Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some tips on wicking the candle molds

Many of the molds I sell don't have any wick holes to shove a wick through. So I want to show you a few different ways you can wick the molds. Depending on how the mold is designed there are a few different ways you can do it..you can either drill a hole in the silicone and use a sewing rod to thread the wick through the hole, or you can cut a slit in the mold and squish the wick into the slit.

1. The knife method
Get a knife. Find the center point of the piece and use that knife to make a slit, doesn't have to be very deep only as deep as you would need to fit the wick in the slit and close the mold.

2. The loop turner method
For molds that you would thread a wick through you'll need a few tools, first and foremost you need the mold. So get one of those. Now you need to go search for a tool called a loop turner 9 1/2" long. A sewing, craft store either online or big box should have one. Its good to have a cordless drill handy to make your first hole, that way you can push the loop turner through it. 1/8" drill bit works good.
Step one: Find the spot. Make sure your hole is centered properly.
Step Two: Drill it.
Step Three: Push the loop turner through the hole, put wick into eye, and pull the turner through the mold.

The molds I sell are made of silicone and each mold may be a different type, some are super soft while others may be a bit harder. Either way both of these methods work great for those who don't want to drill the finished piece. However, if you are doing large volume production then drilling the candles would be much faster.

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