Friday, August 31, 2012

Trade Secrets of Candle Making Instruction will be online today!

We are excited to be able to offer this “Class” and teach you Finishing Instructions that up until now have been held as Secrets to only those in the trade, Professional Candle Makers. Many over the years have attempted to duplicate these techniques, and looks…. Few have been able to actually do it. Now, this class will take away all the guess work.

These secrets have come from the insiders from some of the Biggest and Best known Candle producers around the globe, from these hand written descriptions of mixing products, to using them, We alone offer it all. These, past and present Candle Producers from Gatlinburg, GSM, Phoenix, Germany, England that made the art of candle making what it is today.

This is information NO one else will tell you, and I can guarantee this is Info NO ONE Other than Candle Mold Vault has access too. (not even my best friends in the Business have this info)

Yes, if you desire to learn from us you may do this at the same time you pick up your Business Opportunity Packages at a reduced fee. Otherwise, you are expected to pay full course price.

Pricing for this class will be 2,500.00  and
as a reduced cost of 1,500.00 with purchase of one of the Business Opportunity Packages.

In Addition, Many of the New Styles of Silicone Candle Molds will begin appearing over this next weekend.....  check them out at and

Happy CandleMaking!


Trade Secrets of Finishing Candles... Classes available Now! ONLY at Candle Mold Vault!!

After many requests since day one, I have decided to break the tradition of keeping secrets on just how some of the many candle companies finish their candles and the various techniques used. I will begin teaching private classes, mainly to those of our customers that request this and wish to pay for this, when you come to pick up one of your Business Opportunity Packages, or pick up large Silicone Candle Mold Orders.

I do want to make this clear, this instructional hands on class is not, and never will be included in the Business Opportunity Packages... These instruction are special and up until now held very close to those that know and use them....... not meant for everyone to even know. In other words, they were until now Secrets of the trade.

Let me be perfectly clear, Many Candle Makers have their own special ways of duplicating these finishes, I have seen and own many of the duplications that I think are very good on different levels, however they in no way come to the Level or quality of what GSM produced. They are simply copies, They only imitate and not produce exact results. However, what we will be teaching is exact methods, actual duplication. Far Above ANY of the results you may learn elsewhere.  In other words, why be cheap knock offs, when you can make exact duplications? and once again move these long held secrets out to those of you that want to learn them......  Just another way for us to show our differences from any others.

Please contact Steve for price and more details.

Happy CandleMaking!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Thank each and every one of you for helping to make this dream come true!

I finally completed my sorting and Inventory of what is nothing short of a HUGE Find.  Little did I know that when I purchased a retiring candle maker from "down south", I was fulfilling a real dream. For years now I have thought about what it would be like to put the GSM Mold Catalog back together and offer them ALL in one place. But, that seemed to be only a dream. Until yesterday.

As you may have read in my late in the day update yesterday it appeared that every one of this group of molds was sitting here with me sorting thru them. Well I can now confirm this is fact. EVERY style that was available in the catalog I have is here.......... Plus many others I didn't even know about. This truly makes and the Largest Selection of Candle Molds IN THE WORLD!

We are so happy that with time we will be able to list and offer them ALL to you, the candle makers of the world for the very first time.

We are already getting email and phone requests for certain pieces.. In fact email and phone calls about these molds is already thru the roof.  People wanting to be the first to own some of these. All I can say is very very exciting times for us.

We Thank each and every one of you for helping to make this dream come true!

Happy CandleMaking!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quickly Moving Ahead and Away From ALL Used Candle Mold Sales!

I am pleased to tell you today that we are right on track with my plans and intentions to discontinue sales of ALL used Candle Molds at and This will mean both USED Silicone and Plastic candle molds. You may have already noticed this with the changes to Pricing for only New Silicone Candle Molds being available.

We have not really begun the moving of the Used Plastic molds yet, but plan is to move them out at eBay and other venues. The Used Silicone Molds will be separated into the 2 different Business Opportunity Packages, no longer available by the piece.  These will be moved into storage and out of my everyday workspace...  allowing us to have everything on hand for New Candle Molds and orders.

As well as more room for all the New Items we will soon be offering. We Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and hope to see you more often as we continue to grow and change things around to serve you better!

Happy CandleMaking!

UPDATE:  About done with the sorting and inventory, I wanted to share with anyone that even remembers a Company Called GSM - Great Smokey Mountain Candles, as of now, The Candle Mold Vault (both sites) appear to own EVERY Candle Mold Style they ever carried. This according to the Catalog I have here.  So, As soon as we can get them ready and going we will be listing them ALL for sale at both CMV Websites.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Super Busy Week Underway!

We are off to another Super Week here at and  New Candle Mold orders are pouring in, as fast as we get them shipped out to you. How exciting!

Steve has been busy, busy, busy.  Filling and shipping orders out, listing new Items on  and all the other things he does around here.  He has decided to move his attention back to getting some New Candle Molds listed today on and since there are so many that need to be done... He likes that he can switch gears by going back and forth between the sites updating and listing all the new products. So, for today and maybe the next few days Look for the new Candle Molds to be showing up on the sites.

That should also give me a little time to complete more Candles as samples for listing on ,while I fill all my orders. Remember "most" candles you see on are going to be made available to you as candle molds at and

Check out all the changes and additions!

Happy CandleMaking!

Steve asked me to mention that in the listings for Silicone Candle Molds, he is trying to give you different ways of finishing your candles by including Photos of finished candles. these are just for ideas, you can do what you want, be creative, be different.....  He hopes you like the addition of the finished candle samples.