Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 4th of July! back shortly! Yay!

Business is Great, and getting better by the day....  We at and are so very happy to see that the USA has finally joined MOST of the civilized World by at least in some small way with (almost) Universal Healthcare for ALL of its Citizens. In the end this can only be a benefit to ALL Business as well. I wont get into the Politics of is all, But I will say that the more people that have coverage, the better for ALL of us. Kudos to the Dems and President Obama for this great Achievement......  Please don't end it here!

Great News! is very close to reopening, and may well be back before the 4th of July Holiday!   You all will then have a choice as to which site you may order from. So, Watch for this! Steve and I will be away for a little Business Holiday for the next days, But will be checking in, and there will be someone here to keep things running smoothly, take orders.

Should I not post again before the 4th Holiday, we wish you ALL a Great 4th of July........

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Offer Now open to ALL customers!

Great News, We are just days away from returning! And to go along with that, we have decided to open up to everyone a special process that has up until now been only for long time professional Candle makers.

Both and will take used Candle Molds, that are "on their last leg" from customers, and recreate those molds for everyone. The only stipulation on this is that the molds sent to us, not already be in our database of available products.  This means that if you have a used mold that you can't locate anywhere, and we don't have it in our listings, we will replace that mold with a New Copy of that candle mold.

This has been a very popular way for many to replace candle molds that are no longer available anywhere else.  All you must do is contact Steve and he can direct you how to take advantage of this offer.... 

Thanks for being a part of our continued growth and expansion!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Walk down Memory Lane......More Expansion!

I always enjoy hearing from Long time Candle Makers,   and hear the comments they make about and    The one we hear the most is how exciting it is to have found us and the "walk down memory lane"   meaning how excited they are to finally find candle molds they thought they would never see again.....That had long since disappeared from the catalogs and now are back and available once again... and ONLY from and 

Yes, we pride ourselves on our selection, and even more on offering once again candle molds that were long gone from the market. But this isn't such a a task for us, we started with a Museum of the above, long before we started producing these molds for sale. From those humble beginnings to The Largest and Most exclusive Candle Mold Collection IN THE WORLD has always been a labor of love.

From those of you that have been with us on this road from the start to all of you that continue to join us daily.  I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this Dream come true and allowing me to live it over and over daily!

The first batch of new Plastic Candle Molds arrived yesterday, and more yet to come.. they should be appearing shortly on the websites.... I hope they excite you as much as they do me!

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Updated info on Silicone Candle Mold buying Policy

And another week begins with a bang. It is always so fun to wake up and see how many new candle mold orders have come in while we slept.  I don't think I will ever get accustomed to it. It is however the norm now, so I better just go with it.

Steve has asked that I make something clearer here today....  We now require all Silicone Mold Customers to have a business license on file with us. However, Some locations, countries, and regions do not require such licenses.  So, should you be one of those, Please contact Steve at  or and he will be happy to assist you in figuring out what exactly can be accepted in those cases.

We already have a very busy week ahead of us... and with the upcoming holiday, we also plan on a few days holiday from work here. So, if you have any orders you do not want delayed by the holiday, please get them in quickly.

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Totally New Masters on the way! New Molds NEVER sold to the Public Before!

It's WOW time again. Welcome and Thank You to all our Wonderful Customers....... I completed several new Masters yesterday, new items that will shortly be added to and   These will be Items NEVER sold before to Candle Makers, and will only be available to the select group that have a business license on file with us. Yes, New Silicone Candle Molds.

We have several hundred of these that are in processing now...... I can only do so many at a time, but when I am completed will cause even more excitement than our Silicone Candle Molds already have.  has had a very busy first few days.  We are happy so many of you enjoy our candles.

Over the years, there have been many plastic candle mold producers, each one has had their own way of making these molds.  I say this, because we are able to recreate these molds and have them to offer to our customers.... I enjoy being able to educate..... the fact is, some can not be educated in the Art of candle making.  To those people, I suggest you find somewhere else to shop and do business.

One point we hear many times over, and I must admit it keeps us laughing. is things like the color of the plastic, or wicking lines...   Facts are this, over the many years, mold producers have used different colors of plastic for molds, different plastics,  I can't say one is better than another. the final product (candles) is what tells me if its good for me or not.

The same holds true for wick lines..... some producers have used them, some have not... My feeling is that by the time someone finds and uses our molds they should be able to trust themselves enough to eyeball the center where to place the wick. But this type customer is so out of the loop, I honestly feel they would only be happy if we made the candles for them...... in Fact, that would probably be better than turning this type loose around Hot Wax and flame.

My point on this is. if you need a producer to hand guide you in candle making our wick placement, Please do the world a favor. DON'T make Candles! and Don't buy from Us! I can't teach what I don't know..... I also can't teach baboons to dance as a can can line.

Have  Great Weekend!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Worlds Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Supplier in the WORLD! Candle Molds you can find NO WHERE else in the World!

Happy Friday!  is back, and running smoothly, For those of our wholesale customers at  I wanted to let you know again that while the site is up and running and orders may be placed there, It has yet to be fully updated, all the new products are still to be added.....  This will be happening as time permits, most of you already know the products and order numbers, so you will be able to continue as before.  should be back in place next week, in the meantime ALL customers are routed to   so as not to cause any delay in processing and order times.

We have acquired another lot of candle molds that will be added shortly as well, many of these are "new and unused, still in the packages"....Many of you have asked about "used plastic molds" we are in process of shorting thru the 1,000's of molds we have here and will be putting them up for sale. We have yet to decide how to do this, either by the piece or as groups/lots.  Those of you that have asked in the past can give us an idea what you would like, and we will try to work out the details.

Just another sign why we ARE the Worlds Largest and Most Exclusive Candle Mold Supplier in the WORLD! Candle Molds you can find NO WHERE else in the World!

We hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend!

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank you for the continued Support, It makes us work harder and better everyday!

Yet another successful week is coming to an end at and With the super large amount of traffic, orders and new customers pouring in from everywhere, we must now put the 2 week shipping into effect for the foreseeable future. So, to make this clearly understood, When you place any candle mold order, we will not be able to promise any rush shipments. You can expect the shipping notification 2 weeks from order date telling you the tracking information and that your order has been shipped.

Take this into consideration before you place an order. You are always welcome to email and ask about the status of your order, but please expect 2 weeks wait time (also allow time for the postal shipping)

I wanted to mention again something, that continues to be a topic I get many calls and emails about... Sadly, we are not able to assist much when candle molds you have purchased in the past from other vendors. We can rebuild molds aka duplicate them with a better both lifespan and in better quality product. But we can not fix those molds for you.

The best thing I can tell you is to NEVER buy from ANY of the Asian countries. China, Japan, Taiwan , Etc. Poorly made, cheap, and full of all sorts of nasty stuff you wouldn't let near your worst enemy. It is best for you to simply stay away rather than spend countless hours seeking help on what to do to repair these nasty things...  Nasty Molds, from nasty people...... enough said.

Now to be fair, there are several of the same type companies doing business right here in the USA..  we all know them, we all have gone down this road with them,  Again, Just Don't!  and prides itself on the products we use, the way they are used, and in the end offering you the customer, The Best Candle Molds you can buy, also the fact that Most of our Silicone Candle Molds can't be purchased from anyone else in the World! This is yet another reason to select us as your ONLY candle mold supplier!

We once again Thank you for the continued Support, It makes us work harder and better everyday!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank you for being a part of the continuing expansion!!

Everyday is better than the day before.....  It is so utterly amazing! is being viewed around the world, and new customers are coming in . I get so excited and enjoy the chance to speak to so many of you.  and are about to be reopened and go back live.......  I expect that news any day.

Once everything is back in place, The real work for us begins, pushing ahead with adding all the new not seen products. Candle Molds, Supplies and of course Candles at  I tell everyone that I talk to, new and old customers that this is such an exciting time and how I can't wait for them to see all the new stuff we will be adding.

Thanks to ALL of you for being a part of this continued expansion !

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Exploding with New Candle Molds and New Customers!

We are experiencing an explosion of Candle Mold Orders along with the huge number of new first time visitors and new customers. It is mind blowing to see this. That being said, we have to announce that we will be on a two week order shipping scheduled  with all orders at    Please plan on this until further notice and order accordingly.

We have added a few new 2 piece plastic candle molds yesterday.  With as I keep telling you so many more to come.. we will continue to add those as time permits. So be sure and check often. We are also attempting to get photos of all the molds that do not have photos. That is a process and so, they will be placed on as time permits as well.

This is the place where you will find shipping time announcements and updates...... We thank you for your patience and understanding on shipping/production times. and ask that you take this into consideration when placing orders. In some cases we may be able to do a rush, but please don't count on that. always ask first.

We have a couple other surprises planned and they should be appearing shortly......  As always, if you need special assistance, have questions, or need some advise, email or give us call. We are happy to try, if not we might be able to at least point you in the right direction.

Happy CandleMaking!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Best, keeps getting Better!!!

Thank you ALL for so much positive reaction to the post from yesterday! So, happy to know that so many of you think the same. and has always and will always operate differently than other. In fact, I take great pride in that fact.

Now that being said, I wanted to share that we have received (yet again) several new offers to buy our business. When ever this happens, I take a wait and see approach, we are not actively seeking this, and I am not opposed to the idea, but I also am not sure it will ever be something I would agree to.

If someday someone makes an offer and I like everything about it, the numbers, and other things. I might consider selling. I am a candle maker after all.  There is no shortage of work for us simply making candles (both retail and wholesale).

Well it looks like yet another Wonderful Day starting......besides getting a little work done, I Plan on getting outside and doing some things in my garden, and maybe just taking a nice ride in the countryside. I hope all of you can take some time today to do the things you really enjoy!

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Remarkable numbers of New Customers. Welcome!

I feel like I am living in a wonderful dream world, that the clouds have opened up and can't stop pouring one good thing after another on me and this Business. I say that in order to let you in on what I believe to be the secret. Create for YOURSELF, what you desire the most! Never let someone else tell you that it can't be done!

You ALONE have all the power over your future..... so, if there is something you want, Create it in your life!  When I learned this, and started putting it into practice my life totally changed, I control it, and my destiny. I have never been as happy and contented to my core as I am in my life right now. Day after day it only gets better.......

I am so amazed at the number of people thru  and those coming in thru from all around the world.... orders are pouring in from places I didn't know existed.  Welcome World!!!! We are happy to have you join us.

Thanks again to ALL our Wonderful Customers..... without you we wouldn't be here and growing by the day!

Happy CandleMaking!

Friday, June 15, 2012 Keeps History Alive!!!!

You can tell that summer is on the way, The heat has started to set in, All the gardens I see (and my own) are growing like weeds. Everyday I notice how fast and full my tomato vines are growing... radish's, cukes, and snap peas.  I love this time of year, well, minus the heat. The air conditioning has not begun to see much use yet. But you can count on it shortly!

I am so happy to see so many making themselves right at home at the NEW and so few little glitches along the way. Also very exciting is seeing so many new customers finding us.. and from all over the globe!  I can;t help but sit back and smile....Way back when, we started a world map marking all the locations we have shipped to. Now the entire globe is dotted with colored spots. I never would have dreamed.

We are starting a new FAQ page for plastic candle molds. I hope to see that on the site within the next weeks. We felt that far better than having so many novices embarrass themselves with comments and statements and help requests, this would be a better way to help them decide if making candles was even in their skill set. (Most shouldn't be trusted with wax slabs, let alone hot, melted wax) and it shows with their questions and comments. Personally and professionally, I would rather decline to sell to such people, keeping the world a little safer place.

We are now already starting to decline sales this way, and its working out very well....   I just can't see the world having people like this turned loose on it.  is now focused on the Professional Candle maker, those that know what they are doing. (of course we are always here to assist, and answer questions) but we no longer direct any effort at the novice/newbie.

I hope all of you are able to get outside and enjoy some time this weekend!

Happy CandleMaking!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Growing, Going ALL FOR YOU!

It looks like phase #1 of the construction is about complete at  everything appears to be running correctly and in place (its evident from the large number of visitors and customers placing orders)  Next is attempting to get photos in place of everything with missing photos.  Then the Start (Again) of working at adding the 100's of other candle molds yet unlisted.

That by itself seems to be huge project, and may continue to be done as time permits. You are welcome to place requests via email or phone and we will try and locate items you want/need. While all this goes on, we are super busy with custom mold making for our commercial customers. So much work, and never enough hours in the day!

I want to Welcome ALL you first time friends, and Thank all of you long time customers for all the support and patients as we undergo all these changes. In the end it will be a benefit to all of you and make things run better and hopefully quicker around here.

Thanks to ALL of you that continue to make and the Worlds Largest and Most exclusive Candle Mold Selection  IN THE WORLD! ALL for YOU!

Happy CandleMaking!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome World and Welcome to OUR Family!

Good Morning all!   I am sitting here in total awe......just days after a change and move of websites is breaking all of the past records, New Customers from Around the World are finding us for the first time, and finding Candle Molds they have either wanted for years, or finding many new candle molds they now MUST HAVE!

I am not sure if this little Blog is helping with that or not...... But, I am being told over and over that Customers are loving the Blog as well......... It helps them keep in the know about what is going on and new Products and Offers available ONLY at

So, Once again Welcome ALL you new Friends, We are so happy to have you ALL joining us while we continue the many changes that are taking place......As I mentioned before, is still a work in progress, much is left to be done, but while this happens, is fully functioning and ready for your orders...  If you have problems finding things we are here to assist you..... Just ask!

It is a real pleasure to Welcome you to our Family and offer you such Wonderful products, with So many more to come in the very near future!

Happy CandleMaking!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You are the reason we do ALL of this! Continued Record Breaking Growth!

We hardly had the "doors" open at  and so unexpectedly have record sales and traffic like I have never seen of totally new customers arriving by the hour. I expected some of our customers to maybe have a few problems finding us at the new site, yet it doesn’t seem to be the way it is.

To all of you NEW customers a Big Welcome, and Welcome to Candle Mold Vault......there are many things going on behind the scenes right now. is still under construction, you might at times find things that don’t work. In those cases you are Welcome to email us for assistance.   I took a little tour myself and have made a list of things that need repair, missing photos, etc.

For the time being is all being forwarded to   When it returns the hope is to have a New face there as well. Plus adding the many Candle Molds that are still not listed on any of the sites. Both Plastic Candle Molds and Silicone Candle Molds are waiting to be listed and made available for you.

Please, don't assume that simply because it isn’t listed, we do not have it! If you are needing or wanting something not yet listed please email us with the request and we will see if we can locate it and get it listed for you.

We Thank you all for the support and energy you give us as we change, expand and grow! And to ALL you New Customers, YOU are the reason we do all this…..

Happy CandleMaking!

Monday, June 11, 2012 Is OPEN, Pardon the Dust, and Shop as Normal!

I am happy today to announce that is open and processing orders..... In fact,  as many of you already know is now directing customers to the New Site. I suppose the New site will be all completed and in place sometime this week, there is much to do and it is being done while the site is open......

I don't think I need to say that while we test the new site sales are continuing as normal.  Steve asked me to mention that ALL sales processed thru will still be shipped from the US. That change isn't expected until later this summer.....

So, Pardon the dust, and to me many things look out of place. but the site is fully functional, and ready for those of you that have not placed orders to do so.  The flip side I suppose is that most if not all of you already have found this out and are placing orders as you did before the move....

Thank you all for your continued support, while we continue our planned expansions.....

Happy CandleMaking!

Saturday, June 9, 2012 Opening Soon!!!

Well, Here I go again, Letting the cat out of the bag.....  We are now weeks away from  Opening. Steve has been working on this for several weeks now.... New Site, New Host, with even more Products and Larger Selection of Candle Molds for YOU!

After discussing it, we simply felt it time to share the Customer order load as well as Candle Mold Production. Right now we are swamped in candle mold orders, so it is taking a little longer than we like to get orders shipped out... so our hope is that this new addition can help speed this up.  Will remain open as well.  This will simply give you all the choice of where you want to Shop

We hope you are as Pleased with this new option and we are being able to offer it to you!

Happy CandleMaking!