Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's going on at the VAULT?

Thanks to YOU, I'm being kept pretty busy. Running a bit behind on the orders and i don't like it to have you waiting.
But I can also show you a custom mold project i have just finished. As you know. you send us the original and you get a mold made from it... or we design it for you from scratch. Attached, you can see what we've got done. What can we do for you?

The white cast shows the advantages of silicone so well. The detail is captured down to the last sand grain and there there is truly no comparison between plastic and silicone molds. Also when it comes to size. the shells would just be impossible as a plastic mold, to start with and the plastic mold would also have lost at least 25% of it's amazing detail. And, as i mentioned before. you can pour about everything in silicone. Plaster, concrete, wax, chocolate (but let us know so we make YOUR mold in food grade silicone), ice... only your imagination is setting boundaries. Before you start counting... the Shell mold makes 100 per pour and no 2 shells are the same.

I'm also working full steam on a few new silicone molds that will hit both websites soon and one or two new plastic designs that will be exclusive to Candlemoldvault Canada.

Another thing... I just HAVE to tell you about one of our new customers. You can tell she is fun to deal with by just the name of her Business... Hot Mess Candles. She brought back to life  a few of our molds that haven't been seen as candles in 30+ yrs. and she uses ONLY beeswax. She also designs her own candles. You should check out her Facebook page. She is still working on her website Check her out and help her to get the Hot Mess begin. Good Luck and all the best with your Business, Brenda.

Here is a picture of her Abraham Lincoln Taper:
 Can you guess where she got the mold??? :)