will never know what you might find!

Please remember, that we understand that for many the economy is bad, and some Business's are hurting, with this in mind, We want you ALL to know we are here to help. We can't know the best way to help unless you tell us. So, contact Steve and discuss things with him. You never know unless you ask!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, July 27, 2012

25% Off Silicone Candle Mold Sale ending soon, find these on Facebook, eBay and Both Websites!

Another busy week comes to an end, and the end of the Month is just around the corner as well. Thankfully we are finally getting a few days of cooler temps as well. YAY! My hope is that we can get more of the unlisted Candle Molds sorted and ready to get them listed on www.candlemoldvault.com and www.candlemoldvault.ca for you.

We hope and can see that many of you are enjoying the Silicone Candle Mold Sale that will be ending soon, so get them now before the Sale ends.

Remember, you can also find some of our products listed on eBay with a nice "Friendly" Price.  Just click the link on the bottom right of either website to see them. You may also get to us through Facebook.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank you ALL for the continued support! And ALWAYS remember "Just Don't"

Our Re-Grand Opening Sale on ALL Silicone Candle Molds continues am I am happy to see this excites all of you as well. It is giving us the chance to clear up some space so that ALL the New Items we have for you ready to make their first appearances on www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com   Since you already love what you can see available, you will be VERY excited once you see is on its way! We have only just begun to offer you the Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Collection in the World!

Steve has not told me when this Sale will end yet, So I can't say, But I wouldn't wait too long, It will be over before you know it!

Steve is Now offering both of the Business Opportunity Packages on eBay as well...At an even lower price than the websites, so there is your chance! Once in a lifetime!

Thank you ALL for the continued support! And ALWAYS remember "Just Don't"

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More news... eBay offers and BIG SALE

Since opening our Canadian website at www.candlemoldvault.ca and our re-design of www.candlemoldvault.com to make our sites easier to navigate and give you a better shopping experience we have even more news for you.
  • ALL silicone molds are 25% OFF (used ones are up to 60% off)
  • get even better deals on our eBay (candlemold-vault*1) on our business packs and other used and new Silicone, Plastic, and Acrylic candle molds.
You can always find our eBay listings in the fotter menu of our websites. I put a link "Our Listings On eBay" at the bottom. And don't forget that we post daily on our blog at www.candlemold-vault.com and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope to see you soon back at YOUR Candlemoldvault and Happy Candle Making

Be it Beeswax, Soy, Paraffin.... We have the Candle Molds for you!

I sure hope that all of you are surviving the heat. As much as I hate it, It sure gives me a lot of time to stay indoors and get so much more of our Mold Making work done. As always, not enough hours in any day to get as much done as I want to. But this sure helps. Steve smiles as he hands over the new custom mold orders to me. So Business couldn't be better.

www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com continue to have New Customers finding us and new orders pouring in, for both Stock Silicone Candle Molds and Stock Plastic Candle Molds. and then of course there is the continued growth of orders for Custom Made Silicone Candle Molds.

Just continued evidence that what I tell you and hope to inspire you with that you Can Create Your Own Success! Its the time of year now that Most Candle Making Business's are getting into swing to have their Holiday Candle Lines completed and ready for the "Season". I hope all of you are thinking ahead and planning for this now as well, If not already in production.

Don't get left behind, be ready early!  wwww.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com are here to assist you! We ARE the World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Selection in the WORLD!

Be it Beeswax, Soy, Paraffin.... We have the Candle Molds for you!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Steve!!!! Expect Much More on the Asian "Just Don't" Silicone Candle Molds

Due to all the Info requests about the "Just Don't" posts here, very soon I will be posting another more in depth blog post concerning this, I am continuing to gather more info and facts on the Tainted, Poison and Chemical "junk" being sold to US candle makers because we as a whole wont do the research and refuse to buy items containing Toxic materials from China and other Asian Sources. 

The many of you that already know, and are refusing to buy this Toxic Trash.... the stuff sold is intentional, and www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com have already been experiencing the Good and the Bad for our stand on this, and for continuing to make it all public.

The Good and Best part is all the aware Customers....  the Bad is that we are getting some very angry and threatening emails from companies in China and elsewhere about exposing them and their Toxic Trash. We have NO intention of stopping this "info sharing", As a long time Candle Maker and now Candle Mold Producer we feel it is our responsibility to do this. We are so happy that so many of you agree with us, and Thank us for speaking up!

Today is Steve's Birthday, Happy Birthday Steve!  Not sure what all we will get done today, or what surprises are planned, I know Steve has enjoyed all the Birthday Wishes many of you have sent him.

We hope you all are staying out of all this heat and making some candles!

Happy CandleMaking!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Candle Molds, Whats Best for me? Silicone from Asia. JUST DON'T!!

It always makes me smile when I have something fun to talk about here....... It is amazing to be able to work with so many wonderful and creative people. The More people that find us, the more new types of work we are asked about doing. At least twice a week now we get requests to help make custom Candle Molds.  From Both Silicone and Plastic.

www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com are pleased to offer these services.  Once people find out how easy and quickly this can be done, They get really excited and ask if they can have several designs at a time made "Just for them". The Answer is Yes! Just Ask.

Basically, all we need from you is a design, we can either work with you in that design phase and assist you in creating the design piece, or we can take a design you already have created or in mind and then build the Professional Silicone Candle Mold for you. The Other option is making that piece into a 2 piece Plastic Candle Mold.

Over the years, learning the different techniques of mold making, we have made some observations......We can share those with you:

You can make a nice Candle Mold from brush on Latex....... the down side of this is that Brush on Latex wont give you a long life Candle Mold and if you are going to be making many candles, this isn't a cost effective or long term solution. (Unless you plan on repeatedly remaking the Molds)

You can also make a nice Candle Mold from Plastic.... The down side is that you DO lose a lot of  detail this way. These Candle Molds are cost effective, can last a long time when handled and used correctly.

You can also make a nice Candle Mold from Silicone.....The biggest down side for these is cost. Another down side is that many of those available are NOT made for professional candle makers. So, be aware of this when you buy!  They will rip, fall a part, and become basically useless in very short order.

I know you have all seen the one piece Silicone Candle molds available..... These can work well for simple designs, but you are in for problems if you hope to pour many detailed candles from these, for the above reasons.

Also, you have the HUGE problem of "what's in the Silicone"  Now, we have discussed this before here......  JUST DON'T!  It isn't worth the health risks, safety problems, or other yet unknown costs.  JUST DON'T!

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beat the heat, and stop in to the sites to see whats changing, new and ALL for you!

Its really very nice to see so many customers joining in on the Grand Re-Opening Sale on ALL our Silicone Candle Molds at both www.candlemoldvault.com and www.candlemoldvault.ca and also buying 2 piece Plastic Candle Molds as well. As of Yet, Steve has not told me how long this "Special Price Sale" will continue, So it might be best you act quickly before it ends.

www.waxenchantments.com is now also undergoing a face life, and will soon have a new look.  It has been VERY busy here, as well as producing candles, shopping for new products for this site Many of the items you will find there are also NOT available anywhere else. With many more to be added shortly.

So, Beat the heat, and stop in to the sites to see whats changing, new and ALL for you!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Success : NO one limits you, or can stop you, BUT YOU!

It Makes me smile everyday to see how many of you are catching the idea on Creating Your own World of Success! Once you get that into your head Making it reality is easy, and loaded with Fun along the way. NO one limits you, or can stop you, BUT YOU! (Now some may try, and fail in the end, or make a fool of themselves trying to limit or stop you)  Everyone must deal with the ClownyPants failures of  life. Grin

I am also happy to read over and over messages of support and pledges of "Just Don't"  Just don't buy or use Silicone Candle Molds imported from those nasty people in Asia. You will at some point see them and only think ...... Poison, Nasty, and Just Don't! But while you think Asia, do not forget there are several Silicone Mold Makers right here that are no better....... So add those to the Just Don't  list.

It is Great to be able to welcome so many new customers daily. If we can be of help to you, answer a question, Just want to chat... Let us know!

I know many more Candle Molds are being sorted and made ready for listing on both www.candlemoldvault.com and www.candlemoldvault.ca So, keep your eyes open for them to appear soon.

Stay Cool, and Happy CandleMaking!

I finally get a free weekend!  My plan is to complete several more of my Rootwork homework assignments so that I can get them mailed on Monday. out of the total of 8, I have 3 completed, 2 more in the works. So It would be great to be able to complete all 8, But even one or 2 more would make me very happy. It is still too hot to spend much time in my yard and garden... but Maybe???

I say all this to encourage you ALL to take some time for yourself and the things you Enjoy! That is also part of the creating YOUR OWN World of Success!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We are the World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Supplier in the WORLD! with Silicone Candle Molds available No Where else in the World!

You should Now be seeing some of the many Candle Molds I have talked about here Starting to show up on both www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com  Yes, it is just a start, there are so many here to sort through and this entire project is going to take awhile, but it has begun again.

You should also now be able to see the product listings on eBay, but this is only just a start, Steve is planning on having these listings on many of the auction websites..... So, Stay tuned for more info on this.... We might as well offer these items everyplace you want to find us!

Along with this, We are getting ready to begin adding many new Items to www.waxenchantments.com Many New Candle Styles and Gift/Home Decor Items. We are very excited to be able to offer you all these new pieces At ALL of our Websites.

We are happy so many of you are following us here, on Facebook, and twitter..... www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com  Continue to Expand our product lines ALL for you!  We are the World's Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Supplier in the WORLD! with Silicone Candle Molds available No Where else in the World!

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Business License Required During Huge 25% off Sale.. Check out our Listings On eBay!

We are so pleased, pleased that the Huge 25% off ALL Silicone Candle Molds Sale is being so well excepted by so many of you! www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com are the ONLY place in the world you can find these Wonderful Candle Molds for sale! Steve has decided that during this sale the requirement for Proof Of Business (Business License) will be waved.  Meaning, ANYONE can purchase these molds, Even if you have no Business License on file with us. Once this Sale period is over, that requirement must go back into effect!  So, Get them now, while you can!

Many of you may have noticed the new link in the footer of our main page, Pointing you all to our listings on eBay,  Steve has decided that Much of our Used Plastic Candle Molds will be listed for sale on eBay. Rather than list Candle Molds one at a time, He is listing them in groups........So be sure and check them out! I hate eBay, and this was against my better judgement, but what the hell......  eBay can be great for Buyers, Its been my only reason for being there. So, once again Check them out, grab those you want at a very very good price!

We are once again living with daily Heat Advisory's, Hope that ALL of you are staying out of the heat and enjoying the Summer!

Click HERE to see our listings. 

Happy CandleMaking!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update On 25% off ALL Silicone Mold Grand Re-Opening Sale This Includes ALL Business Opportunity Packages Too!

Steve has just informed me and I wanted to share this with all of you. The Huge 25% off ALL Silicone Candle Molds WILL also be in effect for the 2 Different Business Packages /Training! What a wonderful opportunity this is Training ALL these Silicone Molds and savings all at once........ This is your once in a lifetime chance to grab these, so act Fast!

These are now listed at 25% off the regular price at both www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com..... Now I just want to point out, one the Package that is for ALL the used molds you will save almost 10,000 off the listed prices.

Happy CandleMaking & Enjoy the Sale!

Grand Re-Opening Sale on ALL Silicone Candle Molds 25% off !!

I am so happy that so many of you are grabbing a hold of the "Create Your Own World of Success"  idea, and enjoying the path YOU Create in both your Personal Life as well as your Business Life.

It also makes me very happy that we seem to be clearing up and setting in stone the "Just Don't" buying of the inferior and poison crap Imported Silicone Molds. Remember Just Don't!

Today I am excited to tell you all about the Grand Re Opening Specials for www.candlemoldvault.com  They will also be available at www.candlemoldvault.ca  Here is what Steve has decided to do..... 25% off ALL Silicone Candle Molds, Both Used and New. This is your chance to own these wonderful Candle Molds at a greatly reduced Price. So, Get them now while they are on Sale.

We are also about to start listing many of our Used 2 piece Plastic molds at a reduced price. Watch for this!  Steve will be listing them as fast as we can sort through all of these. We simply need to clear some of these things out for room to continue working and growing.

Thanks again for ALL the continued Support..........

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Warning about Silicone Product used in Candle Molds.... Just Dont!

There goes the neighborhood!   www.candlemoldvault.com has now had the final stage of its update completed. And boy oh boy, just in time.  You will now see which site you are visiting by either the USA, or Canada Name next to the CandlemoldVault in the upper left corner of the site. The only time you will find any difference between www.candlemoldvault.com and www.candlemoldvault.ca will be while we add new products, and that will only be for a short time until the other site is updated. We are so happy to have this part of things done for now.

Thanks to all of you that are letting us know how much you enjoy the new look and feel of the sites as well as All the new products we have been adding.

Today I need to answer again, several questions about Silicone Candle Molds and the Silicone Products.... I really hate doing this, I would rather be able to say Just Don't.... but these questions keep coming in and so I need to answer. 2 area's are to be avoided, Anywhere in Asia Period, too high a risk in dangerous materials being used and added to any Silicone Products sold. China leads the way in this. But do not be confused, lets leave it at ASIA. Just Don't! They have proven time and again they don't care about anything but taking your money. not your health, not your safety.  Just Don't!

The other area of concern is India. following the lead of Asia/China they are now moving up the list of Bad Sellers of questionable Product. So, Again, Just Don't!

The Health and Safety of yourself, your family and your customers demands you JUST DON'T!

Happy CandleMaking!

Just something to think about on all this, It is the normal course of events that when an Item (such as Candle Molds) appears to be a good seller, that unscrupulous types (China and India and others) would jump into a market to make some money.... Nothing wrong with making money, But, As per the Norm most of us know, Poisonous and Harmful and dangerous Products, with stuff not intended to be in human contact intentionally added brings it to a whole new level. Shame on them, and Shame on you if you are party to this. Just Don't!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update to Shopping Accounts between Sites www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com

Some sad news in the update, I have been told that we will not be able to allow use of one account on both  www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com  In order for you to use both www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com you will need to set up accounts on both sites. Sorry for this, but in  reality, Both sites will carry the same products. so you really only need an account at one or the other.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

Happy CandleMaking!

Walk in Love, Light and Peace as you dare to dream your own World of Success into being.

So many of you have been giving me such positive reactions to my post here the other day, Thanking me for the encouragement and "tips" on creating your own "World of Success". I am happy to be able to share these "tips and truths" with you. In fact, I would like to maybe add a few more along the way for you.....like Never have only one way you plan on reaching your Success goal, Think, plan ahead, and move between those plans but keep moving!

I want to Thank someone that has helped me change my World, and continues to do so...... I will simply Thank the Dear Miss Cat for everything she has taught me, most of the time without knowing it!  I encourage you all to continue to walk in Love, Light and Peace as you dare to dream your own World of Success into being.

www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com  should now have the product listings in place and up to date (for now) So you may shop either site and find the same items. I know that the accounts on both is still not in place, so for now you will need to open accounts on both in order to shop both sites. This is planned to be in place soon. When I do not know, but soon.

After peering into my crystal ball I will simply tell you there are many more changes and things to come.. The Best will only get better to serve your needs, with No end in sight!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to the World of Success YOU create for Yourself!

Never let anyone see all the cards in your hand, Always speak the truth, but NEVER tell everything! This holds true in Business as well as real life. Hold your friends close, hold your enemies Closer. Keep them always guessing what is next.

I am so excited about all the great things happening in life.... www.candlemoldvault.ca , www.candlemoldvault.com and www.waxenchantments.com are all exploding with orders, work and best of all New Customers from all around the world. This carries over into personal life as well, for me I have never experienced a better time in life.  Loving every day of it!

The work and upgrades and additions continue, New Products being added as quickly as possible, and much, much more yet to come. We Welcome all of you, and as I have said before, if you find something missing you want or need, contact us and we will try to help you find it and make it available on the websites.

So, Many of you have the same type experiences happening (Both Business and Personal Lives) and I always enjoy hearing and talking with you about them. Welcome to the new world of success You create for yourself!

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Site Updates continue, Product lines Growing!

Another day has begun with a bang! The number of new customers and orders continues to explode at both www.candlemoldvault.ca and www.candlemoldvault.com   We continue to juggle between the site updates and getting orders made and ready to ship out to you. We are so very happy to hear from you that we have chosen us to be your main supplier for all your candle molds.

We will continue to juggle things this way, and know you will understand and stay with us while we upgrade the sites. Thanks to ALL of you! We have only just begun, we have hundreds of molds still not even listed and available..... they will come as time permits.

As many of you already know, Most all of our candles are available as candle molds, you are Welcome to also purchase finished candles from us at www.waxenchantments.com  If there is something you want there that isn't listed, contact us!

Have a Great Summer of Candle Making!

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All our sites are exploding with Customers, and New Products for you!

Well, all I know to say is WOW!  With the reopening of www.candlemoldvault.com the huge influx of New customers and orders has exploded. www.candlemoldvault.ca was already having a deluge of this, so, once again I want to remind everyone that order processing time is at 2 weeks. This could be changed, as there is only so many working hours in the day......  So watch here to see any changes in that time table.

At the same time www.waxenchantments.com is also over the top with new customers and candle orders.. What an exciting time this is for us here!

I expect that the Candle Molds available on one site will also be competed this week, meaning both sites will have all the same products available for you. The we hope to begin adding the other candle making supplies soon after that.

In the meantime, if you have need of something not listed yet, let us know, we will try and get that up for you. Or if you think of something not listed and you need, ask, we will try and get that in our product line for you!

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thank You for pushing us to be the best and always get better!

It is easy to see how you feel about www.candlemoldvault.com being back.  We are piling up orders and requests for Candle Molds very fast. For that I thank you all! Not to be outdone, www.candlemoldvault.ca is running smoothly and orders increase by the day as well.

I want to let you know that in between processing orders making molds, and shipping Steve is also trying to get everything listed and available for you on both websites. So that you may shop either site, have all the same products available and can use your same login info on both sites.

So Once again Thank you Everyone, for your support, encouragement and purchases as we continue to strive to Offer you the best!

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

www.candlemoldvault.com is back, Now you have a choice where you shop!

As I mentioned the other day www.candlemoldvault.com  is now back online, now you have a choice of shopping at www.candlemoldvault.ca or www.candlemoldvault.com  When everything is complete they will allow you to shop either site, with the same login info on both site.

I know that www.candlemoldvault.ca has had a number of new styles of Candle Molds added over the past few days, I am not sure if www.candlemoldvault.com has had those added yet or not. So you might need to check both sites, Until all the updates are completed.

We Thank you for the continued support!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Great News for all you fans of different and unique Candle Molds

Great News for all you fans of different and unique Candle Molds. Steve has started adding some really fun new Candle mold styles again. It seems to always be an ongoing task, but we love being able to offer you Candle molds that are not available anywhere else, while adding to the number of items we can offer.  I believe the plan is to add another box or two in the next few days as well.  Be sure and check them out!

I also understand that the NEW www.candlemoldvault.com will be appearing either today, or in the next couple of days....Giving you all the choice of using either www.candlemoldvault.com  or www.candlemoldvault.ca for your shopping.

We continue to grow and expand our line of products to continue to be YOUR Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Selection and Supplier IN THE WORLD!

Happy CandleMaking!