Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candle Mold Vault now accepts PayPal's Bill Me Later Option!!!! Customers seem to love this!

Well I am totally amazed, Late Yesterday Steve announced that and would begin accepting PayPal's Bill Me Later option. The Reaction from you was immediate. I have never seen so many orders come in, in such a short period of time and they have not stopped yet. It appears this has hit a sweet spot and customers are jumping in fast.

I am not sure exactly how this works, so please check it out, or contact Steve for assistance.

Happy CandleMaking!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Candle Mold Orders thru the Roof! With More pouring in hourly! and are now well past Busy! In fact Super, Super Busy would be more like it. And on ALL fronts. Orders keep pouring in, and back out, Custom Candle Mold Orders are over the top, The Different Apprenticeship Training Classes scheduled continue to grow at a rate never expected. Best of all (at least for me) is seeing the way Steve has taken control, and how easily he deals with it all. From Customer Service to Silicone and Plastic Mold Production. It is very exciting for me to be able to watch.

Now, while I am excited and happy about all the changes, I still would like to see more of the New Candle Mold Styles being added, but I better than most understand that with only so many hours in a day, only so much can be done. We will all just have to wait for Steve to get to them.... Orders need to be filled first. It will be worth the wait, when they get listed.

We hope all of our friends on the East Coast are doing well and can now begun the return to normal. On a side note to this, Steve and I laughed our pants off last night when we heard some clown saying this and all the strange storms that have been happening were caused by "God", because Gay People can get married in Iowa! Actually this makes perfect sense, This God of theirs, punishes the entire East Coast for Gay Marriage, and Not the Midwest and Iowa. hahaha, really great thinking here.

Happy CandleMaking!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeling bad you can't afford the Apprenticeship Training? Read this! Have a candle mold you want converted?

I suppose I really should watch what I say here. Within hours of my post yesterday, My Sunday Apprenticeship Training student Debbie called and asked if she too could bring along about 100 Candle Molds she must have converted. Then there was another call from one of my Students this coming week, asking the same thing, but she would like to ship them to Candle Mold Vault. Knowing I wont be able to take them along on the plane.

This is great news for Steve, and reinforces my belief that Real, Professional Candle Makers only buy those crap molds because they don't know where to buy quality products. It has always bothered me that so many waste so much money before they find us, and as soon as they do, they want everything we can offer.

I want to remind you of a post here in the blog Steve wrote explaining the differences in Silicone Candle Molds. It is a MUST read. (unless you have money to waste and learn the hard way) Please inform yourself before you waste money on the Just Don't Crap.

I now also have 2 more Apprenticeship Trainings set for Next week....  one in Seattle, and one in New Jersey. (Unless the weather says otherwise) These will be the onsite type, as well as my now normal Saturday and Sunday Trainings here at and  This is almost becoming a full time job in itself.

I wanted to mention something while on this, I understand that many can not afford these training Classes, and i really am sorry about that. However, look at it this way,  These are geared towards real Professional Candle Makers, not the hobbyist. These techniques are not for everyone, simply because not everyone is producing bulk candles, or sales. Please don't feel slighted, I enjoy teaching these, but not at the cost of putting anyone in debt on things their business cant fully use, or costs they cant recoup. Now the flip side of this is I also cant give this information away for free either.

Have a Great Sunday!  and Happy CandleMaking!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do you want molds converted? Candle Mold Vault is the place! More news on Apprenticeship Trainings!

I knew a long time ago, when I first agreed to convert silicone candle molds from the "other" way of doing them to ours, there was a need out there for this. But today I found out Just how BIG that desire is. When Donna and her husband arrived today for the Apprenticeship Training Class. they has the truck loaded with those other type Silicone Candle Molds.

I am already accustomed to my Apprentices bring molds for me to look at,  But a truck load is more than I ever dreamed. Looking at them is one thing, being asked to convert them all is another. So, along with the training, the new molds they were picking up today, and now the "conversions" that alone total over 14,000.00 the day and weekend started out with a bang. (Yes, I agreed to do the conversions) These are the "Just Don't" molds I have talked about here. I had to laugh when I was told to throw the crappy molds away after I make the conversions, since they don't want that crap back. I hear this over and over again!

Work/Orders are EXPLODING again at and  Apprenticeship Training Classes are now booked well into next year here, and now as I have mentioned more and more people are requesting the "onsite" Training Options, done at their shop/business. It is absolutely overwhelming!

Sales are thru the roof! It almost feels like the more I try to back away from this business, the more work and requests I receive to keep me here. But, that just isn't possible!  So, I have agreed to continue the trainings for as long as I am able and they don't conflict with my own new direction and job. I Thank all of you for your understanding and support as I move ahead with my new direction.

Happy CandleMaking!


Friday, October 26, 2012

More Changes, More Travel for me, and Yes! More shopping!!! YAY!!!

Since things are running so very well with changes and the switch happening at and  I am taking the day off, before my fun work begins again with 2 Apprenticeship trainings this weekend, and then the 2 out of town/on site Trainings next week. Of all places, I will first be in Columbus OH, and then in West Palm Beach FL. Steve has also begin adding time/days to the Apprenticeship Training Classes.

What that means is if you decide you would like additional time/days for these training sessions, you may add a day or two ( as long as they are done with the First Training Day) at a nicely reduced price for the Training. So, if you like this, and are interested, contact Steve and he can help you set a session up.

The work on all websites continues, at the same time candle mold sales orders continue to pour in. It is an amazing thing to see. I am so happy to see this for Steve. More than that, I am very happy with the direction Steve has decided to take things. When I gave birth to these business' I had no idea that this would ever happen. Now, I feel great knowing that I can walk away, and KNOW things are in great hands.. knowing that my initial dream is growing at a super sonic rate and becoming more than I ever could have dreamed.

What better, I now get to travel, shop a lot, and still do what I love most. Make Candles and Teach. Life is Great!  I am still waiting to see when Steve will get more of the New Candle Molds added. Mostly, I suppose it is because I know what is here, and what is to come...... I have a feeling all of you will be excited when they appear, as you always have been.

Happy CandleMaking!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candle Mold Orders continue to Pour in from all over the Globe!

I am not so sure what is going on, but the past few days have been over the top at and ! Orders for Candle Molds are pouring in from all over the globe, like I have never seen before. maybe something I said here in this blog?

The same thing is happening at  but with Orders for Candles and what makes me really happy is all the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. products being requested.

You may have noticed some changes taking place, and those will continue behind the scenes for awhile now I am told. Steve is still pressing to get time to add some more of the unlisted Candle Molds and Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Products.... with luck we should all be seeing those sooner rather than later.

I will be hosting 2 more Apprenticeship Trainings this upcoming weekend, then be out of town next week for several days, with 2 more on site Trainings. With all of these and the normal daily work load, Steve and I are now forcing ourselves to take more time for ourselves.

Folks, it is way past time to have started getting those candles made for the upcoming Holiday season!  Don't be caught unprepared!

Happy CandleMaking!